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SLAS Seeks Candidates for Europe Council
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Individuals who wish to serve on the SLAS Europe Council are invited to submit materials for consideration by midnight, CET, Friday, Aug. 21. This includes a short statement of your reasons for seeking election and an affidavit acknowledging your eligibility to serve. A minimum of four candidates will be selected by the SLAS Europe Nominating Committee and all full dues-paying members of SLAS in Europe will be invited to vote in a final election. The two candidates who earn the most votes will serve as Council members for three-year terms beginning January 2016. More


JBS July Issue Includes Three Open Access Manuscripts
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Everyone can benefit from three freely available research reports in this month's issue of the Journal of Biomolecular Screening (JBS). The full issue is accessible to SLAS Biomolecular Sciences Section members and JBS subscribers. More


SLAS2016 Podium Abstracts Due Aug. 3
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Submit a scientific abstract today for an opportunity to showcase your research on a prestigious global stage next January in San Diego, CA. SLAS2016 offers participants a world-class scientific program featuring high profile laboratory science and technology podium presentations from pioneering researchers from around the world. The SLAS2016 Annual Conference Program Committee carefully selects each podium presentation from hundreds of abstract submissions. Presentations offer SLAS2016 participants compelling content and new perspectives on emerging laboratory technologies from life science R&D across many disciplines and organizations. More

Clear Choice for Lysate Clearance!

Why limit recovery or capacity to clarify cellular debris from your sample? For a variety of integrated pre-filter options tailored to your research needs, visit Pall Laboratory website.

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From the LabAutopedia Book List — A Practical Guide to Drug Development in Academia: The SPARK Approach
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Written by the founders of the SPARK program at Stanford University, this book is a practical guide designed for professors, students and clinicians at academic research institutions who are interested in learning more about the drug development process and how to help their discoveries become the novel drugs of the future. This 176-page book is part of the SpringerBriefs Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Development series. More


SLAS2016 Keynote Speaker: Making Cancer History
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Michael Gottesman, NIH deputy director for intramural research, reviewed the impactful PBS documentary, "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies," in The NIH Catalyst Newsletter last month. Documentary viewers, he says, "may have noticed how closely the history of cancer advances parallels the history of the NIH intramural research program. From combination chemotherapy for lymphoma and leukemia, through the discovery of virus vectors and the development of vaccines, to immunotherapy and the promise of personalized medicine, that was us making cancer history." Learn more about these advances when Gottesman addresses SLAS2016 participants Monday, Jan. 25, at SLAS2016 in San Diego. More

Now Accepting Applications for Innovation AveNEW at SLAS2016
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If you are part of a start-up company in the laboratory science and technology field, you are invited to apply for complimentary exhibit space on Innovation AveNEW at SLAS2016, Jan. 23-27, San Diego. This program allows cost-sensitive entrepreneurial companies the opportunity to actively engage in a world-class exhibition and connect with practicing scientists and purchasing decision-makers from more than 40 countries. Companies whose applications are accepted are provided with kiosk space in the SLAS2016 Exhibition; registration, travel and lodging for one company representative; and the chance to participate in the popular "Late Night with LRIG: Rapid-Fire Innovation" session. Applications are due Oct. 9, 2015. More

Pipetting hacks from Biotix
Do any of these pipetting "techniques" look familiar? Have a laugh with us as we break down the top pipetting hacks. Don’t worry; it's OK to laugh because the ergonomic solution is closer than you may think.

Watch the episode >
Explore Agilent's Powerful Workflow Solutions
We know you’re an expert in protein and peptide sample prep, but is that really the best use of your time?

Experience previously unachievable quality and productivity by automating your protein sample prep workflows with Agilent AssayMAP automated solutions.

Isn’t it time you Rethink Your Protein Sample Prep?
Sample Screening from your Compound

The comPOUND system comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialized delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any compound management or screening system.


New Tools Developed to Study Protein Formation
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While we may be in the midst of the genomic era, being able to sequence genomes at speeds only rivaled by the molecular machinery used to create the genetic information, understanding the actions of protein molecules that execute the tasks encoded by our DNA blueprint is paramount to unlocking how cells behave — and often at times malfunction. More

Chemists Demonstrate New Feats Of Hydroamination
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In a showcase of metal hydride catalysis, two research groups have developed reactions to transform simple unsaturated building blocks — alkenes and alkynes — into valuable chiral amine products. More

Simple Reaction Shows Quantum Interference
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Chemical reactions are often regarded as rearrangements in the bonding patterns of billiard-ball-like atoms. But by studying one of the simplest reactions conceivable, a team from Spain and the U.S. has found that the quantum nature of the atoms can affect the outcome in a profound way. They report that different reaction pathways can interfere with one another like quantum particles in the famous double-slit experiment, producing a series of sharp peaks in the distribution of reaction products exiting from the molecular collisions at different angles. More

Researchers Observe And Control Light Wakes For The First Time
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For the first time, Harvard researchers have created wakes of light-like waves moving on a metallic surface, called surface plasmons, and demonstrated that they can be controlled and steered. The creation and control of surface plasmon wakes could lead to new types of plasmonic couplers and lenses that could create two-dimensional holograms or focus light at the nanoscale. More


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Over long spans, biodiversity is a fluid and shifting balance of species and influences. Species diversification occurs in response to a host of complex factors, both biotic and abiotic, and understanding them is a major challenge of evolutionary biology. More

Roses Produce Their Sweet Scent Through An Unexpected Route
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Taking the time to stop and smell the roses can help you appreciate the simple beauty of life. Recently, a team of French researchers took the time to uncover how roses produce these sweet odors, and found that the plants do so through an unexpected route. The findings could help rose breeders develop flowers with more powerful scents. More

Killer Sea Snail A Target For New Drugs
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Pain treatment researchers have discovered thousands of new peptide toxins hidden deep within the venom of just one type of Queensland cone snail. Researchers hope the new molecules will be promising leads for new drugs to treat pain and cancer. More

Engineers Give Invisibility Cloaks A Slimmer Design
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Researchers have developed a new design for a cloaking device that overcomes some of the limitations of existing "invisibility cloaks." In a new study, electrical engineers at the University of California, San Diego have designed a cloaking device that is both thin and does not alter the brightness of light around a hidden object. The technology behind this cloak will have more applications than invisibility, such as concentrating solar energy and increasing signal speed in optical communications. More


Associate Research Scientist, Stem Cell Biology
New York Stem Cell Foundation
US – NY – New York

Professor and Chair, Department of Biomathematics
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
US – CA – Los Angeles

Clinical Trial Principal Investigator
Biotrial, Inc.
US – NJ – Newark

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