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JBS Online Features Four New Original Reports
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Sign up for JALA and JBS e-mail alerts to be among the first to learn about new manuscripts published ahead-of-print, such as "Usefulness of Monitoring γ-H2AX and Cell Cycle Arrest in HepG2 Cells for Estimating Genotoxicity Using a High-Content Analysis System" and "Identification and Characterization of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the R132H/R132H Mutant Isocitrate Dehydrogenase 1 Homodimer and R132H/Wild-Type Heterodimer."

Just posted last week, the authors represent Eisai, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation/University of Tokyo, GlaxoSmithKline and Exelixis/Quintara Discovery.

SLAS2015 Podium Abstract Submission Date is July 28
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The SLAS2015 scientific program call for podium abstracts is coming to a close.

If you have expertise in an SLAS2015 scientific program track area — or an interesting story or case study to share — please submit an abstract by Monday, July 28.

Take advantage of this opportunity to have your work showcased with the latest and best in laboratory science and technology, Feb. 7-11, Washington, DC.

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Do you Need Assistance to Travel to SLAS2015?
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Students, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty (less than four years in first academic appointment) can apply for Tony B. Academic Travel Awards. Airfare, full conference registration and hotel accommodations are provided to recipients of this valuable award.

July 28 is the due date for those proposing podium presentations. Those proposing poster presentations may submit through Sept. 22.

SLAS Member News: Microengineered Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
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JALA Editorial Board Member Ali Khademhosseini, Harvard Medical School, describes why microengineered hydrogels are important for tissue engineering in a short video.

Khademhosseini and collaborators from the University of Sydney, Stanford and MIT are heralded for bio-printing artificial vascular networks that mimic the body's circulatory system and facilitate growing complex tissue.

Ligand-receptor capture(LRC-TriCEPS/CaptiRec)
Identifies on living cells the receptors of your orphan ligand (Peptide/Protein/Antibody/Virus) using a tri-functional linker in a LC-MS/MS based system.
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SLAS Board of Directors Members Chat with The Lab Man
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While at SLAS2014, The Lab Man visited with Alastair Binnie, Richard Eglen and Mike Snowden, the newest members of the SLAS Board of Directors.

The three, who are each serving three-year terms, talk about how SLAS is at the center of advancement globally.

"Strong research and strong technology development is a core competency of SLAS," says Eglen.

Laurie Garrett: Polio and the CIA
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In her blog, SLAS2015 keynote speaker, journalist and global health authority Laurie Garrett provides background on the World Health Organization's declaration in May of polio as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and possible connection to the Central Intelligence Agency's failed vaccination ruse during the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

She details subsequent attacks on those offering vaccinations, as well as the National Security Council's outreach to public health school deans advising that the CIA "will make no operational use of vaccination programs or vaccination workers."

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    Real-Time Monitoring Cardiomyocyte Beating
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    A breakthrough discovery into how living cells process and respond to chemical information could help advance the development of treatments for a large number of cancers and other cellular disorders that have been resistant to therapy. An international collaboration of researchers, led by scientists with the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California Berkeley, have unlocked the secret behind the activation of the Ras family of proteins. More

    Easy-to-Understand Introduction to CHN Microanalysis
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    Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen microanalysis is a key analytical technique for determining whether or not a sample is pure by providing a precise and accurate analysis of its percentage carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content and comparing the result versus theoretical figures. Drawing upon more than 25 years experience in the technique, Exeter Analytical Inc. has produced a video that provides an informed and easy-to-understand introduction to accurate determination of these elements by CHN microanalysis.



    Nature Retracts Two Long-Troubled Stem Cell Papers
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    The journal Nature has finally retracted two major studies it published in January, which claimed to have found new and easy ways to turn regular cells into stem cells. Not long after the papers first went online, independent scientists began noticing apparent plagiarism within them. Independent teams were unable to replicate the papers' findings. Later, a genetic test found that the stem cells described in the papers were not what the papers claimed. More

    Pseudogenes May Provide Clearer Understanding of Biomarkers
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    Alas, the thankless pseudogene. Dysfunctional, unloved and seemingly of little use, these poor-cousin relatives of genes have lost their protein-coding abilities. They contain material not essential for an organism's survival and are the "last stop" for removal of genomic waste. Not anymore. The pseudogene's day may have arrived thanks to scientists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. More

    Multi-Dimensional Separations of Polymers
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    Synthetic polymers and comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography (LC x LC) are a synergistic combination. LC x LC provides unique insights in mutually dependent molecular distributions. Synthetic polymers offer clear demonstrations of the value of LC x LC. More

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    Advanced rotary & linear motion sensors
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    Designer Red Blood Cells Could Move Drugs Around Body
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    Red blood cells may one day do more than carry oxygen around the body — they have been genetically engineered to act as miniature drug delivery vehicles. Many drugs only last for hours in the bloodstream before being broken down by the liver. Since red blood cells live for several months, a team at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Massachusetts wondered if engineering them to carry drugs may offer a longer-lasting alternative. More

    Strategies and Tools to Develop a Better GPCR Targeted Therapeutic
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    GPCRs are one of the most pharmacologically successful drug targets with 26% of all drugs against this class1. GPCR-targeted therapeutics continues to be successful and in fact, 19% of newly approved drugs target GPCRs. The early generation of small molecule drugs targeted either orthosteric agonist or antagonist activity of these receptors’ G-protein signaling pathway. In recent years, we have discovered more about GPCRs including crystal structures, improvements in ligand design, differences in the signaling pathways and as well as how these receptors dimerize.
    Promoted by Multispan, Inc.

    Nanoparticles Used to Enhance Chemotherapy
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    A new formulation of cisplatin, a common chemotherapy drug, has been developed by researchers that significantly increases the drug's ability to target and destroy cancerous cells. Cisplatin may be used to treat a variety of cancers, but it is most commonly prescribed for cancer of the bladder, ovaries, cervix, testicles and lung. It is an effective drug, but many cancerous cells develop resistance to the treatment. More

    Bistetracene: An Air-Stable, High-Mobility Organic Semiconductor with Extended Conjugation
    Journal of the American Chemical Society    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    We report the synthesis and characterization of "bistetracene," an unconventional, linearly extended conjugated core with eight fused rings. The annellation mode of the system allows for increased stability of the conjugated system relative to linear analogues due to the increased number of Clar aromatic sextets. By attaching the appropriate solubilizing substituents, efficient molecular packing with large transfer integrals can be obtained. More

    Methane's Role In Climate Change
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    The U.S. is rushing to exploit its newfound wealth of fossil fuels. With startling regularity, a government agency or energy company announces a new natural gas or oil field, proposes another liquefied natural gas export terminal, or lays out plans to expand a chemical plant. The bonanza is particularly important to the chemical industry as companies eagerly take advantage of these new resources for feedstocks and fuel. More

    Compact High-Throughput Nucleic Acid Isolation
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    CLARIOstar innovative microplate reader
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