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In today’s life science lab, researchers are asking
  • Did my automated liquid handler pipette my experiment properly?
  • Can I confirm what volumes were actually transferred in my assay?
  • How can I verify that my precious samples and expensive reagents were pipetted correctly?
  • Is there a more efficient way to perform commonly used pipetting routines?

Many are finding the answer in

*Available exclusively on the LYNX Liquid Handling Platform

VVP takes the guesswork out of automated multi-channel pipetting

  • Direct volumetric measurement of all liquid transfers for every channel
  • ‘Live’ pipetting Dx for ‘on-the-fly’ error recovery
  • Final validation reports verify pipetting methods were performed successfully

VVP tools accelerate liquid handling workflows by several-fold over competing technology

  • Independent volume control for every channel
  • Ultra-fast pipetting for many common liquid handling routines
  • Zero need for liquid class development

Automated Pipetting Done Smarter.

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