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Reprogramming, business models, differentiation, therapeutics
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Are you up to date on the latest in these important areas of stem cell research? If not, register now for SLAS Screening Stem Cells 2011, Sept. 26-27, Boston. Aug. 15 is the last day for early-bird discounts. More


JALA Literature Highlights co-author named
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Xiaole Mao, Ph.D. of Procter & Gamble in Mason, Ohio, is now serving with Tal Murthy, Ph.D., of Caliper Life Sciences in Hopkinton, Mass., as co-author of the JALA Literature Highlights column, one of JALA's most popular regular columns. More

Add-and-Read Plate Reader
Get results fast with Hamamatsu’s FDSS µCELL, an imaging-based microplate reader. This affordable, simple-to-use reader accommodates 96- or 384-well microplates for kinetic cell-based assays such as GPCR, ion channel, prolyl isomerase, transporter, and light-activated receptor or channel assays. Click here for more info.

SLAS2012 hosts forward-thinking industry visionaries
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Robert Ballard, an oceanographer using incredible technology on his remote journeys; Jing Cheng, of China's Tsinghua University School of Medicine, the developer of the world's first lab-on-a-chip system doing amazing work with biochips for translational medicine; and Peter G. Schultz, a pioneer in combining the tools and principles of chemistry with the molecules and processes of living cells keynote SLAS2012, Feb. 4-8, San Diego. More


SLAS HTS and assay development session at ELRIG
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"High-Throughput Screening and Assay Development — Fit for Purpose?" by Richard Eglen of Corning is one of seven presentations during the SLAS guest session at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2011, Sept. 7-8, Manchester Central, U.K. More

Miniaturize Gene Expression

The Access™ laboratory workstation transforms any Echo® liquid handler into an automated system for gene expression assays with reaction volumes as low as 250 nL.

Member profile: Bob Campbell
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Eli Lilly and Company scientist. Rock & roll drummer. JBS editor-in-chief. Vintage drum collector. These terms ALL describe SLAS member Bob Campbell, the focus of a new member profile in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood. More

PEACe Conference, Sept. 25-29, Portugal
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SLAS members may be interested in The 10th Conference on Protein Expression in Animal Cells to share knowledge in the field of recombinant protein expression. More
Introducing the BIND® SCANNER from SRU Biosystems
SRU Biosystems has introduced the first and only high resolution, optical, label-free plate reader. Capable of measuring functional responses in individual cells, the SCANNER represents a new paradigm in drug discovery enabling the use of primary cells earlier in drug discovery process. Contact us to learn more.
Ultra Low Attachment Surface in HTS
Ultra Low Attachment Surface plates feature a covalently bound hydrogel layer that effectively inhibits cellular attachment, minimizes protein absorption, enzyme activation, and cellular activation. Corning® introduces 384 well black clear bottom Ultra Low Attachment Surface plates for HTS applications of tumor spheroid and stem cell embryoid body screening.
Nexar® In-line
Liquid Handler

Transform uHT Screening: Replace microplates with Nexar’s in-line sample processing in Array Tape - a continuous plastic strip, serially embossed with reaction wells
Increase Throughput: Efficient, parallel processing within customized modules
Save Reagents: Accurate, nanoliter dispense into miniaturized reaction
wells (1µL)
Simplify Workflow: Process integration without robotic or manual microplate handling MORE


An exceptional 54-fold interpenetrated coordination polymer
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Entanglement is one of the most important features of coordination polymer frameworks and has attracted considerable attention due to its aesthetic and topological interest. Among entangled systems, interpenetrating frameworks represent an intriguing subset; however, there are few examples of materials containing very high levels of interpenetration. More


MS analysis of nucleic acids in the post-genomic era
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Alternative approaches complementing the existing technologies for analysis of nucleic acids and their assemblies are necessary to take on the new challenges posed by the postgenomic era. The versatility of MS in biopolymer analysis and its ability to reach beyond sequence information are the basis of ever expanding applications aimed at the elucidation of nucleic acid structure−function relationships. More

A puzzle named Bengü Sezen
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Questions about the massive Bengü Sezen scientific fraud case at Columbia University linger in the August heat. But many of them will likely never be answered — especially the question, Why? Columbia in 2005 awarded her a Ph.D. degree in chemistry with distinction; however, it was based in large part on her fraudulent work. Details of the case make clear that Sezen, at the very least, has a sophisticated understanding of chemical principles. More

Scientific editing

Raise your chances of acceptance for publication in high-ranked international journals by using MSC's premier Scientific Editing service. MSC provides in-depth developmental editing by Nature-standard editors, feedback and advice on your manuscript's content, organization and presentation by an expert in your field. Submit your manuscript today!

The dinosaur that died in its tracks
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Polish paleontologists have reported a surprising fossil first — a Protoceratops dinosaur that apparently died in its own tracks about 80 million years ago in Mongolia. Footprints are some of the only fossils that show us how dinosaurs and other long-extinct animals behaved when they were alive. But animals are rarely fossilised together with their final footprints. Invertebrates are an exception. More

Researchers prove existence of antiproton radiation belt around Earth
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Italian researchers using data from the satellite PAMELA have proven that theories showing there ought to be a ring of antiprotons encircling the Earth due to cosmic rays colliding with nuclei in the upper atmosphere are correct. Piergiorgio Picozza from the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, and a host of colleagues have published the results of their findings in arXiv. More


Building blocks of DNA found in meteorites from space
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The components of DNA have now been confirmed to exist in extraterrestrial meteorites, researchers announced. A different team of scientists also discovered a number of molecules linked with a vital ancient biological process, adding weight to the idea that the earliest forms of life on Earth may have been made up in part from materials delivered to Earth from space. More

Finding about cell division, metabolism may provide insight into neurodegenerative disorders
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A new finding based on multiple collaborations between University of North Carolina and Duke scientists over several years points to new avenues for investigation of cell metabolism that may provide insights into diseases ranging from neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease to certain types of cancers. More

A personal beer brewery that spouts pro-quality suds in a week
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Most beer drinkers don't have the time to muddle through the painstaking home-brewing process, but the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery simplifies just about everything. The brewing system produces pro-grade beers in seven days, instead of four weeks. For now, WilliamsWarn brewers are limited to light ales, but eventually, says inventor and master brewer Ian Williams, they'll be able to make, store and pour 50-pint batches of beers, from lagers to stouts. More

Plate Label Applicator with Stacker

The Sci-Print MP2+ is a high throughput fully automated barcode printer for labeling microtiter plates and deep well blocks. Stacks can hold 50 microtiter plates and can label any or all sides of the plate. User configurable label text with multiple barcode formats. Click here to see product videos and more!
Automated Benchtop Cell Analysis Platform
The HTFC® Screening System from IntelliCyt is a fast, highly sensitive, and simple-to-operate multicolor platform for phenotypic screening. This automation-friendly system can analyze thousands of cells per second from 96 or 384 well microplates and create heatmap data displays to quickly visualize hits.
Sample Screening from your Compound
The comPOUND system comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialized delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any compound management or screening system.


Lab Automation Software Specialist
Rigaku Automation, Inc.
USA – CA – Carlsbad

AVP, Preclinical Pharmacology
USA – NY – New York

Research Advisor
Eli Lilly and Company
USA – IN – Indianapolis

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BioMicroLab Sample Management Automation Systems

Affordable Benchtop Instruments:
  • Tube and Vial Handling
  • Automation
  • Volume Verification
  • 2D Barcode Readers


The Nexus Generation of Life Science Solutions

Nexus Biosystems- your partner in Discovery Science processes from Sample Storage to Sample Analysis Solutions.


Discovery is our mission...

Venenum BioDesign specializes in HTS of 5.5 million compounds including new libraries for protein-protein interactions.

An online scientific wiki

A collaborative compilation of the world's laboratory technology knowledge grown and updated by an online community.

Ultimate Online Product Directory

The SLAS Market Place offers access to new and existing technology products and services for your laboratory.
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