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It's Time to Register for SLAS2015
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Registrations are now being accepted for SLAS2015, Feb. 7-11, Washington, DC, including short courses. Be sure to review discounts for early registration, member, academic/government, student, group and unemployed participants. Deep discounts are available to SLAS members who register before Oct. 31. Students can register for just $75! Not an SLAS dues-paying member? Become one today and enjoy member benefits through end 2015. More


Three SLAS Short Courses at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2014
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SLAS will present three short courses on Sept. 1 at Drug Discovery 2014, in Manchester, UK:

Introduction to Laboratory Automation
Presented by Jonathan Wingfield of AstraZeneca and Malcolm Crook of Peak Analysis & Automation

High Content Screening: Instrumentation, Assay Development, Screening, Image and Data Analysis
Presented by Eberhard Krausz of ChemBioCon and Marc Bickle of Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Establishing Cell-Based Assays and Implementing 3D Culture Models for Screening and Drug Testing
Presented by Terry Riss of Promega and Jens Kelm of InSphero

Bickle also will conduct an SLAS Author Workshop entitled "What Editors Want: How to Get Your Work Published."

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SLAS ELN Reports: Eric Pei-Yu Chiou and Hideaki Tsutsui — Personal Notes from the JALA Guest Editor's Chair
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Special issues of JALA and JBS represent hallmarks of important achievement by SLAS and its members, especially those whose sweat equity make them such meaningful and memorable successes.

Chiou and Tsutsui, guest editors of JALA's "Advancements in Biomedical Micro/Nano Tools and Technology" special issue, share their recent experiences and demonstrate how personal passion fuels the SLAS Spirit of Community.

Read more in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine.

JBS Special Issue Call for Manuscript Proposals: Screening by RNAi and Precise Genome Editing Technologies
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Guest Editors Marc Bickle, Ph.D.; Hakim Djaballah, Ph.D.; and Lorenz M. Mayr, Ph.D., invite manuscript proposals by Sept. 1, 2014. This issue will include research papers, reviews and perspective articles related to all aspects of commercially available RNAi libraries and related platforms, process development and validation for RNAi screening, screening data analysis and bioinformatic filtering, use of genome editing tools such as ZFN, TALENS and CRISPR for hit validation and phenotype confirmation in multiple cell models, and target validation for drug discovery. SLAS members and nonmembers alike are welcome to submit proposals. More

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    Real-Time Monitoring Cardiomyocyte Beating
    The xCELLigence RTCA Cardio System monitors cardiomyocyte beating functions in a 96-well format under physiological conditions, using a noninvasive label-free impedance-based technology. Rule out both acute and long-term cardiotoxicity in a single experiment. For more information, please visit

    Tony B. Academic Travel Award Poster Deadline is Sept. 22
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    Students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates and junior faculty are invited to submit poster abstracts for consideration at SLAS2015.

    Awardees receive airfare, full conference registration, hotel accommodations and the opportunity to participate fully in the #1 conference for laboratory science and technology professionals.

    A full slate of career counseling options will take place as well.

    New Videos at LabAutopedia: Periodic Table Gone Wild
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    The SLAS scientific wiki pays tribute to science geeks everywhere by posting Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" song, as well as an updated version by ASAP Science.

    Take a look at the videos, and then be sure to access the multitude of more formal and less melodic resources on LabAutopedia, The SLAS Knowledge Network.



    Long Noncoding RNA May Lead to New Heart Failure Drug
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    Scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine say they have found a previously unknown cardiac molecule that could provide a key to treating, and preventing, heart failure. The newly discovered long noncoding RNA molecule provides the heart with a tool to block a protein that orchestrates genetic disruptions when the heart is subjected to stress, such as high blood pressure. More

    Tips for Establishing Successful Cell-Based Assays: Part 1
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    Cell-based assays are a critical part of the workflow for discovering new chemical entities. They are used throughout the drug discovery process from target validation, primary and secondary compound screening to determining the safety and selectivity of new leads. Since they are ubiquitously used, it is with utmost importance that one chooses appropriate cells, assay conditions and designs, and data analysis. The following sections on cell-based applications provide general guidance in designing robust cell- based assays for screening and lead optimization. More
    Promoted by Multispan, Inc.

    Editing HPV's Genes to Kill Cervical Cancer Cells
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    Researchers have hijacked a defense system normally used by bacteria to fend off viral infections and redirected it against the human papillomavirus, the virus that causes cervical, head and neck, and other cancers. Using the genome editing tool known as CRISPR, the Duke University researchers were able to selectively destroy two viral genes responsible for the growth and survival of cervical carcinoma cells, causing the cancer cells to self-destruct. More

    Link Between Vitamin D and Dementia Risk Confirmed
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    Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in older people, according to the most robust study of its kind ever conducted. An international team, led by David Llewellyn at the University of Exeter Medical School, found that study participants who were severely Vitamin D deficient were more than twice as likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer's disease. More

    Introducing BAMS: Bead-Assisted Mass Spectrometry
    BAMS brings a new paradigm to mass spectrometry by combining bead-based multiplexing and plate-based self-assembly. Available Now by Early Access! Click Here.
    CLARIOstar innovative microplate reader
    BMG LABTECH’s most innovative microplate reader with advanced LVF Monochromators™. No longer choose performance over flexibility with this powerful and versatile reader.

    Molecular Genetic Framework for Protophloem Formation
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    The phloem performs essential systemic functions in tracheophytes, yet little is known about its molecular genetic specification. Here we show that application of the peptide ligand CLAVATA3/EMBRYO SURROUNDING REGION 45 (CLE45) specifically inhibits specification of protophloem in Arabidopsis roots by locking the sieve element precursor cell in its preceding developmental state. More

    Researchers Reveal Molecular Competition Drives Adult Stem Cells to Specialize
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    Understanding the molecular mechanisms that control the balance between self-renewal and differentiation in adult stem cells is an important foundation for developing therapies to regenerate diseased, injured or aged tissue. In the current issue of the journal Nature, scientists at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research report that competition between two proteins, Bam and COP9, balances the self-renewal and differentiation functions of ovarian germline stem cells in fruit flies. More

    Carbon Dioxide 'Sponge' Could Ease Transition to Cleaner Energy
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    A sponge-like plastic that sops up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) might ease our transition away from polluting fossil fuels and toward new energy sources, such as hydrogen. The material — a relative of the plastics used in food containers — could play a role in President Obama's plan to cut CO2 emissions 30 percent by 2030, and could also be integrated into power plant smokestacks in the future. More

    The Human Placenta Project
    Chemical & Engineering News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Let's say an expectant mother arrives at her doctor's office for a routine checkup. She's seven months pregnant and she's completely healthy: She hasn't had any illnesses, she isn't taking any medications, and she's keeping a healthy diet. But since last month's visit, her baby's weight appears unchanged. "What do you do?" asks Yoel Sadovsky, director of Magee-Womens Research Institute in Pittsburgh. More

    CLARIOstar innovative microplate reader
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    Compact High-Throughput Nucleic Acid Isolation
    The revolutionary compact chemagic 360 (80 x 65 x 90 cm L/W/H) purifies nucleic acids from 10 µl - 10 ml sample volume by managing 1 96 samples/run. An integrated dispenser for automated buffer filling, QA software and barcode reading allow unique flexibility in sample processing and throughput needs.
    Unlimited Modes of Detection = 1 Microplate Reader
    With an industry-leading number of detection modes, SpectraMax i3 not only meets your application needs today, it also adapts to your changing requirements tomorrow. Read about the latest microplate reader applications like StainFree Cell Detection and ScanLater Western Blot in the Novel Microplate Reader Applications eBook. Download here >>


    Director, Pharmaceutics – New Technologies
    Noven Pharmaceuticals
    US – FL – Miami

    Post-Doctoral Associate in Biomedical Engineering and Drug Delivery
    Northwestern University
    US – IL – Chicago

    Automation Scientist
    Promega Corporation
    US – WI – Madison

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