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SLAS2017 Tuesday Night Celebration to be Held at the Newseum
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Ranked #8 of 394 things to do in Washington, DC, the popular Newseum will welcome SLAS2017 participants for dinner, fellowship and seven levels of interactive exhibits, 15 galleries and 15 theaters that explain and defend free expression, including: SLAS continues this tradition of hosting a major and memorable networking event on the final evening of its conference thanks to generous sponsorship by the Hamilton Company. More


From the SLAS President: Firepower at Your Fingertips — SLAS Has What You Need When You Need It
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SLAS President Richard M. Eglen, Ph.D., details the wealth of knowledge available through SLAS beyond its most well-known resources — the international conference and exhibition and two scientific journals.

"How many people know that as well as these high-profile initiatives, there are many sources for informed expertise, opinions and practical information that members can quickly and easily access 24/7/365," he says. From SLAS Webinars and recorded presentations to SLAS LabAutopedia and the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine, SLAS fulfills its educational mission. Read more in the e-zine.

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$100K SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant Applications Accepted Soon
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Inaugural grant recipient Erik M. Werner talks about his groundbreaking work, introduces you to members of the lab and invites other graduate students to submit applications for the 2017 SLAS grant.

"I'd like to thank SLAS for giving me this opportunity to focus on my graduate research," Werner says in the short video. "We're looking forward to becoming a bigger part of the SLAS community in the future."

Werner works in Elliot Hui's lab at the University of California, Irvine and is using the $100,000 grant to pursue the realization of his high-throughput screening concept. Review requirements and then apply for the 2017 grant before Nov. 14, 2016.

Welcome to RAD Source
Since 1997 Rad Source Technologies has been the expert in providing renewable, non-isotope, ionizing radiation replacements for self-shielded gamma irradiators. Currently, there are over 300 renowned hospital, university, and pharmaceutical research institutions using Rad Source X-ray technology. To find out more about our equipment, select your application and you will find equipment specifications, literature references, white papers, training videos, discussion forums, as well as other helpful info.

SLAS Europe: VIII Spanish Drug Discovery Network Meeting, Nov. 3-4, 2016
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Drug discovery and chemical biology professionals will gather in Santiago de Compostela, Spain to focus on the use of more predictive model systems throughout the discovery process, from early primary screening and moving toward preclinical and clinical studies, including:
  • The establishment and validation of advanced phenotypic model systems such as organoids
  • The intelligent choice of small molecule screening libraries to facilitate identification of important mechanisms in these systems
  • The latest methodologies for mechanism studies and target identification downstream of phenotypic screening
  • The progress towards more predictive animal models both from an efficacy and safety perspective
Significant discounts are offered to those who register by Oct. 7.


5 Reasons to Visit JALA and JBS Online Today
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JALA and JBS offer essential ways to navigate the ever-increasing volume of peer-reviewed research for life sciences discovery and technology professionals. Visit these rich resources regularly to:
  1. Find answers, ideas and inspiration by searching the scientific archives of JALA, JBS and other SAGE journals with keywords and author names. Save searches and/or sign up to receive custom search alerts via e-mail.
  2. Sign up for citation tracking alerts.
  3. Sign up to be alerted when new reports publish online ahead-of-print.
  4. See what's trending in the Most Read and Most Cited monitors (located at the bottom/right on the homepages).
  5. Get to know the people behind the science by listening to JALA Podcasts.
In 2017, SLAS's two scientific journals will begin their 22nd year of publication with new names and taglines! JBS becomes SLAS Discovery (Advancing Life Sciences R&D); and JALA becomes SLAS Technology (Translating Life Sciences Innovation). More JALA / More JBS

Accelerate your NGS Success

Fast, accurate sequencing begins with automated NGS Sample Prep from Agilent.


3-D Printed Structures That 'Remember' Their Shapes    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Engineers from MIT and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) are using light to print three-dimensional structures that "remember" their original shapes. Even after being stretched, twisted, and bent at extreme angles, the structures — from small coils and multimaterial flowers, to an inch-tall replica of the Eiffel tower — sprang back to their original forms within seconds of being heated to a certain temperature "sweet spot." More

Who Activates the Nucleophile in Ribozyme Catalysis? An Answer from the Splicing Mechanism of Group II Introns
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Group II introns are Mg2+-dependent ribozymes that are considered to be the evolutionary ancestors of the eukaryotic spliceosome, thus representing an ideal model system to understand the mechanism of conversion of premature messenger RNA (mRNA) into mature mRNA. Neither in splicing nor for self-cleaving ribozymes has the role of the two Mg2+ ions been established, and even the way the nucleophile is activated is still controversial. More

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Using Light to Control Genome Editing
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The genome-editing system known as CRISPR allows scientists to delete or replace any target gene in a living cell. MIT researchers have now added an extra layer of control over when and where this gene editing occurs, by making the system responsive to light. With the new system, gene editing takes place only when researchers shine ultraviolet light on the target cells. This kind of control could help scientists study in greater detail the timing of cellular and genetic events that influence embryonic development or disease progression. More

Study: IVF Media Affects Treatment Outcomes
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Experts have been divided over whether the culture media in which eggs are fertilized during in vitro fertilization (IVF) have lasting impacts on embryonic development. In a paper published in Human Reproduction, researchers from the Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands and their colleagues detail the first randomized controlled trial to compare two IVF culture media, finding that one of the preparations created more viable embryos and higher fertility rates than the other. More

Cutting Morrbid RNA Shortens Immune Cell Lifespan
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Gene transcription can be as capricious as the Fates, who personified destiny and reserved the right to cut the thread of life, but it might yet be persuaded to be as balanced as Justice, a sister to the Fates who was dedicated to keeping the order and setting limits to any action. Depending on how gene transcription metes out the supply of Morrbid, a long noncoding RNA (lncRNA), certain immune cells may have longer or shorter lifespans. More

Graduate Students at Private Schools May Unionize
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Student teaching and research assistants working at private colleges and universities are employees and can form a union for collective bargaining, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced. The ruling has ramifications for chemistry graduate students at private universities. Students at public colleges and universities have been able to join labor unions since the 1960s. The NLRB has gone back and forth on the issue of student collective bargaining at private institutions of higher learning. More

Insecticide Ryanodine: Building a Chemical From the Ground Up
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Chemists have significantly improved upon the synthesis of a molecule related to muscle and neuronal function. A research team has been busy trying to crack the puzzle of the insecticide ryanodine, a complex molecule first isolated from a tropical plant in the 1940s. Ryanodine paralyzes insects by binding to a class of calcium-channel receptors called ryanodine receptors. In humans, these receptors play critical roles in muscle and neuronal function. More

Scientists Develop New Techniques to Track How Cells Develop
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Understanding how various cell types differentiate themselves during development is one of the fundamental questions in developmental biology. Using genome-editing tools, Harvard University scientists are getting closer to finding answers. In a recent study, reseaerchers developed a system that uses the CRISPR genome-editing tool to mark zebrafish cells with a genetic barcode that can later be used to reconstruct their lineage. More


High-Throughput Biologics Formulation and Analysis Research Scientist
Eli Lilly and Company
US – IN – Indianapolis

Bio-Analytical Product Development Manager
Tomtec Inc.
US – CT – Hamden

Director, Lab Services – Clinical Laboratory
Keck Medicine of USC
US – CA – Los Angeles

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