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SLAS webinar series on data interpretation — registration open
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"Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Tools for Understanding Multidimensional Screening Results," the first of three SLAS virtual events this fall, is scheduled for Sept. 27, beginning at 11:30 a.m. EDT. The webinar is free to SLAS members and features Donald G. Jackson, Ph.D., of Bristol-Myers Squibb Research & Development, who discusses the challenges of working on high-content screening analysis and effective methods developed to handle the explosion of data. More


Phenotypic Drug Discovery SIG posts surveys
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With fast growth and lively discussion, the Phenotypic Drug Discovery (PDD) SIG is maximizing its LinkedIn group page for easy connections to colleagues internationally. Last week, the SIG chair posted two surveys — one for the full PDD SIG membership and one for research scientists only. Visit LinkedIn, and join in the conversation. More

SLAS2013@Night: Social networking at its best!
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CityWalk Sunday, Molecular Monday and Vortex Tuesday provide ways for SLAS2013 participants to continue making connections after conference and exhibition activities conclude for the day. With a mix of interesting venues and unique entertainment possibilities, SLAS2013@Night allows for extended interaction between colleagues and more than just a little bit of fun. More

Small automated pipettors perform big
SOLO & SOLOPlus Automated Pipettors are the perfect choice for automating repetitive and time consuming applications. Available in single channel, 8-channel and 12- channel configurations the SOLO handles serial dilutions, kinase assays and next-gen sequencing prep with ease. Multiple deck configurations, accessories and robotics are available. See more at Email

LabAutopedia book remembers NIH stalwart, Ruth Lillian Kirschstein
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"Always There: The Remarkable Life of Ruth Lillian Kirschstein, M.D." chronicles the life's work of this National Institutes of Health leader. Kirschstein was " ... a key player in the development of a safe and effective polio vaccine, the first woman director of a major institute at the NIH, and a champion of the importance of basic biomedical research and training programs that provided opportunity to all talented students, especially underrepresented minority students." This is a free, downloadable e-book. More

JBS Online features new manuscripts ahead-of-print
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"Glioma-Propagating Cells as an In Vitro Screening Platform: PLK1 as a Case Study," "A 1536-Well Quantitative High-Throughput Screen to Identify Compounds Targeting Cancer Stem Cells" and "Characterizing Human Ion Channels in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell–Derived Neurons" are among the new manuscripts available only to SLAS Biomolecular Sciences Section members ahead of print. More

Inline Homogeneous ELISA Processing

The Nexar® system provides inline sample storage, liquid handling, incubation, and detection. High throughput, miniaturized reaction volumes and walk-away operation. Check it out!
Screen Your Compounds at Multispan

In human and ortholog GPCR stable cell lines in Calcium, cAMP, IP-1, GTPγS, ligand-binding and internalization assays, offering the fastest turnaround, highest quality and most diversity. More>>


Victory for stem cell research
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In a victory for the National Institutes of Health, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals has unanimously upheld a lower court's ruling that the federal government can legally fund research on human embryonic stem cells. Two scientists who work with adult stem cells sued NIH in 2009. They claimed that an obscure law prohibits federal funding of research that destroys human embryos, which happens when harvesting human embryonic stem cells. More

Photonic interactions measured at atomic level
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By measuring the unique properties of light on the scale of a single atom, researchers from Duke University and Imperial College, London, believe that they have characterized the limits of the ability of metals to be used in devices that rely on the enhancement of light. This field is known as plasmonics because scientists are trying to take advantage of plasmons, electrons that have been "excited" by light. More


Mass spectrometry protein assays that match sensitivity of antibody-based clinical tests may speed drug discovery    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Combining two well-established analytic techniques and adding a twist identifies proteins from blood with as much accuracy and sensitivity as the antibody-based tests used clinically, researchers report this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition online. The technique should be able to speed up development of diagnostic tests and treatments based on proteins specific to certain diseases. More

Blood mystery solved
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Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body, but if let loose outside these cells, it becomes toxic, and an excessive release is often seen in diseases, such as malaria. To fight released hemoglobin's toxicity, the body has its own means of defense. The blood protein haptoglobin captures the escaped hemoglobin and whisks it away to a receptor that swallows them both. More

Introducing the BIND® SCANNER from SRU Biosystems
SRU Biosystems has introduced the first and only high resolution, optical, label-free plate reader. Capable of measuring functional responses in individual cells, the SCANNER represents a new paradigm in drug discovery enabling the use of primary cells earlier in drug discovery process. Contact us to learn more.
Add-and-Read Plate Reader
Get results fast with Hamamatsu’s FDSS µCELL, an imaging-based microplate reader. This affordable, simple-to-use reader accommodates 96- or 384-well microplates for kinetic cell-based assays such as GPCR, ion channel, prolyl isomerase, transporter, and light-activated receptor or channel assays. Click here for more info.
Molecular Devices SpectraMax® Limited-Time Promotion
At Molecular Devices, we understand your desire for a top-of-the-line multi-mode microplate reader while balancing an ever-tightening budget. Get the reliability and sensitivity your lab deserves at the price-point you need from a name you trust. Learn more at

Size-dependent partitioning of nano/microparticles mediated by membrane lateral heterogeneity
Journal of the American Chemical Society    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
It is important that we understand the physical, chemical and biological mechanisms that govern the interaction between nanoparticles and heterogeneous cellular surfaces because of the possible cytotoxicity of engineered nanomaterials. In this study, we investigated the lateral localization of nano/microparticles within a biomimetic heterogeneous membrane interface using cell-sized two-phase liposomes. More

Stem cells bring back feeling for paralyzed patients
New Scientist    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
For the first time, people with broken spines have recovered feeling in previously paralyzed areas after receiving injections of neural stem cells. Three people with paralysis received injections of 20 million neural stem cells directly into the injured region of their spinal cord. The cells, acquired from donated fetal brain tissue, were injected between four and eight months after the injuries happened. More

Mass spectral reference libraries: An ever-expanding resource for chemical identification
Analytical Chemistry    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The basic principles, practices and pitfalls in the process of compound identification by searching mass spectral reference libraries are presented. Factors affecting the identification process are discussed as members of one of three major contributors to identification confidence: prior probability, risk of false negative results and risk of false positive results. More general concerns and the problem of "unknown unknowns" are then explored. More

In world first, scientists surgically implant bionic eye in blind patient
Popular Science    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
We've been waiting on the prospect of a bionic eye for a while now; being able to surgically give sight to the sightless would be a medical breakthrough, and we're right on the cusp. Exhibit A: In a world first, scientists have successfully implanted a prototype bionic eye that has helped a woman see shapes. Researchers from the government-funded consortium Bionic Vision Australia made the announcement in a statement. More

Interested in outsourcing bioassays and screening?

We are a pre-clinical CRO specialising in bespoke bioassay development, plate-based compound pharmacology and instrument/reagent validation. Contact us at
Tube Feeding, Labeling, and Racking

Modular automation for tube and vial feeding, labeling, and racking including 600 dpi printer resolution, 'whisper' feed automatic feeders, and robotic racking systems. MORE

Even in normal range, high blood sugar linked to brain shrinkage
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People whose blood sugar is on the high end of the normal range may be at greater risk of brain shrinkage that occurs with aging and diseases such as dementia, according to new research published in the Sept. 4 print issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study involved 249 people age 60 to 64 who had blood sugar in the normal range as defined by the World Health Organization. More

Aspirin may help men with prostate cancer live longer
Bioscience Technology    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Men who have been treated for prostate cancer, either with surgery or radiation, could benefit from taking aspirin regularly, says a new study. Taking aspirin is associated with a lower risk of death from prostate cancer, especially in men with high risk disease, according to a multicenter study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. More


Application capabilities and benefits of using electronic pipettes
INTEGRA Biosciences     Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
INTEGRA Biosciences has created a new web page for laboratory scientists with YouTube videos demonstrating how electronic pipettes offer increased functionality when compared to manual pipettes. VIAFLO electronic pipettes are able to function as repeaters, mixers, serial dilutors, manual pipettes and handheld sample processors. More

Midwestern Universities Analytical Chemistry Conference, Sept. 27-29
MUACC    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Midwestern Universities Analytical Chemistry Conference will be held Sept. 27-29 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for those interested in research, teaching and service in the broad context of analytical chemistry. Conference goals are to exchange ideas and report on cutting-edge work in the field. More

Multipurpose Liquid Handling Instrument
VIAFILL™ from INTEGRA delivers high performance bulk reagent dispensing, multichannel pipetting and microplate washing capabilities all from a single multipurpose instrument. A choice of different tubing sets allow quick changing between these three operational modes making VIAFILL a uniquely versatile lab tool.
Aurelia Bioscience - bioassays + screening
Are you interested in outsourcing your cell/ biochemical assay development, compound screening or equipment validation to experienced pharma scientists?
We are a pre-clinical CRO specialising in bespoke bioassay development, plate-based compound pharmacology and instrument/reagent validation.
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Alpaqua Magnet Plates... Like No Other
ALPAQUA® offers 24-well, 96-well & 384-well magnet plates with integrated spring technology for touch-off dispensing and complete supernatant removal while eliminating costly tip crashes and occlusions. Strong NdFeB magnets enable rapid, reliable bead capture and retention. Alpaqua magnet plates are SBS compliant and compatible with many liquid handlers, plate hotels & stackers.


Automation & Engineering Manager
DuPont Pioneer

Post-Doctoral Scholarship in Energy Technology and Thermal Process Chemistry
Umeå University
Sweden – Umeå

Fellow – PhD
Seattle Children’s Research Institute
USA – WA – Seattle

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