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From the SLAS President: SLAS Fellows — Honor and Thanks to Elite Group of Society Contributors
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SLAS President Richard M. Eglen, Ph.D., discusses the newly announced SLAS Fellows Membership category that honors and celebrates those who have made important contributions to the Society.

"Designation as an SLAS Fellow deserves pride and commands respect, but I think the true value of active engagement in SLAS reaches far beyond this honor," Eglen says. "I am sure that the pride of this first class of SLAS Fellows is far exceeded by their gratitude for the knowledge and experience they have gained through their participation in SLAS. Ours truly is a unique, innovative, collaborative, friendly and welcoming community."

Read more in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine.


Last Call: Showcase Your Achievements in MALDI Mass Spectrometry
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Manuscript proposals (abstracts) are due Sept. 30 for this 2017 special issue of SLAS Discovery (formerly JBS).

Guest editors Shannon Cornett, Ph.D., of Bruker and Michael Scholle, M.S., M.B.A. of SAMDI Tech are interested in use of MALDI mass spectrometry for high-throughput applications, enzyme characterization, imaging, metabolite detection and screening, drug distribution and more. Proposals will be used to select papers for submission and peer review.

SLAS Nominations Committee Endorses Members for 2017 SLAS Americas Council
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The SLAS Nominations Committee endorses Susan Crimmin of GlaxoSmithKline and David Eddington of the University of Illinois Chicago for three-year terms of service beginning at SLAS2017. Crimmin and Eddington were selected for the breadth and depth of experience they will bring to the SLAS Americas Council.

In accordance with SLAS Policy, if no valid petition nominating alternate candidates is received by Oct. 20, 2016, the appointment of these two individuals will be moved forward to the current Americas Council for official acclamation.

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SLAS2017 Short Course Spotlight: Digital Image Processing and Analysis for the Laboratory Scientist
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This full-day, hands-on course guides participants through digital image processing and analysis for life sciences laboratories. Attendees bring their own laptops to learn proven methodologies and how to apply them to their own experimental images to extract relevant information and summarize results. Experienced instructors are Matthew Fronheiser and Mark F. Russo.

"Researchers learn to get answers faster, and perhaps spur their investigations into more complex areas that they cannot explore with their current tools," says Fronheiser. "Digital Image Processing and Analysis for the Laboratory Scientist: Theory and Application" is one of 21 short courses to be held at SLAS2017.

A Conversation on Ultra-High-Throughput Sample Preparation with JALA Author Aman Russom
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Russom of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, talks with JALA Podcasts Editor David Pechter about a point-of-care microfluidic device that combines sample preparation methods to perform sample-to-result analysis of large-volume (20 mL) biopsy model samples with staining of captured cells using centrifugal-paper microfluidic filtration.

Russom's technology brief, "Ultra-High-Throughput Sample Preparation System for Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping Point-of-Care Diagnostics," can be found in the JALA October issue.

Welcome to RAD Source
Since 1997 Rad Source Technologies has been the expert in providing renewable, non-isotope, ionizing radiation replacements for self-shielded gamma irradiators. Currently, there are over 300 renowned hospital, university, and pharmaceutical research institutions using Rad Source X-ray technology. To find out more about our equipment, select your application and you will find equipment specifications, literature references, white papers, training videos, discussion forums, as well as other helpful info.

Reminder: SLAS Nominations Committee Now Accepting Applications for SLAS Board of Directors
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The SLAS Nominations Committee will soon select three individuals to join the SLAS Board of Directors for three-year terms of service beginning in 2017. Candidate applications for the SLAS Board of Directors are being accepted from the membership community through Oct. 5, 2016.

All candidates must have the capacity and commitment to serve, and meet the required criteria outlined in the SLAS Strategic Plan, SLAS Board of Directors Selection Policy and the SLAS Bylaws.

October Issues of JALA and JBS Now Online
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JALA highlights include "A Review of the Application of Body-on-a-Chip for Drug Test and Its Latest Trend of Incorporating Barrier Tissue" and open access to the paper entitled "Automated Gravimetric Calibration to Optimize the Accuracy and Precision of TECAN Freedom EVO Liquid Handler."

JBS highlights include a special collection from the SLAS Europe High-Content Screening Conference in Dresden and open access to four original research reports. More JALA / More JBS


Help the Boss Understand Why You Should Attend SLAS2017
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"SLAS2017 is the place to be" is NOT the proper way to approach management with your request to attend SLAS2017. "SLAS2017 will help me to better understand CRISPR technologies and thus improve our organization's performance" would be a more successful alternative.

Pick up additional helpful tips, including a sample memo, from the SLAS2017 website.

Say Hello to SLAS at LRIG New England 2016 Fall Seminars and Exhibitions
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Meet SLAS Director of Publishing Nan Hallock at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel on Oct. 13. Learn more about the SLAS journal name changes, SLAS2017 International Conference and Exhibition and explore sessions on multiplexing biomarkers, cloud labs, methods software, high-throughput image cytometry-based screening, inkjet printing technology and ISO standards for automated liquid handling.

Sign up for a chance to win a full conference registration to SLAS2017 (a $1,075 value!). LRIG meeting participation is free.

Accelerate your NGS Success

Fast, accurate sequencing begins with automated NGS Sample Prep from Agilent.


Cancer Stem Cells — New Method Analyzes 10,000 Cells at Once    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A new device for studying tumor cells can trap 10,000 individual cells in a single chip. The technique, developed at the University of Michigan, could one day help screen potential cancer treatments based on an individual patient's tumor and help researchers better understand so-called cancer stem cells. It also sheds light on a controversy: are large cells or small cells more likely to be cancer stem cells? More

Cell Division the Outcome of an Adversarial Process
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Two mutually antagonistic protein complexes have been found to duel on the precipice of cell division. Whichever one prevails determines whether the cell remains in the G1 phase (where the focus is on growth) or enters the S phase (where the focus is on chromosome duplication and separation). It has long been known that one of these protein complexes, anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C), needs to be shut down for the S phase to commence. More

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Regulatory RNA Essential to DNA Damage Response
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Knowing when to hold them, and when to fold them, is a critical skill in professional gambling. But it's also pertinent for cells assessing DNA damage. It's essential for the cells to quickly ascertain whether it's possible to repair mistakes or to self-destruct for the good of the organism. That's because cells with a damaged genome often begin to flout the standard rules of growth and become cancerous. More

A Secreted Bacterial Peptidoglycan Hydrolase Enhances Tolerance to Enteric Pathogens
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The intestinal microbiome modulates host susceptibility to enteric pathogens, but the specific protective factors and mechanisms of individual bacterial species are not fully characterized. We show that secreted antigen A (SagA) from Enterococcus faecium is sufficient to protect Caenorhabditis elegans against Salmonella pathogenesis by promoting pathogen tolerance. More

To Produce Biopharmaceuticals on Demand, Just Add Water
Science Daily    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Researchers at MIT and other institutions have created tiny freeze-dried pellets that include all of the molecular machinery needed to translate DNA into proteins, which could form the basis for on-demand production of drugs and vaccines. The pellets, which contain dozens of enzymes and other molecules extracted from cells, can be stored for an extended period of time at room temperature. More

Smallest-Reported Artificial Virus Could Help Advance Gene Therapy
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Gene therapy is a kind of experimental treatment that is designed to fix faulty genetic material and help a patient fight off or recover from a disease. Now scientists have engineered the smallest-reported virus-like shell that can self-assemble. It could someday carry potentially therapeutic DNA or RNA and transfer it to human cells. The report appears in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. More

FDA Okays First DMD Drug
Chemical & Engineering News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Sarepta Therapeutics has won FDA approval of Exondys 51 (eteplirsen), the first drug sanctioned for treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Afflicting one in every 3,500 to 5,000 boys, DMD is a fatal genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle deterioration. Approved under an accelerated program for drugs that treat life-threatening diseases, Exondys 51 is being made available on the basis of initial clinical data. More

Monsanto Buys Rights to CRISPR
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Monsanto is taking genetically engineered crops to the next level, buying a license from the Broad Institute of Harvard University and MIT to use the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology. The agreement, which is nonexclusive, is the first time the Broad has issued a license for the agricultural use of CRISPR. "Getting more productivity out of less acres with less inputs is clearly a critical thing for humanity," Tom Adams, head of biotechnology at Monsanto, told New Scientist. More


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US – CA – South San Francisco

CTM/Senior CTM, Oncology
Dynavax Technologies
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Research Experience for Undergraduates
Johns Hopkins University Institute for NanoBioTechnology
US – MD – Baltimore

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