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JALA Special Issue: In Vitro Diagnostic Technology Reviews from Keck Graduate Institute School of Applied Life Science
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Organized by Keck Graduate Institute Professors Angelika Niemz, Ph.D., and Jim Osborne, Ph.D., the in-depth scientific reviews in this special issue address topics relevant to infectious diseases, oncology, neurodegenerative disorders and prenatal diagnostics.

The reviews provide background on different disease states and relevant biomarkers, then discuss technologies for disease screening, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection and treatment monitoring via established and new methods. Niemz and Osborne also are featured in the newest JALA Podcast.

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SLAS Unveils the All-New MarketPlace at
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With a robust new infrastructure, the SLAS MarketPlace interactive website is your one-stop-shop for products and services within the life sciences R&D industry. Search by keyword, category, company name or company location.

Company profiles include product and service categories, website, company and individual representative contact information. Provider categories include Automated Systems; Informatics & Computing; Instrumentation & Hardware; Labware & Lab Supplies; Microplates; Scientific Disciplines; and Services.


New App Note! Agilent AssayMAP Sample Prep Platform Enables Reproducible Automated Phosphopeptide Enrichment.

October Issue is Live at JBS Online
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The SLAS Journal of Biomolecular Screening regularly reports how scientists develop and utilize novel technologies and/or approaches to provide and characterize chemical and biological tools to understand and treat human disease. Ten original research reports, one review article and two technical notes are featured in the October issue, including three SAGE Choice articles allowing all readers immediate free access:
  • Neuronal and Cardiovascular Potassium Channels as Therapeutic Drug Targets: Promise and Pitfalls
  • Positive Modulation of the Glycine Receptor by Means of Glycine Receptor–Binding Aptamers
  • Screening for Small-Molecule Modulators of Long Noncoding RNA-Protein Interactions Using AlphaScreen

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SLAS Career Connections: Online and In-Person Advice and Opportunities
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SLAS President Dean Ho discusses the SLAS Career Connections program, which offers continuous access to real-time job opportunities and meaningful career advice for job seekers in his latest From the SLAS President column in the SLAS e-zine.

"Every year, SLAS Career Connections shines brightest during the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition," Ho says. "At SLAS2016 in San Diego, CA, SLAS will continue the popular tradition of offering private, one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced career counselors who provide personalized guidance for short- and long-term scientific career strategies. These individualized sessions can benefit scientists at all levels and include objective assessments of candidate strengths and weaknesses, point-by-point resume critiques, identification of promising career pathways and development of practical action plans for personal success."

SLAS Board of Directors Applications Due Oct. 6
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If you are interested in being considered to serve on the SLAS Board of Directors beginning January 2016, please submit your candidate application by Oct. 6. The SLAS Nominations Committee will select three individuals to join the board for three-year terms. Candidates must have the capacity and commitment to serve, and meet the required criteria outlined in the SLAS Strategic Plan, SLAS Board of Directors Selection Policy and the SLAS Bylaws. More


SLAS Professional Team Volunteers at Local Animal Shelter
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Dogs Jody and Helena and cats Morty and Peanut were among the cuties receiving some love and attention from the SLAS team last week. Following its productive quarterly meeting, the team carpooled to nearby Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin, IL and spent a couple hours walking dogs and socializing cats.

Pictured here is SLAS Marketing Communications Director Tom Manning and marketing agency lead Anne O’Day. See more photos on the SLAS Facebook page.

SLAS Europe Council Election: Cast Your Vote!
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SLAS Europe invites dues-paid members to participate in the 2015 SLAS Europe Council election. If you are an SLAS Europe dues-paid member, you have received an e-mail inviting you to vote for the election of two new council members. Contact us at if you paid your dues but did not receive the email. More

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Quality Assurance in GLP Environments

New White Paper from Xybion Corpororation - Download the Key Elements of Quality Assurance in the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Environment. This in-depth white paper explores how quality management and GLP can and should work in harmony in your laboratory. Learn key quality assurance principles such as CAPA and how they apply to labs.
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SLAS Member Testimonials Web Page Wins Award
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The bold visuals and meaningful messages delivered by SLAS members at earned a Silver Award of Distinction in the 2015 Communicator Awards.

The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts and this year there were more than 6,000 entries in 10 categories.

Kudos to SLAS’s design firm, the David James Group, for their creative approach to highlighting the value of the SLAS community through the thoughts and words of SLAS members.


At Home Molecular Diagnostics Could Become Reality With New Test Design
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Does being able to test for allergies, STDs or even cancer in minutes from the comfort and privacy of your home sound like science fiction? Well, a newly designed test from researchers at the University of Montreal could make it a reality before the next Star Trek movie comes to theaters. The Canadian scientists have designed a rapid, inexpensive diagnostic test that should only take minutes to perform. More

CRISPR 2.0? Pioneer of Gene-Editing Technique Discovers Protein That Could Improve Accuracy
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Searching bacteria for an alternative to Cas9, the enzyme used in the CRIPSR system to cut DNA at a site specified by RNA guides, synthetic biologist Feng Zhang of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his colleagues discovered a protein called Cpf1 in some bacteria that use CRISPR for viral defense. Taking a closer look at Cpf1 from 16 microbial species, the research team identified two that could cut human DNA, they reported in Cell. More

Chemistry Team Invents New Technique for Controlling Molecular Shape
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Hold up your two hands. They are identical in structure, but mirror opposites. No matter how hard you try, they can't be superimposed onto each other. Or, as chemists would say, they have "chirality," from the Greek word for hand. A molecule that is chiral comes in two identical, but opposite, forms — just like a left and right hand. University of Vermont chemist Severin Schneebeli has invented a new way to use chirality to make a wrench. A nanoscale wrench. More

Links Between Health Problems and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Now Stronger
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The list of health problems that scientists can confidently link to exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals has grown to include diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, a new scientific statement suggests. The statement, released by the Endocrine Society, also adds support to the somewhat controversial idea that even minute doses of these chemicals can interfere with the activity of natural hormones, which play a major role in regulating physiology and behavior. More

New Synthesis Method Imitates the Way Molecules Were Formed at Dawn of Life on Earth    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Researchers from the Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia, with support from the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Service of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have developed a method for synthesising organic molecules very selectively, by assembling simple molecules and using an enzyme from E. coli (FSA: D-fructose-6-phosphate aldolase), which acts as a biocatalyst. This is a significant step forward since it replicates the formation of carbohydrates in conditions resembling those that presumably initiated life on the Earth (prebiotic conditions). More

'Remote Control' of Immune Cells Opens Door to Safer, More Precise Cancer Therapies
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UC San Francisco researchers have engineered a molecular "on switch" that allows tight control over the actions of T cells, immune system cells that have shown great potential as therapies for cancer. The innovation lays the groundwork for sharply reducing severe, sometimes deadly side effects that have been a significant hurdle to advancing T cell-based treatments. "Right now we put engineered T cells into patients and just hope for the best," said Wendell Lim, Ph.D. More

Harnessing the Hordes in the Microbiome
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We humans are born alone. But that solitude is fleeting. Even as we emerge from the womb, we've started to accumulate the first few hundred of our lifelong companions — the rich population of microbes that live in and on us. By the time we greet our kindergarten teacher, we are outnumbered: The microbial cells we carry far exceed our own. These bugs aren't freeloaders. We maintain a symbiosis with our microbiome that helps keep us healthy. More

Chemists Create Switchable Gold Catalyst
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A gold catalyst whose behavior can be controlled by the addition of acid or metal ion cofactors has been designed by chemists. They have developed a catalyst with significantly enhanced properties based on a rotaxane, in which a gold catalyst is embedded in the cavity formed by threading a ring shaped molecule around a dumbell shaped axle. On its own, the rotaxane gold catalyst is unreactive but the addition of ions that bind into a pocket in the catalyst framework leads to rapid reactions. More


Staff Mechanical Engineer
Labcyte Inc.
US – CA – Sunnyvale

Faculty Position in Biomedical Engineering
Oklahoma State University
US – OK – Stillwater

Interface Performance Materials, Inc.
US – PA – Lancaster

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