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Providing clean, uninterrupted electrical power.

Certified UPS’s to protect your laboratory’s critical instrumentation and resolve current and potential power issues.


New Thermo Scientific Versette video

See how the Thermo Scientific Versette automated liquid handler can meet your liquid handling needs!

The SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood

Interactive e-zine sharing experiences and perspectives on science-related topics. Send article ideas to




JALA & JBS Art of Science Contest submissions due Friday
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Two days remain to e-mail your mesmerizingly cool and creative lab images for the chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card. Please share this link with your friends and coworkers (SLAS members and nonmembers may enter). Nine finalists will receive $25 Amazon gift cards plus 60 days free online access to the SAGE Pharmacology and Biomedical Collection (75,000-plus articles!). More


Michele Cleary: focus on what inspires, interests and excites you
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"One of the most important aspects of success in science is how you work with other people," says Michele Cleary, Ph.D., SLAS2014 co-chair. "What often comes to mind is the image of an intense, reclusive scientist working away on his or her own, and actually, what really advances science is having the right minds working together. When you have the right team tackling a scientific challenge, it's beautiful." Read about Cleary's exciting trek to her current position at Merck, including some work with James D. Watson on Molecular Biology of the Gene, in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine. More

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2013 SLAS Membership Survey — complete it and win!
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The 2013 SLAS Membership Survey is now available. Everybody wins when they share their opinions and priorities with SLAS, because member input is what fuels SLAS programs and services. One lucky respondent who completes the survey and opts-in for the prize drawing will win a trip to SLAS2014 in San Diego (flight, hotel and registration), while 12 others will win from a prize mix that includes SLAS2014 registration and $50 American Express gift cards. Complete the survey by Oct. 31. More


SLAS2014 preliminary program now online: Deepest discounts available until Oct. 31
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This just-published resource includes the latest schedule of events, scientific presentation titles and speakers, exhibitor listing, keynote presentations, Satellite Symposia, Short Courses, SIGs and other conference highlights. Register for SLAS2014 by Oct. 31 to take advantage of deepest discounts. More

Multispan: Your Drug Discovery Partner

Let Multispan be your one-stop shop partner from cell line and assay development to screening, lead optimization and profiling - reduce your cycle time to IND. More>> Email:
Chemistry Services for Drug Discovery
Life Chemicals specializes in organic synthesis for Drug Discovery. We provide compound libraries for HTS, collections of fragments, targeted libraries, building blocks and custom synthesis services.

SLAS Webinars on PDD: Nov. 12 and Dec. 5
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Ellen L. Berg presents the Nov. 12 SLAS Webinar titled "Phenotypic Drug Discovery Using Primary Human Cells and Co-Cultures: Lessons Learned." Jonathan Lee follows with "Modern Phenotypic Drug Discovery is a Viable Pharma Strategy" on Dec. 5. These two presentations are part of the SLAS Webinar Series, "Phenotypic and Signaling Network Approaches as an Alternative to Target Based Drug Discovery." The first webinar in the series was "The Value of Phenotypic-Based Drug Discovery," led by David Swinney and now available online FREE to SLAS dues-paid members. All three SLAS Webinar presenters also have manuscripts in the upcoming JBS special issue on phenotypic drug discovery (Berg and Lee are guest editors) — check JBS Online for manuscripts published ahead-of-print. More

Gravimetric Sample Preparation from METTLER TOLEDO
Weigh the substance AND the solvent using Quantos automated dispensing systems from METTLER TOLEDO. Preparing accurate concentrations using gravimetric dosing complies with the latest USP guidelines <841>. It offers the benefits of improved quality of results; enhanced user safety; guaranteed process security; and minimized substance and solvent consumption. MORE
Real-Time Monitoring Cell Migration/Invasion
The xCELLigence RTCA-DP System monitors cell migration/invasion using a noninvasive label-free impedance-based technology. This walk-away system allows you to measure cell invasion and migration continuously in real time over the entire time course of an experiment. Visit us at
Add-and-Read Plate Reader
Get results fast with Hamamatsu’s FDSS µCELL, an imaging-based microplate reader. This affordable, simple-to-use reader accommodates 96- or 384-well microplates for kinetic cell-based assays such as GPCR, ion channel, prolyl isomerase, transporter, and light-activated receptor or channel assays. Click here for more info.

The Lab Man talks about SLAS2014 Satellite Symposia
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Registered attendees of SLAS2014, Jan. 18-22, may sign up to attend two free SLAS Satellite Symposia during their time in San Diego. "Pioneering Stem Cell Research for Regenerative Medicine" will be held Sunday afternoon, Jan. 19, at the Sanford Consortium in La Jolla, CA. "Innovative Technologies for the Discoveries of New Medicines" will be held Monday evening, Jan. 20, at the Genomics Institute for the Novartis Research Foundation in San Diego, Calif. Register for both at More



A Trojan treatment for Parkinson's disease
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Deep in the base of the brain, a cascade of events including oxidative damage and inflammation can kill neurons, resulting in the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease. An international team of researchers has now developed a technique that might be used to prevent this cell death. They engineer immune cells to carry protective stowaway molecules, and the hope is that these Trojan cells can help prevent neuron death by delivering treatments across the blood-brain barrier. More


Automated digital microfluidic platform for magnetic-particle-based immunoassays with optimization by design of experiments
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We introduce an automated digital microfluidic platform capable of performing immunoassays from sample to analysis with minimal manual intervention. This platform features (a) a 90 Pogo pin interface for digital microfluidic control, (b) an integrated (and motorized) photomultiplier tube for chemiluminescent detection, and (c) a magnetic lens assembly which focuses magnetic fields into a narrow region on the surface of the DMF device, facilitating up to eight simultaneous digital microfluidic magnetic separations. More

Scigilian Software, Inc.
Scigilian is a software company specializing in offering solutions to the problems encountered in pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, and contract research. Trusted, from large pharma to small CRO.
Dualsystems Biotech AG
Dualsystems Biotech is a provider of custom screening services for industry and academia, specializing in yeast two-hybrid, CaptiVate AP/MS-MS and cDNA library construction.

Experiment reveals the ugly side of open-source journal industry
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Over the past 10 months, Harvard researcher John Bohannon, Ph.D., has created more than 300 versions of a phony research paper describing the anticancer property of a chemical extracted from a lichen. Despite Bohannon’s efforts to make the papers flawed and unpublishable, nearly 160 medical journal publishers accepted the paper for publishing, despite each one claiming to have a peer review process. It was never Bohannon's intent to actually get the papers published. Rather, his goal was to expose the growing trend of predatory practices among open-source journal publishers that charge fees to publish an author's work. More

Identification of a common binding mode for imaging agents to amyloid fibrils from molecular dynamics simulations
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Amyloid diseases are characterized by the misfolding and deposition of proteins in the body in the form of insoluble amyloid fibrils. Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus are two examples of amyloid diseases which are closely related both with respect to the atomic structures of the amyloid fibrils and the disease pathology. Alzheimer's disease is very difficult to diagnose, and much research is being performed to develop noninvasive diagnostic methods, such as imaging with small-molecule agents. More


TSRI researchers make improvements to molecular models
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One of the aspects of drug discovery that holds tremendous promise for creating better activity profiles — molecular modeling — received a leg up recently when scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute published a paper describing improvements they have made to the methods involved in generating computer models of molecules. More

NIH takes on human genome variant collection, curation project with $25 million in grants to 3 groups
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By awarding $25 million in grant funding to three groups, the National Institutes of Health has taken on the enormous task of collecting and annotating data on clinical variants across the human genome. Specifically, the NIH has awarded grants to three groups tasked with managing different aspects of the project: researchers led by Heidi Rehm from Brigham and Women's Hospital; a team led by Jonathan Berg and James Evans from the University of North Carolina; and a team headed by Stanford University's Carlos Bustamante. More


Inside 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki's $99 DNA revolution
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There's a lot you can do for your child with 99 dollars. You can purchase 14 gallons of organic milk or 396 lollipops. You can give her 33 rides on the Ferris wheel at the state fair, or you can get him a couple of violin lessons. You could put the money in a savings account, you could buy her her very own LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer digital learning tablet, or you could buy enough pizzas to feed all of her friends on the block. So many options, so many choices. I took that money and got my daughter's genes tested. More

Microbes frozen in gelatine jail reveal all
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Bacteria held like apple chunks in a fruit jelly could be encouraged to divulge how they spread disease or gain drug resistance. Jason Shear and his colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin have imprisoned colonies of living bacteria in microscopic 3-D lattices of gelatin. This lets them control colony structure to investigate how it affects virulence, as well as studying how bacteria communicate. More

Carbon's new champion: Carbyne, a simple chain of carbon atoms, strongest material of all?
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Carbyne will be the strongest of a new class of microscopic materials if and when anyone can make it in bulk. If they do, they'll find carbyne nanorods or nanoropes have a host of remarkable and useful properties, as described in a new paper by Rice University theoretical physicist Boris Yakobson and his group. The paper appears this week in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano. More

Getting real about chemical risks
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Many people assume that the chemicals in their detergents, floor cleaners, and other household products have undergone rigorous safety testing. But little is known about the potential risks associated with most of the estimated 80,000 chemicals in commerce today. While industry tries to dispel links to illnesses that go beyond what science can prove, the public is skeptical because companies have a financial stake in showing their products are safe. More

BMG LABTECH Introduces The CLARIOstar
BMG LABTECH is releasing its newest instrument, the CLARIOstar, a high performance microplate reader with advanced monochromators, spectrometer, and filters. With this cutting-edge, hybrid technology, the CLARIOstar offers clear superiority with unparalleled flexibility and sensitivity.

Anything is possible with BMG LABTECH’s CLARIOstar. Any wavelength. Any bandwidth. Any assay.
Low residual volume plate washing
Introducing AusWasher MTP, a plate washer with residual volume < 0.01µl, enabling the highest specificity ELISA in 96, 384,1536 well plates with dramatically reduced number of wash steps. Centrifugation eliminates aspiration of wash buffer: no clogging, uniform buffer removal, no damage from physical contact with needles. Available standalone and OEM.

Info: Wolfgang Mann
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United States

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US – ME – Westbrook

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