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SLAS announces Asia office and conference
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To support its growing membership in Asia, SLAS has opened a member services office in Shanghai, China. The Society also set the 2012 SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition for June 19-21 in Shanghai. More


Oct. 31 deadline for SLAS2012 registration discounts
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Save money and ensure your place at the First Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition on Feb. 4-8 in San Diego. Experience the best in laboratory science and technology, and enjoy evenings filled with special SLAS2012@Night events. More

Small automated pipettors perform big
SOLO & SOLOPlus Automated Pipettors are the perfect choice for automating repetitive and time consuming applications. Available in single channel, 8-channel and 12- channel configurations the SOLO handles serial dilutions, kinase assays and next-gen sequencing prep with ease. Multiple deck configurations, accessories and robotics are available. See more at Email

DARPA award to JALA Editorial Board member
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Recognizing his work on new physical methods for biological characterization and control, Dino Di Carlo received a Young Faculty Award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Di Carlo is assistant professor of bioengineering at UCLA. More


Innovation AveNEW applications due Oct. 25
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Entrepreneurs: Take advantage of this cost-sensitive program allowing startup companies to engage with the world-class SLAS2012 audience in San Diego.
Apply today.

Multispan: Source for High Quality GPCR Assays

We offer the industry’s largest human and ortholog GPCR stable cell line collection and hundreds of customizable options for your functional and binding screening and profiling needs, with the highest quality and fastest turnaround. More>> Email:

LabAutopedia video in honor of Jim Little
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This month's LabAutopedia home page video features a Zymate robot in honor of former Zymark founder Jim Little, who passed away in September. More

Tackling Chemical Space: All Hands on Deck
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A new SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood feature explores various strategies to attain the best possible starting point for successful drug discovery.
Take a look.
Microfluidic-free Kinetic Characterization Label-Free Assays
Do less and get more from your kinetic assays

• Screen up to 1000 kinetic interactions in 6 hours
• Analyze crude samples microfluidics-free in 96 and 384-well plates
• Get ka, kd, KD data in minutes, not hours or days
• Acquire real-time, SPR-quality kinetic data without the cost

Octet Systems with Dip and Read assays. Easy, worry-free kinetics.

Contact us to learn more.
Introducing the BIND® SCANNER from SRU Biosystems
SRU Biosystems has introduced the first and only high resolution, optical, label-free plate reader. Capable of measuring functional responses in individual cells, the SCANNER represents a new paradigm in drug discovery enabling the use of primary cells earlier in drug discovery process. Contact us to learn more.
Ultra Low Attachment Surface in HTS
Ultra Low Attachment Surface plates feature a covalently bound hydrogel layer that effectively inhibits cellular attachment, minimizes protein absorption, enzyme activation, and cellular activation. Corning® introduces 384 well black clear bottom Ultra Low Attachment Surface plates for HTS applications of tumor spheroid and stem cell embryoid body screening.


Stanford scientists using phosphoprotein profiling to predict oncogene addiction, drug response
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A team led by Stanford University researchers has developed a method for predicting response to cancer therapies based on cellular signaling protein dynamics and changes in tumor size. More


Mechanistic insights for block copolymer morphologies: How do worms form vesicles?
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Amphiphilic diblock copolymers composed of two covalently linked, chemically distinct chains can be considered to be biological mimics of cell membrane-forming lipid molecules, but with typically more than an order of magnitude increase in molecular weight. These macromolecular amphiphiles are known to form a wide range of nanostructures (spheres, worms, vesicles, etc.) in solvents that are selective for one of the blocks. More


Nature Middle East is a FREE resource for scientists and clinicians to connect, research, network and exchange information and ideas. Sign up to the latest research coming out of the Arab world and become part of the of Nature Middle East community.

You can also follow Nature Middle East on Facebook and Twitter.

Scientists correct the typo behind a genetic liver disease
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Every year, thousands of people die because of typos in their genes. There's a long list of debilitating or fatal genetic diseases that are caused by a single incorrect DNA letter among the three billion in our genome. It's the equivalent of pulping an entire encyclopedia on the basis of a single typo. But hope is at hand. We are fast approaching the point when we can proofread these errors out of our genes. More

NIMBUS Personalized Pipetting Workstation

MICROLAB® NIMBUS, first in a new class of personalized pipetting workstations, offering speed, flexibility, performance and affordability, all in a compact, space-efficient footprint.

Scientists develop nanochannel electroporation device for precise control of transfection into individual cells
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Scientists report on the development of a nanochannel electroportation device that can deliver precisely monitored amounts of either large or small transfection agents into individual living cells, without affecting cell viability. The approach effectively involves capturing a cell in a microchannel abutting a nanochannel, and then generates an intense electric field over a very small area on the cell membrane. More


Probing how strong lasers stabilize electrons
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Intuitively, a strong laser pulse should blast electrons away from atoms, but theory suggests that intense fields can work with the forces within an atom to stabilize electrons. The concept of a laser-stabilized Kramers–Henneberger atom stimulated an initial burst of research, but interest in the concept gradually waned in the absence of supporting experimental evidence. More


SCINOMIX’S SCI-PRINT VX2 is a small footprint multifunction vial handling system. The SCI- PRINT MP2+ is a high throughput fully automated barcode label printer for microtiter plates and deep well blocks. Click here to see product videos and more!

Single-electrolyte isotachophoresis using a nanochannel-induced depletion zone
Analytical Chemistry    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Isotachophoretic separations are triggered at the border of a nanochannel-induced ion-depleted zone. This depletion zone acts as a terminating electrolyte and is created by concentration polarization over the nanochannel. We show both continuous and discrete sample injections as well as separation of up to four analytes. More

Pharmaceutical firms shift business to generics and emerging markets
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Names such as Pfizer, Merck & Co., and GlaxoSmithKline have long been synonymous with the discovery and sale of proprietary, high-priced small-molecule drugs. But the realities of healthcare markets are leading many firms to broaden their definitions of what they do. As conventional markets wane and new geographies emerge, many of the biggest companies are outlining new strategies. More

The nonproton ligand sensing domain is required for paradoxical stimulation of ASIC3 channels by amiloride
The Journal of Biological Chemistry    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Acid-sensing ion channels, which belong to the epithelial sodium channel/degenerin family, are activated by extracellular protons and are inhibited by amiloride, an important pharmacological tool for studying all known members of ENaC/DEG. More

Scale-up Your GPCR Screening with MaxCyte Transfection

The MaxCyte STX enables rapid, large-scale transfection of cell lines, primary cells, and other difficult-to-transfect cells for use in cell-based functional assays. Power up your high throughput GPCR functional screening by transfecting up to 1E10 cells in less than 30 minutes.
Learn more about MaxCyte STX Transfection for GPCR Assays.
DNA Extraction WorkStation

Thermo Scientific Orbitor KingFisher Flex Extraction Workstation allows users to extract more nucleic acids/proteins in less time. The small, easy-to-use solution provides unattended walk-away time, better control of processes and greater sample consistency combined with an audit trails of all operations performed (time-stamped, stored records). Contact us to learn more.
Sample Screening from your Compound
The comPOUND system comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialized delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any compound management or screening system.


Director of Corporate Quality
Octapharma Plasma
USA – NC – Charlotte

Clinical Lab Scientist II
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
USA – CA – Los Angeles

QA Engineer Principal
Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA – UT – Salt Lake City

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Submicron Motion Control & More

Hardware for sub-micron micropositioning & microscopy. Products include XYZ stages, Piezo stages, Optics, Microscopy, & Turnkey systems built to user specifications. We utilize long life components for demanding OEM applications.


Discovery is our mission...

Venenum BioDesign specializes in HTS of 5.5 million compounds including new libraries for protein-protein interactions.

Ten Research-Packed Issues Annually

JBS is the leading peer-reviewed journal focused on drug discovery sciences.

Ultimate Online Product Directory

The SLAS Market Place offers access to new and existing technology products and services for your laboratory.

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