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SLAS2015 Scientific Podium Presentations Announced
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The SLAS2015 Preliminary Program is now available on the SLAS2015 website. It contains:
  • Titles and presenter information for 140-plus scientific podium presentations
  • Details on Special Sessions — European Government/Foundation Drug Discovery Initiatives; The Commercialization of Laboratory Technologies: From Ideas to Reality; and An Evening With NIH
  • List of companies participating in the SLAS2015 Exhibition and delivering Exhibitor Tutorials
  • Career Connections, including lineup of workshops and programming for professionals at all levels of their careers
  • SLAS2015 Short Course abstracts and instructors
  • Details on the inaugural 2015 SLAS Leadership Forum
  • SLAS2015 hotel, travel and registration information
SLAS members should register by Friday, Oct. 31, to obtain deeply discounted early-bird registration rates. (Nonmembers — you can join during the SLAS2015 registration process to qualify for discount). SLAS2015 will be held Feb. 7-11 in Washington, D.C.


SLAS ELN Reports: Elliot Hui — From Engineering Pop-Up Books to Building Life Science Tools
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SLAS2015 Conference Co-Chair Elliot Hui, Ph.D., is rarely at rest. He spends his weeks teaching, directing a laboratory of 16 undergraduate and graduate students and even competing in a variety of team sports with his students and fellow faculty members. However, this industrious assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the University of California, Irvine, says his passion is his research. Learn more about Hui in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine. More

2015 JALA & JBS Art of Science Contest — Now Accepting Entries
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Submit scientific images that attract attention, are fun to look at and stimulate the imagination! One grand prize winner will receive a fully paid registration to SLAS2016, Jan. 23-27, 2016, in San Diego, CA. Ten finalists will receive autographed copies of the book I Heard the Sirens Scream: How Americans Responded to the 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks by SLAS2015 keynote speaker Laurie Garrett, plus 60 days free online access to the SAGE Pharmacology & Biomedical Collection (nearly 100,000 articles!). Entries are due by Dec. 24, 2014. See last year's winners. More

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Next SLAS Webinar: New Advancements in Paper-Microfluidic Point-of-Care Diagnostics
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On Nov. 20, Christina Swanson from Diagnostics for All discusses how a patterned-paper platform addresses global health issues with the development of three classes of point-of-care diagnostic devices: enzymatic assays, immunoassays and nucleic acid amplification assays. Device construction and in-lab and in-field verification data will be presented. The platform was originally invented by Andres Martinez, Emanuel Carrilho and others with George Whitesides at Harvard University. Patrick Beattie won the 2014 SLAS Innovation Award for a related presentation at SLAS2014. Dues-paid SLAS members can join the webinar live Nov. 20, or access on demand after the event, for free. Additional on demand webinars, including recent mass spectrometry and ultra-high throughput flow cytometry topics, also are available on demand. More

New at JBS Online: Fluorescence-Based Screening Assays for the NAD+-Dependent Histone Deacetylase smSirt2 from Schistosoma mansoni
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"We report both the optimization of a homogeneous fluorescence-based assay and the development of a new heterogeneous fluorescence-based assay to determine smSirt2 activity. The homogeneous assay uses a coumarin-labeled acetyl lysine derivative, and the heterogeneous version is using a biotinylated and fluorescence-labeled oligopeptide." An academic and industry team from Germany, France and Sweden collaborated on this original research. This new manuscript posted last week at JBS Online is available only to SLAS Biomolecular Sciences Section members and JBS subscribers ahead-of-print. More

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    SLAS2015 Keynote: Betrayal of Trust — Critical Issues in Global Healthcare
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    Based on her international travels to report on and research healthcare, SLAS2015 keynote speaker Laurie Garrett will deliver a sweeping, multimedia talk that uncovers the reality of healthcare in the United States, Europe, Russia and Africa — providing a new understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities of delivering quality healthcare to the global village.

    Garrett, who speaks Wednesday, Feb. 11, at SLAS2015, has been in the news repeatedly recently as a resource on the Ebola crisis.

    New SLAS2015 Short Course: Cross Functional Project Management for Technical Professionals
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    "Cross Functional Project Management for Technical Professionals" will be held Sunday, Feb. 8, at SLAS2015. This SLAS2015 Short Course, one of seven new or re-engineered conference short courses, is for scientific professionals responsible for delivering cost, schedule and performance results with cross-function work teams. Course topics include establishing the relationship among project sponsors, project managers and task leaders; developing the project plan; the four key reports (agendas, minutes, status reports, corrective actions); gates/milestones; and project conclusion and the exit report. Barry Weinstein, president of consulting firm Barry M. Weinstein and Associates, is course instructor. More



    Crystallizing the DNA Nanotechnology Dream
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    For the last 20 years, scientists have tried to design large DNA crystals with precisely prescribed depth and complex features — a design quest just fulfilled by a team at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. The team built 32 DNA crystals with precisely-defined depth and an assortment of sophisticated three-dimensional (3D) features, an advance reported in Nature Chemistry.

    Ed Note: Wyss Founding Director Don Ingber keynotes at SLAS2015.

    Off Switch Discovered for Drug Resistance in Cancer
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    Researchers at the Salk Institute say they have uncovered details about how cancer is able to become drug resistant over time, a phenomenon that occurs because cancer cells within the same tumor aren't identical. Their study, published Oct. 20 in PNAS with the title "Single-cell analyses of transcriptional heterogeneity during drug tolerance transition in cancer cells by RNA sequencing," shows how variations in breast cancer cells' RNA helps the cancer to evolve more quickly than previously thought. More


    A Double-Hotdog with a New Trick: Structure and Mechanism of the trans-Acyltransferase Polyketide Synthase Enoyl-isomerase
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    Many polyketide natural products exhibit invaluable medicinal properties, yet much remains to be understood regarding the machinery responsible for their biosynthesis. The recently discovered trans-acyltransferase polyketide synthases employ processing enzymes that catalyze modifications unique from those of the classical cis-acyltransferase polyketide synthases. More

    The Human Element In Lab Informatics
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    Information technology is a contentious topic in almost any business setting. New developments in IT and automation are invariably linked to big changes in work processes, which tend to rub organizations and workers the wrong way. Take the installation of enterprise resource planning software — a mania that swept industries worldwide during the reengineering craze of the 1990s. Supporting a vision of the future promulgated by consultants, software vendors, and a few forward-looking company employees, ERP software meant a huge IT makeover. More

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    Nine Takeover Targets of 2014
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    So many mergers and acquisition deals have gone done this year that GEN was able to expand its list of companies ripe for takeover from last year's list. But in growing to nine companies from seven in 2013, the list also shows what has remained the same over the past year — that much of the M&A talk among analysts and other market observers remains largely concentrated among a relatively small number of small- to medium-capitalization companies that show promise for a few reasons. More

    Isaac Asimov Mulls: 'How Do People Get New Ideas?'
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    How do people get new ideas? Presumably, the process of creativity, whatever it is, is essentially the same in all its branches and varieties, so that the evolution of a new art form, a new gadget, a new scientific principle, all involve common factors. We are most interested in the "creation" of a new scientific principle or a new application of an old one, but we can be general here. More

    Microfluidic Assay for Continuous Bacteria Detection Using Antimicrobial Peptides and Isotachophoresis
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    We present a novel microfluidic assay for continuous and quantitative detection of bacteria in water. We leverage isotachophoresis (ITP), an electrophoretic focusing technique, to create a stationary high concentration zone of fluorescently labeled antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) in a microfluidic channel. The tested water sample flows continuously through this high concentration AMPs reaction zone; any bacteria present in the sample is simultaneously labeled by, and separated from, the high concentration AMPs. More

    Role of Substrate Positioning in the Catalytic Reaction of 4-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Dioxygenase — A QM/MM Study
    Journal of the American Chemical Society    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Ring hydroxylation and coupled rearrangement reactions catalyzed by 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase were studied with the QM/MM method ONIOM(B3LYP:AMBER). For electrophilic attack of the ferryl species on the aromatic ring, five channels were considered: attacks on the three ring atoms closest to the oxo ligand (C1, C2, C6) and insertion of oxygen across two bonds formed by them (C1-C2, C1-C6). More

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    Research Chemist – Molecular Imaging Probe Development
    University of Ottawa Heart Institute
    CN – ON – Ottawa

    Senior Research Technologist
    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    US – TN – Memphis

    Automation Scientist
    US – WI – Madison

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