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SLAS2012 Event Scheduler live on
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Looking for an easy way to plan your days in San Diego on Feb. 4-8 and review detailed session abstracts? Use the SLAS2012 Event Scheduler and start lining up your first choice scientific sessions and other activities. More


Pssst ... have you seen it?
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Check out the SLAS2012 underground viral video, and then share it with your friends. More

Small automated pipettors perform big
SOLO & SOLOPlus Automated Pipettors are the perfect choice for automating repetitive and time consuming applications. Available in single channel, 8-channel and 12- channel configurations the SOLO handles serial dilutions, kinase assays and next-gen sequencing prep with ease. Multiple deck configurations, accessories and robotics are available. See more at Email

SLAS365: Year-round opportunities
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Stay connected with the international laboratory science and technology community. Renew your SLAS membership now and vote in the 2012 Board of Directors election opening next week. More


Last live session Interrogating Chemical Space next week
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"Interrogating Chemical Space — Rules, Filters, Fragment-Based Screening and Beyond" virtual course ends Nov. 15. Missed it? Get all four modules on CD. More

Screen Your Compounds at Multispan

In human and ortholog GPCR stable cell lines in Calcium, cAMP, IP-1, GTPγS, ligand-binding and internalization assays, offering the fastest turnaround, highest quality and most diversity. More>>

SLAS2012 speaker Bob Ballard's expedition nears completion
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See how technology has been used to drive discoveries for the oceanographer's team in the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, and Atlantic Ocean. More

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Fifteen Minute
ELISA Assays
Do less and get more from your ELISAs

• Quantitate 96 protein samples in 15 minutes, not hours
• Take advantage of a 4-log dynamic range and dilute less
• Analyze crude samples with less prep
• Get information-rich direct binding data, not end-point results
• Develop new assays in a few hours, not weeks

Octet Systems with Dip and Read assays. No hassle, label-free ELISAs.

Contact us to learn more.
Introducing the BIND® SCANNER from SRU Biosystems
SRU Biosystems has introduced the first and only high resolution, optical, label-free plate reader. Capable of measuring functional responses in individual cells, the SCANNER represents a new paradigm in drug discovery enabling the use of primary cells earlier in drug discovery process. Contact us to learn more.
MaxCyte Excels in Difficult-to-Transfect Cells
CHO, HEK, Jurkat, insect cells, primary cells…The MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System transiently transfects even the most Difficult-to-Transfect Cells with ease! Transfect up to 1E10 cells in less than 30 minutes! The STX produces the quality transfected cells you need for screening and antibody production. Find out more about MaxCyte Transfection.


Robotic strawberry pickers could be on the way
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Now that we're moving toward automated orange sorting and autonomous tractors, what might be the next step in replacing human agricultural workers with machines? Well, how about robotic strawberry pickers? That's what scientists from the U.K.'s National Physical Laboratory say could be on the way, thanks to a system that is able to identify ripe strawberries in the field. More


A microdroplet dilutor for high-throughput screening
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Pipetting and dilution are universal processes used in chemical and biological laboratories to assay and experiment. In microfluidics such operations are equally in demand, but difficult to implement. Recently, droplet-based microfluidics has emerged as an exciting new platform for high-throughput experimentation. However, it is challenging to vary the concentration of droplets rapidly and controllably. More

NIMBUS Personalized Pipetting Workstation

MICROLAB® NIMBUS, first in a new class of personalized pipetting workstations, offering speed, flexibility, performance and affordability, all in a compact, space-efficient footprint.

FDA evaluating input from industry on nanotech guidance
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Biotechnology companies have expressed general support for the FDA's draft guidance defining whether products contain nanomaterials or otherwise involve the application of nanotechnology. But the sector also made its case for less red tape and more leeway, raising issue with some specifics and asking for clarity on other topics. More

See Invasion Like Never Before

The IncuCyte automated microscope system combines 2D migration and 3D invasion in a single microplate inside your incubator, using HD imaging and time-lapse movies! More…

Communicating science
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The scientific community has historically taken a dim view of communications with nonscientific publics. No thanks, said scientists. What an imposition! Why bother? What good could possibly come from interrupting research, sticking our necks out and dumbing it down for nonscientific dunderheads, only to see them mismanage our findings? More

Epigenetics: Targeting the mediator between environment and phenotype
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Although it is still early days in terms of our understanding of epigenetics, the fast development of new tools and technologies to define genome-wide epigenetic variations in humans has the potential to enable effective new epigenetic therapies and diagnostic tests for a wide range of diseases beyond and including cancer. More


SCINOMIX’S SCI-PRINT VX2 is a small footprint multifunction vial handling system. The SCI- PRINT MP2+ is a high throughput fully automated barcode label printer for microtiter plates and deep well blocks. Click here to see product videos and more!

Erasing signs of aging in human cells now a reality
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Scientists have recently succeeded in rejuvenating cells from elderly donors — ages over 100. These old cells were reprogrammed in vitro to induced pluripotent stem cells and to rejuvenated and human embryonic stem cells: Cells of all types can again be differentiated after this genuine "rejuvenation" therapy. The results represent significant progress for research into iPSC cells and a further step forwards for regenerative medicine. More

INX-189 performs well in new study
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Pharmaceutical company Inhibitex Inc. said early data from a mid-stage study showed that a 200-milligram dose of its potential hepatitis C treatment did well in reducing the virus in patients. Inhibitex said the dose of the drug, labeled INX-189, was well tolerated, with no serious side effects, when given to patients with a certain form of chronic hepatitis who have not been treated. More

Phthalazinone pyrazoles as potent, selective and orally bioavailable inhibitors of Aurora-A kinase
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The inhibition of Aurora kinases in order to arrest mitosis and subsequently inhibit tumor growth via apoptosis of proliferating cells has generated significant discussion within the literature. Scientists report a novel class of Aurora kinase inhibitors based upon a phthalazinone pyrazole scaffold. More

Corning® Bar Coded Storage Tubes
Corning Bar Coded Storage Tubes are a superior storage solution designed to provide maximum identification with synchronized 2D/linear bar codes and a marking spot on the tube side wall. Both 96 and 384 tube formats feature a 14 x 14 dot, 2D, laser-etched bar code.

Plutonium hitches a ride on subsurface particles
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For decades, Lawrence Livermore researchers have worked to obtain a detailed understanding of the actinides, a group of 14 radioactive elements that includes plutonium and uranium. The long-standing research is driven by the laboratory's historic roles in assessing the nation's nuclear stockpile, ensuring the safe storage of nuclear waste, and evaluating the fate and transport of radionuclides in the environment. More


Prolonged sitting linked to 173,000 cancer cases yearly
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Our culture of sitting may be responsible for 173,000 cases of cancer each year, according to new estimates. Physical inactivity is linked to as many as 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer a year in the United States, said Christine Friedenreich, an epidemiologist at Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care in Canada. More

US to test anthrax vaccine in children ... maybe
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The U.S. National Biodefense Science Board has told the U.S. government that to prepare for a bioterrorist attack it should test a decades-old anthrax vaccine in children, as its effects in the young are unknown. In the event of an anthrax attack, the oral antibiotic ciprofloxacin can save lives by killing anthrax bacteria in the lungs. More

DNA Extraction WorkStation

Thermo Scientific Orbitor KingFisher Flex Extraction Workstation allows users to extract more nucleic acids/proteins in less time. The small, easy-to-use solution provides unattended walk-away time, better control of processes and greater sample consistency combined with an audit trails of all operations performed (time-stamped, stored records). Contact us to learn more.
infoteam - The Software Experts
In order to meet your individual requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of ready-to-run software, which can either be used in your project immediately or coordinated with your product in a cost-effective manner. Our innovative licensing model will enable you to become even more competitive - flexible, user-friendly, reliable, and from a single source.
Tecan brings you HP Direct Digital Titration
Walk-up and use convenience for your drug discovery titrations.

Direct digital titration enables the fast delivery of picoliter to microliter sample volumes enabling a shorter titration process while at the same time providing results you can trust.

See how the HP Digital Titration Device can change your life.


Precision Agriculture Research Manager
Lincoln Ventures Limited
New Zealand – Canterbury – Lincoln

HTP DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Scientist I
St. Jude Children’s Research
USA – TN – Memphis

Biology Instructor
College of Marin
USA – CA – Kentfield

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Submicron Motion Control & More

Hardware for sub-micron micropositioning & microscopy. Products include XYZ stages, Piezo stages, Optics, Microscopy, & Turnkey systems built to user specifications. We utilize long life components for demanding OEM applications.


Discovery is our mission...

Venenum BioDesign specializes in HTS of 5.5 million compounds including new libraries for protein-protein interactions.


Precision System Science Latest Innovations

Announcing geneLead® Fully Automated Real Time PCR system and Next Gen Sequencing size selection and chemical shearing reagents on the 8G Compact.

Expert Advice/Stimulating Conversation

Discussions and musings focused on the engaging field of laboratory science and technology.

Ultimate Online Product Directory

The SLAS Market Place offers access to new and existing technology products and services for your laboratory.

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