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Andrew Alliance SA
Andrew+ : A Connected, Adaptable Workspace
Highly Modular
A highly modular workspace, made possible by innovative design, and Domino consumable holders, ensures ready adaptability to a wide range of environments, as can be seen by its operation within a Biosafety Class II cabinet.
Connect Tools
Andrew+ can do far more than pipetting, as this column grabber shows.
Connect Devices 
An ever increasing ecosystem of 'connected devices', as illustrated by this connected Shaker+ device, provides highly reproducible, fully traceable protocol execution using only one software: OneLab.
Learn more about how we are transforming the life science lab!
Andrew Alliance is working with scientists to create a new class of intelligent software, easy-to-use robots, and connected devices that take repeatability, performance and efficiency of laboratory workflows to the level required by 21st century biology.
11 December 2019

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