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2016 SLAS Innovation Award Finalists Announced
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Nine podium presenters will compete for the $10,000 SLAS Innovation Award cash prize at SLAS2016, Jan. 23-27 in San Diego, CA. Selected by a panel of judges based on the potential impact of their work, originality/creativity and quality of science are Tiffany Chen, Shana Kelley, Jonathan Lin, Elena Molokanova, Sumita Pennathur, Anna Popova, Ivan Pushkarsky, Glenn Smith and Sindy Tang. The final round of judging takes place at SLAS2016 next month in San Diego.

Pictured here is 2015 winner Jonathan Wingfield (left) with Kyle Lapham, SLAS Awards and Grants Advisory Committee chair.


Last Chance! SLAS2016 Registration Discounts End This Friday
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Dec. 18 is the last day for members to save $200+ off full conference registration for SLAS2016, Jan. 23-27, San Diego.

Search conference and exhibition details in the SLAS2016 Event Scheduler to see the many ways SLAS2016 can help you increase productivity, elevate experimental data quality, reduce lab process cycle times or enable experimentation beyond your current capabilities.

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My Tenure as SLAS President: Time Flies When You're Having Fun!
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As Dean Ho prepares to complete his term as SLAS president in January, he takes a look back at the Society and its accomplishments in his latest "From the SLAS President" column in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine.

"I am most honored to have had the opportunity to represent the 20,000+ life sciences discovery and technology professionals whose energy and ingenuity are truly what fuel this Society," he says. "Ours is a very special scientific community. There is no other like it."


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SLAS Webinar Program News
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"The SmartLab of the Future: Bench-Top Lab Automation with the PetriJet and NutriJet Platforms" featuring Felix Lenk of Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, and "Fully Automated 3D Cell Culture Provides Standardized, Biologically Relevant, and High Production for Human Cells" led by Robin A. Felder of The University of Virginia are scheduled as SLAS technical webinars for March 24 and April 6, respectively.

"Genetic Control System Design and Engineering for Synthetic Biology," held Dec. 9, has been added to the extensive menu of on-demand recordings. SLAS Webinars are presented by JALA and JBS, the official journals of SLAS, and free to SLAS dues-paying members

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NEW and FREE at JBS Online: An Automated Microscale Thermophoresis Screening Approach for Fragment-Based Lead Discovery
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A team from NanoTemper Technologies (Munich, Germany) and Sanofi R&D (Vitry sur Seine, France) "describe an approach utilizing automated microscale thermophoresis (MST) affinity screening to identify fragments active against MEK1 kinase. MST identified multiple hits that were confirmed by X-ray crystallography but not detected by orthogonal methods. Furthermore, MST also provided information about ligand-induced aggregation and protein denaturation. The technique delivered a large number of binders while reducing experimentation time and sample consumption, demonstrating the potential of MST to execute and maximize the efficacy of fragment screening campaigns." More


SLAS2016 Preview in DDNews
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From scientific sessions, workshops and keynote speakers to short course and SIG meetings, the DDNews article published in the December issue provided its readers with highlights of the fifth anniversary of the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition. More


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Dow and DuPont Lay Out Merger Plan
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Culminating a week's worth of speculation and suspense, Dow Chemical and DuPont have announced the largest-ever merger between two chemical companies. The new firm, to be called DowDuPont, will be worth $130 billion on the basis of current stock prices of the two firms. DowDuPont will have annual sales of about $83 billion and pre-tax profits of $15 billion. Dow's Chief Executive Officer Andrew N. Liveris will serve as executive chairman of the new firm. Edward Breen, now DuPont’s CEO, will become the new company's CEO. More

Target Validation Platform Launches
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The Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation (CTTV) has launched a new web platform for life-science researchers that helps them identify therapeutic targets for new and repurposed medicines. The launch underscores the CTTV's commitment to share its data openly to benefit the broader scientific community. Establishing the validity of an association between a disease and biological target for a drug can be extremely challenging and expensive. More


Chemical State Thought to Be Unobservable Characterized    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
For the first time, MIT chemists have measured the energy of the transition state of a chemical reaction — a fleeting, unstable state that is a reaction's point of no return. Chemists have long believed it impossible to experimentally characterize transition states, but the MIT team achieved it by analyzing changes in the patterns of vibrational energy levels in reactants approaching the transition state. More

Innovation Boosts Study of Fragile Biological Samples
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Researchers at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have found a simple new way to study very delicate biological samples — like proteins at work in photosynthesis and components of protein-making machines called ribosomes — at the atomic scale using SLAC's X-ray laser. Hasan DeMirci, a SLAC scientist with the Stanford PULSE Institute who teamed up with graduate student Raymond Sierra on the new system, has been using the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) X-ray laser to zero in on the details of ribosomes at work. More

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Large-Scale Conformational Dynamics Control H5N1 Influenza Polymerase PB2 Binding to Importin α
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Influenza A RNA polymerase complex is formed from three components, PA, PB1, and PB2. PB2 is independently imported into the nucleus prior to polymerase reconstitution. All crystallographic structures of the PB2 C-terminus (residues 536–759) reveal two globular domains, 627 and NLS, that form a tightly packed heterodimer. The molecular basis of the affinity of 627-NLS for importins remained unclear from these structures, apparently requiring large-scale conformational changes prior to importin binding. More

'Fragile' DNA Is Copied Late ... in Early Mitosis
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Textbook accounts of the cell cycle may need to be rewritten now that scientists have found that some DNA is replicated later than expected. Specifically, DNA sequences that correspond to genomic regions called common fragile sites (CFSs) are not necessarily copied during the cell cycle's S-phase, when DNA copying is supposed to occur, but only after the cell enters mitosis. Besides adding a new wrinkle to the cell cycle story, which apparently was too smooth all along, the revelation that DNA copying can occur during mitosis could lead to new therapeutic approaches to cancer. More

How Nanoparticles Give Electrons Away
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Whether it is in catalytic processes in the chemical industry, environmental catalysis, new types of solar cells or new electronic components, nanoparticles are everywhere in modern production and environmental technologies, where their unique properties ensure efficiency and save resources. The special properties of nanoparticles often arise from a chemical interaction with the support material that they are placed on. Such interactions often change the electronic structure of the nanoparticle because electrical charge is exchanged between the particle and the support. More

Acoustofluidic Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter
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Selective isolation of cell subpopulations with defined biological characteristics is crucial for many biological studies and clinical applications. In this work, we present the development of an acoustofluidic fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) device that simultaneously performs on-demand, high-throughput, high-resolution cell detection and sorting, integrated onto a single chip. Our acoustofluidic FACS device uses the "microfluidic drifting" technique to precisely focus cells/particles three dimensionally and achieves a flow of single-file particles/cells as they pass through a laser interrogation region. More

Cooperating Bacteria Isolate Cheaters
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In natural microbial communities, different bacterial species often exchange nutrients by releasing amino acids and vitamins into their growth environment, thus feeding other bacterial cells. Even though the released nutrients are energetically costly to produce, bacteria benefit from nutrients their bacterial partners provide in return. Hence, this process is a cooperative exchange of metabolites. More


Senior Research Associate, Bioanalytical Sciences
US – MA – Waltham

Senior Infectious Disease Team Lead
IAP World Services
Ivory Coast – Abidjan

Food Engineering
University of Guelph
Canada – Ontario – Guelph

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