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2012 SPE Mail Blast

Precision Equipment To Test Material's Strength and Performance

For decades now, Tinius Olsen has been helping customers reduce the problems of short molds, excessive flashing, sink marks, burn marks, burrs and other issues that can crop up in the molding process, by promoting comprehensive quality and process control programs. As a testing machine manufacturer, we are always surprised by objections from prospective customers who believe that investments in our equipment somehow concedes the fact that they have a quality problem; the opposite is really the case - our customers rarely have quality problems because they have a sound quality program and their production processes are under control.


We’re not saying we can wave a magic wand to make material and process problems go away, but we can help with the instruments and software that are used to measure the physical properties of materials, from incoming raw material to final product, and everything in-between.

Model MP1200

Melt Flow Index Testers

Horizon data analysis software

Horizon Software Keeps You in Control


Tinius Olsen’s Horizon software is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your quality control toolbox. It has the ability to control and collect and analyse resultant data from most testing instruments in accordance with most international testing standards, or you can even create your own unique results, and consolidate them all onto a custom testing report.


Horizon can control one or multiple machines and machine types at the same time, meaning that while you are performing multiple melt flow tests in accordance with ASTM D1238, for example, you can also be performing a tensile test on a plastic dogbone specimen, in accordance with ASTM D638 - all from one pc and the same program.


Libraries of test standards from ASTM, ISO, EN, DIN, BS and many more are available. Once testing standards are chosen, testing routines and reports, in accordance with these standards, are automatically set up, making compliance and data portability simple and automatic.


Built-in standard SPC analyses on your selected key parameters means that you can monitor your processes to ensure that you can confidently say you’re under control.

Model H5kS

Tensile / Flexural / Compressive
Strength Testers

Model IT504

Charpy or Izod Impact Strength


Model HDT306

DTUL / Vicat Testers

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