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2015 — Inter-Pacific Exchange
July 31-Aug, 17, 2015, hosted by Canada

Application deadline Nov. 15

For details and application information click "Read More."
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The USPC Achievement Badge Program
This program was designed to develop a sense of achievement in between certifications for members working at the D-Levels. It also gives instructors another tool to teach basic knowledge of horse care and riding skills. It sets a foundation for testing’s and is available for participation by Pony Club members.

Visit to purchase the workbooks and badges for your members today.

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HA barn plan project for the National Mall Trust webinar — Oct. 14, at 8 pm ET
Calling all HB’s and up! Pony Club has joined forces with the Trust for the National Malls. Learn about how you can submit your HA barn plan to the Trust for the new barn they are designing for the Mounted Police. The barn is located in Washington, D.C., near reflection pond. Submitted HA Barn Plans will be reviewed by the Trust at the Annual Meeting in 2015, held in Washington, D.C. Read more about this amazing opportunity!

About the Presenter

Claire Harmon
Claire has been teaching and coaching for over thirty years, and is currently the Vice President of Instruction for Pony Club. Prior to serving as VPI, Claire was the Chair of the National Testing Committee and has been a National Examiner for over 15 years. She also holds her ICP Certified Instructor with the United States Eventing Association (USEA). Claire is a Graduate A from the Eastern Pennsylvania Region.

To join this webinar please register here and register with your name and email address. As always these webinars will be recorded and posted on the website for viewing at a later date.

FAQs about webinars can be found here and any questions about webinars can be sent to

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  Deworming Made Easy

We want to see how much your horse loves Durvet’s APPLE scented and flavored DEWORMERS. To enter, create a video showing how easy it is to deworm your horse using Durvet Ivermectin or Pyrantel Paste. Smell the APPLE scent. Taste the APPLE flavor. Deliciously EASY!

CONTEST                   COUPON                  FACEBOOK

USPC Helmet Awareness Campaign Poster Contest: Sponsored by Charles Owen
The poster artwork design should convey the concept of why it is important to wear a helmet every time you ride. The overall contest goal is to educate the equestrian community (regardless of discipline) to wear a helmet every time you ride.

Any original artwork will be considered and must be submitted as 8.5”x11” high resolution 300 dpi or better.

Opening date — Sept. 1, contest entry open to all participating Pony Club members. Judging based on originality and what best conveys the theme/message.

Closing date — Postmarked or emailed to by Oct. 27 – Send entries to Safety Committee, 4041 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, Kentucky 40511

The winning submission will be announced in the winter issue of Pony Club News. The winning poster will be displayed and distributed at the Annual Meeting. It will also be available for download from for all members and leaders to display in barns, tack shops, feed stores and even your room.

The winner will receive a helmet or body protector of their choice from Charles Owen.

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2015 National USPC Youth Congress
What is the National USPC Youth Congress (NYC)? The NYC is USPC's way of recognizing outstanding H-B through A Pony Club members and providing them with an extraordinary opportunity for growth and development through a national conference of approximately 40 youth members and up to 5 outstanding Pony Club alumni. The NYC Program takes place each year the two days prior to the USPC Annual Meeting. The Program consists of group discussions, presentations and interaction with Pony Club Alumni, networking, etc. for youth members and alumni. The NYC culminates in the Honors Banquet at which the outstanding alumni are inducted into the USPC Academy of Achievement.

The NYC provides numerous benefits for the selected Pony Club members. It rewards them for leadership in their clubs/regions by giving them opportunities to network with others who share their love of and experience with horses. It exposes them to wider experiences outside of Pony Club by introducing them to outstanding alumni from all walks of life. It gives them opportunities to develop leadership skills through participation in a national forum. All lodging (3 nights) and meals (2 days) will be provided for youth delegates for the two days of the Youth Congress. Transportation will not be provided.

Youth delegates to the NYC must be nominated by their clubs and selected by their Regions based on the following criteria:

Youth Delegates
  • Must be members in good standing of a member club of USPC in the current Year
  • Must embody the qualities mentioned in the USPC Mission Statement
  • Must hold an H-B/C+ or higher National Certification
  • Must be 18 years or older by Jan. 1, when NYC takes place
  • Must demonstrate leadership and volunteerism
  • Must be outstanding outside of Pony Club

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New certificate check list!
The new certificate check list is now available for the riding portion of the Dressage Club/Center Level Tests. It is listed with the other check lists on the webpage.
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2015 USPC International Games Exchange
In 2015, the U.S. will host the annual International Games Competition, which rotates between the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Australia. The tour will be held in the Virginia area July 12-26, with the final competition taking place Saturday night, July 25, at the Virginia Horse Center, during the USPC Championships.

This year the Regional Supervisor (R.S.) may nominate as many applications as he/she has for consideration. If a region has more than one applicant, the R.S. may rank order his/her applicants when submitting the regional applications. This ordering shall be based on any criteria the R.S. wishes to apply, and shall be at the sole discretion of the R.S. The nominated candidates shall not be made aware of their rank, unless the R.S. wishes to divulge that information. The Selection Committee will keep all information received strictly confidential. The R.S. will forward their nominations to prior to the applicant submitting their application. The R.S., DC and other recommendation forms will be available online also.

The remainder of the application process is to be produced by the candidates. This year the application will be an online application and the riding video can be done on YouTube, so that everything is electronic. The online application may also be downloaded and mailed to the national Office. Riding videos shall show the skills as detailed in the current USPC Games Handbook and Rules for Games Competition. The same information is also available on the USPC website.

Applications are being accepted now. Please encourage any Pony Club members who wish to be on the team to work on their applications so that they may be received by the Selection Committee in a timely fashion. The deadline for receipt of applications is Oct. 15, with Nov. 1, being the target to announce team selection. Applications received after Oct. 15, may not be accepted.

Send the written applications and YouTube links to:

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Feel the love.
Adopt a wild horse or burro and experience an amazing relationship. To learn about 2014 adoption and sales opportunities, call 866-468-7826 or visit
Selling Morgans Faster and Better
Nearly 20,000 visits per month, over 6,000 fans on Facebook, no wonder does a better job of selling Morgan Horses than any other website. MORE

Meet our sponsors!
As a very important part of the USPC programs, we would like to introduce you to some of the Pony Club Sponsors. Their support helps USPC provide quality programming for all of our members. This month we would like to introduce SmartPak and Shapley’s Grooming Products:

Sponsor of the National Youth Congress/Academy of Achievement Program

From the feed room to the tack room, SmartPak offers innovative solutions to help riders take great care of their horses. SmartPak was founded in 1999 with the introduction of the patented SmartPak supplement feeding system. The revolutionary, daily dose SmartPaks are custom-made for your horse, individually labeled and sealed for freshness. With the success of this simple and convenient feeding system, SmartPak has continued to expand its offering of quality products, including its own line of more than 55 supplement formulas called SmartSupplements and a wide variety of tack, equipment and supplies. The company has grown rapidly each year and is now the largest retailer of equestrian products in the U.S. SmartPak’s success has been powered by a passion for delivering an unbeatable customer experience, and the company has been recognized with a Bizrate Circle of Excellence award as well as an “Elite” rating from STELLAService. A nine-time Inc. 500/5000 honoree, SmartPak is the only equine company ever named to the Inc. 500 list.

Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and say thank you to SmartPak for their continued support of the National Youth Congress and Academy of Achievement.

Shapley’s Grooming Products

Founded in 1938 by barber Henry Shapley, Shapley’s has grown from just our Original MTG into an entire line of superior equine grooming products made from the finest ingredients and to exacting standards. Shapley’s is very involved in the horse world and sponsors many top organizations, riders and shows. Shapley’s products are relied upon by horsemen worldwide to produce superior shine and health in their horses. Shapley’s products are used and trusted by people who want the best for their horses and the best possible turnout. Shapley’s current line of products include MTG, Magic Sheen, Hi-Shine Shampoo, Show Touch-Ups, Easy Out, Hi Gloss and many more quality grooming products.

Shapley’s was pleased to be part of the 2014 Festival, and sponsored the popular workshop “Grooming for the Professional” addressing the tricks-of-the-trade as a working student and groom for an Olympic rider.

Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and be sure to say thank you for sponsoring Pony Club. Also, visit the Shapley’s website at

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National Level Retesting Procedures!
So you’re eligible for a National Level Retest? You probably have a lot of questions on when, where and how!

First, familiarize yourself with the opportunities, procedures, guidelines and rules for a retest by reading over the National Level Retest Procedures located at this link.

Next, you will need to complete your retest application by logging into your new, personalized Upper Level Testing page!

Log in to the website using your username and password. Under the heading "My Stuff," click on "Upper Level Testing."

All retest application deadlines are 3 weeks prior to the retest start date.

For more information on National Level testing please see the link.

Please contact Elizabeth Smith, Instruction Coordinator, with any questions at

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The National Youth Board
The National Youth Board (NYB) is a small group of twenty dedicated older members of the U.S. Pony Club, which functions to increase communication between the organization’s government and its members. In addition, the board provides committees with a member’s insight into aspects of the organization under consideration, as well as bringing forth ideas and proposals regarding issues that the board feels need further attention. The National Youth Board was created in 2009 by delegates from the 2008 National Youth Council.

Delegates of the NYB must be at least 18 years of age, highly motivated and dedicated and have strong leadership and communication skills. It is expected that delegates maintain an open communication with the members they represent, providing an efficient medium for communication in a professional manner. Members are expected to attend the NYB conference at the Annual Meeting, as well as join conference calls scheduled throughout the year held as frequently as necessary and as determined by the chair. It is also expected that delegates have a high desire to serve as representatives of both the members and the Board of Governors of the organization.

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Nutritional Notes
Question for Triple Crown Nutrition:
I have an old horse — past pony club and driving animal. He has been fed hay pellets with a balance ration for years now. He is in great shape but I am concerned that he doesn't get enough "chew" time since the soaked pellets take him about 45 minutes to eat twice a day. In the summer, he does chew grass but in the winter, there is nothing to keep him busy. His dentition does not allow for any type of hay and choke and impaction are concerns. Any thoughts on this?

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Top showjumping horse was sold for 1 euro
BBC News
An unwanted horse that cost its new owner just one euro has been selected to represent Ireland at an international showjumping competition.

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Switch to eventing revitalises career of former racehorse
Newmarket Journal
A former racehorse that failed to win in any of his nine appearances on the track has proven to be a success off it after scooping a regional showjumping award.

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William Fox-Pitt claims bronze medal
Bournemouth Echo
WILLIAM Fox-Pitt’s quest for a first major individual title to crown his stellar eventing career ended in agonising frustration at Stade D’Ornano.

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Regional Year End Packet submissions, Sept. 16, at 8 pm ET
With feedback from the clubs, centers and regions from last year's online submissions of the Year End Packet, we have made some changes to streamline and improve the year end regional report process. It is quite the thought to think about not having to shuffle through piles of papers to get your work done! Join us for a tour of the Year End Packet section of your region's record, and see how it is laid out for you to be able to accomplish the year end packet requirements.

In addition for the R.S.'s specifically, we will discuss memberships being renewed online and the submission of the year-end materials of clubs and centers — what you will be receiving electronically, what those notices mean to you, how to keep track of who has accomplished what and what still needs to be done by a club or center.

To join this webinar please register here and register with your name and email address. As always these webinars will be recorded and posted at on the website for viewing at a later date.

FAQs about webinars can be found here and any questions about webinars can be sent to

Aileen Gordon, USPC Content/Data Manager
Aileen is on staff at the USPC National Office and has been leading the conversion and consolidation of Pony Club’s multiple database into one great database in the "cloud.”

About Karol Wilson, USPC Director of Regional Administration
Karol is the staff member who works closely with the Vice President of Regional Administration in overseeing and working with Pony Club leaders in regions, clubs and centers.

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Tutoring Tuesday's archived!
Did you miss a Tutoring Tuesday webinar? Don’t fret! The webinars are recorded and available for viewing on the website. The recorded presentation is available as well as the Power Point Presentations. You will need to register with your name and email address to view the presentation.

FAQs about webinars can be found here and any questions about webinars can be sent to

The schedule for upcoming webinars is available at here.

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