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Vocollect - a business unit of Intermec

Voice Myth #14: Voice is only for very large companies

Voice works well for businesses of many sizes

Tell Us Your Voice Myth Today

Vocollect Voice® works well for businesses of all sizes that are focused on making an already efficient business run better. Traditional "size" data – your annual revenue, SKU count, total number of employees, warehouse size – is not the limiting factor in determining the potential fit for voice. Your desire to improve your operation is.
Proven Success – You Are Not Alone

Vocollect has a proven track record with almost a million workers using Vocollect Voice every day. The surprise to you may be that the majority of our customers are actually small and medium sized businesses (as shown on the graphic). Vocollect Users include a broad cross-section of industries focused on making their workers more effective.

Companies that have transformed their business with Vocollect Voice share common goals such as:
• Making their already efficient business run better
• Reducing operating costs
• Increase throughput with existing resources
• Optimize business flexibility without long-term capital commitments
• Make workers more effective

Tell Us Why You Think Voice Does - or Does Not - Fit You Business

There are a lot of voice myths out there and we're hunting them down. If you don't think Vocollect Voice fits your business, please tell us why. If you do think that Vocollect Voice fits your business, we'll connect you with more information on how you can run a better business with Vocollect.

What's your reason?

Myth Breakers
These smaller companies are seeing big gains from Vocollect Voice.

Indian Nation Wholesale
Vocollect Voice transformed their business with productivity and accuracy gains.
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Sport Chalet
Vocollect Voice has enabled the same workforce to be 35% more productive.
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Signature Brands
Vocollect Voice seamlessly integrated with SAP® to drive accuracy and efficiency.
Read case study

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