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Congratulations to WERC members named DC Velocity's Rainmakers
  • Gregory J. Javor, Senior VP, Supply Chain Operations Global Logistics, Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Christopher J. Kane, Chief Customer Officer, Kane Is Able, Inc.
  • Richard T. Murphy, Jr., CLP, President & CEO, Murphy Warehouse Company
  • Lawrence Dean Shemesh, President & CEO, OPSdesign Consulting
MORE WERC Certified Warehouses
WERC proudly adds to the list of facilities in the WERC Warehouse Certification Program, a voluntary program whereby an individual warehouse facility's capabilities to perform core warehousing functions is certified. The program provides an industry-standard grading methodology that includes a facility inspection and process assessment by an independent, trained third-party auditor. Check it out.

A Qualified 3PL Trims the Fat to Save You Money
A 3PL can identify and initiate right-sized solutions for streamlined operations that satisfy you - and your customers. To learn how a qualified 3PL can save big in warehouse management, download our complimentary whitepaper here. For information or to speak with us about your supply chain, visit or call 603.792.2205. MORE

Cornerstone Automation Systems
Interlake Mecalux
UNEX Manufacturing
When is it time to abandon your aging DC system?
Supply Chain Digest    Share   Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
Although there has been significant improvements in equipment and controls, the typical DC picking and sorting conveyor system deployed before 2005 is most likely based on equipment layouts and system engineering practices that were developed decades ago. The problem is that system designs that worked well back in the 1980s, '90s and even the early 2000s fall short of satisfying today's dynamic DC requirements. They lack the flexibility and agility found in more current technology. After a company has done all that it can to update its aging material handling system operation in an attempt to satisfy current customer requirements for quick response and special value added services, but still the operation does not have the flexibility and agility to respond efficiently — perhaps it's time to consider deployment of more current methods and technologies. More


17th customer selects AutoStore for Picking & Storage Efficiency For more information, visit

Fitting automation into a lean environment
Material Handling & Logistics    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Many companies are as lean as possible. Current warehouse and distribution center processes have been stripped of excess labor, meaning that when calculating the labor savings of an investment in automation, the result would not adhere to most companies' rules required to approve an automation project. That does not mean automation projects can't be justified; it just means we have to do a better job at it. Recognizing how to calculate return on investment properly will not only help the process of continuous improvement within a company's operations, but also will help maximize the possibility of positively impacting the bottom line when deciding if a project is worth the price. More

Solving supply chain flexibility problems
Procurement Leaders    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The headlines in 2011 frequently have meant panic stations for procurement: Disruptions, whether due to political, economic or even tectonic forces, have been a big problem for global supply chains. For a great deal of companies, risk management hasn't required a formal approach, and supply chain flexibility was an aim rather than a series of metrics. But that is changing as the risk environment has created incentives, even for those not directly affected, to look again at their own supply chains. More

Interlink Technologies is consistently ranked in the Top 100 WMS technology providers.

Interlink provides reliable WMS technology, accurate information, dependable partnership and peace of mind! THINK INTERLINK! Celebrating 25 Years of WMS Experience in 2011.

6 simple ways to prevent employee burnout
American Express OPEN Forum    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Summer is here and with it comes fireworks, campfires and barbecues. But marshmallows and hot dogs aren't the only things at risk of getting burned to a crisp this season. With a tough economy continuing to turn up the heat on small businesses, far too many employees at small companies are showing signs of burning out. Burnout causes plenty of problems for businesses, including lowered productivity and increased absenteeism. Traditionally, burnout leads to high job turnover, and while that might not apply in today's job market, burned-out employees who do stay on the job are less engaged with your business. That means they're likely to hurt the morale of other employees and provide less-than-stellar service to the customers they come in contact with. More

Why Make TopVOX Your Choice for Voice:

Proven flexibility and reliability have made TopVOX a market leader in voice technology. Rapid payback, absolutely NO training, easy integration and excellent recognition are key reasons why our customers have selected topVOX as Their Choice for Voice.
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Sustainability: Start small, stay focused, keep going
The 21st Century Supply Chain    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
John Westerveld writes, "Like many things, transitioning your supply chain to be sustainable is not easy. Looking at all your products, your suppliers, your infrastructure and your distribution network can quickly become overwhelming. Where do you start? How do we pay for it all? How do we keep delivering to customers while we do all this? These are all good questions. However, the sustainability train is moving and as I've pointed out before, you need to be on-board. In a recent post, Dave Meyer compared the effort to become sustainable to his efforts to learn the guitar. His approach? Start small, stay focused, and keep going." More

Selecting Mobile Computing Solutions with Confidence

Learn how to increase your ROI on your mobile computing purchase by downloading this complimentary white paper "Top 5 Tips for Choosing Mobile Computers."

Hostilities escalate in parcel wars
DC Velocity    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
In early 2010, Werner Co., a Greenville, Pa.-based manufacturer and distributor of ladders, accessories and climbing equipment, informed its main parcel carrier, UPS Inc., that it had engaged a third-party consultant, AFMS Inc., to renegotiate a transportation contract between Werner and UPS. Big Brown struck back. Hard. In a March 2010 letter to Werner's transportation group, Atlanta-based UPS told its customer that its decision to work with a third party like AFMS would trigger a provision allowing UPS to cancel its contract with Werner after a 30-day notice period. The termination of the current contract, in effect since 2006, would result in the loss of discounts to Werner and require it to pay more for UPS's shipping services. More
Complimentary Distribution ERP Evaluation Kit

Learn how today's distributors are using Epicor to solve their complex challenges for maximum ROI. This evaluation kit shows how ERP software can help you customize product features and options, create RFID labels and synchronize global distribution operations.
End-to-End Fulfillment Systems
Cornerstone Automation Systems offers order picking systems and a full line of technologies to automate order fulfillment requirements, ranging from operator assisted to fully automatic fulfillment. CASI builds turnkey systems to optimize end-to-end fulfillment including receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, and sortation.
Interlake Mecalux models EasyWMS at WERC
Interlake Mecalux will demonstrate the upgrades made to its innovative EasyWMS software at the Orlando conference. EasyWMS standardizes warehouse functionality while also allowing for customization among individual facilities. It is this customization on which Interlake Mecalux will look to shine the brightest light during the four-day conference.

State infrastructure banks aid highway funding
Material Handling & Logistics    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Virginia is the latest state to create its own state capitalized infrastructure bank. In 2005, the federal highway authorization bill, known as SAFETEA-LU, gave all states, territories and the District of Columbia the authority to establish state infrastructure banks. Operating much like other kinds of banks, these infrastructure banks offer loans and credit assistance to public and private sponsors of surface transportation projects like highway construction, transit or rail projects. Other states are taking advantage of this tool, as well. The Federal Highway Administration reported that through the end of 2008 (the latest year for which complete data is available), 32 states and Puerto Rico have entered into 609 state infrastructure bank loan agreements totaling $6.2 billion. More

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Maximizing your global opportunities
Harvard Business Review    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Despite questions about the strength of the recovery following the recession, there are many signs that the global economy is growing again. Market indexes are up, international trade is rebounding, and commodity prices are up across the board. The rise in production is leading to a need for new capacity, thus businesses are investing again and global trade in capital goods is booming. More

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Dick Grote: Let's abolish self-appraisal
Harvard Business Review    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Asking an employee to write a self-appraisal using the company's appraisal form is a common performance management practice. It's a deceptively attractive technique. An employee's self-appraisal and rating should give the manager valuable data on the quality of an individual's performance. It previews what to expect when the two sit down to discuss the manager's performance appraisal. A lazy manager might even get some good phrases (or even paragraphs) he can cut and paste into the official appraisal form. It looks like an all-around good idea. It's not. It's a bad idea and needs to be stomped out. More

6 tips for making sustainability ratings more meaningful    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
In just a decade, the number of sustainability ratings has climbed from 21 in 2000 to 108 — and growing — today. The indexes can help companies and consumers make better choices about what firms they do business with and invest in, what they buy, and who they hire. But how can you tell which indexes to trust, how do you know they're measuring the right things to come up with their ratings and how can the ratings process be made better? More

Five Million Possible Configurations,
One Solution

Learn how the Jungheinrich EKX 513-515k Turret Truck and Order Picker can be easily customized for your application.

Supply chain software: Rocky Brands steps up productivity
Modern Materials Handling    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
You've heard the old phrase: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That phrase certainly applies to the makeover of a 210,000-square-foot distribution center in Logan, Ohio, operated by Rocky Brands, a manufacturer and distributor of work, western and outdoor footwear and apparel brands such as Rocky, Durango, Michelin, Georgia Boot and Mossy Oak. Working with a systems integrator (EnVista), Rocky Brands redesigned the processes in its primary distribution center in central Ohio. The redesign included a significant upgrade of its warehouse management system and the integration of the WMS and the warehouse control system, which control the existing conveyor and sortation system. More

The Lean Pick for 5S Workstations
Improve cycle times and increase productivity. Unex Flow Cell Workstations are line-side gravity flow rack units delivering ergonomic and lean principles to manufacturing operations. Flow Cell’s modular design is reconfigurable providing maximum flexibility to accommodate line and process changes.
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Enchant your employees
Harvard Business Review    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Enchantment defines a relationship with employees that is deep, delightful and long-lasting. If you can enchant your employees, they will work harder, longer and smarter for you — and, ideally, you for them, too. The following are the 10 best ways to enchant your employees, according to author Guy Kawasaki. More

Are consumers more tech-savvy than you?
Material Flows    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A couple blogs back I reported about the "arty" nature of bar codes on consumer products. Some consumer packaged goods manufacturers are transforming their old boring bar codes into graphic images to capture consumer attention. We're also seeing more of those QR (Quick Response) 2-D codes on packages that allow consumers with smart phones to get immediate access to multi-media information about those products. It seems like advances in automatic data collection and in smart phones are making consumers more conscious of the power these technologies can give them. This power is making news. More

Untwisting communications across the supply chain
Modern Materials Handling    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Bob Trebilcock writes, "Back in the dark ages of communication — say five years ago before the advent of the smartphone — business travelers passed through airports with more devices on their belt than a boy scout. There were cellphones, iPods, pagers, digital cameras and a laptop in the briefcase. Each served a distinct purpose. Today, many of us have combined most or all of those functions into one smartphone. Enterprise communications are still like that. Down on the shop floor, a supervisor might have a two-way radio to communicate with employees, plus a pager and a cellphone. Ditto the mobile worker. Each of those devices has a distinct purpose. None of them talks to the other. You could say we're all twisted up." More

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