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KOVA Glasstic™ Slides Sets the Standard
for Microscopic Urine Analysis

Using optically clear plastic with the same refractive index as glass. KOVA Glasstic® Slides sets the standard for accurate, reproducible, cost-effective and time-efficient standardized microscopic analysis. KOVA Glasstic® Slides are available with or without integrated counting grids. Each 10-chambered KOVA Glasstic® Slide features 10 individual fully segregated specimen wells. The KOVA Glasstic® Slides that include integrated counting grids provide results that have high correlation with results obtained with precision hemocytometers. KOVA Glasstic® Slides are designed to make body fluid microscopy easy, precise, accurate, reliable and reproducible. KOVA Glasstic® Slides are extremely time-efficient and cost-effective.

KOVA Glasstic® Slide 10 with Counting Grids is designed to be used for microscopic analysis of urine, semen, cerebrospinal fluid, or blood. Each of the ten segregated chambers features its own hemocytometer counting grid to enable accurate, fast, and easy counting of cells in the specimen. These integrated counting grids have a Neubauer-style ruling pattern for extreme accuracy. The analytic results they deliver are precise and correlate extremely well with results obtained by using a hemocytometer: red blood cells: r=.99; white blood cells: r=.99; platelets: r=.93. With this level of correlation, clinical labs will demand KOVA Glasstic® Slide 10 for accurate and precise body fluid microscopy for automated system reflex testing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Capillary action reduces the likelihood of pipetting errors.
  • Suspends sediments homogeneously throughout the specimen.
  • Eliminates other variables, providing precise, reproducible fluid distribution throughout each chamber
  • Reproducible fluid distribution throughout each chamber
  • Chamber walls prevent specimen leakage and cross-contamination.
  • Correlate extremely well with results obtained by using a hemocytometer: red blood cells: r=.99; white blood cells: r=.99; platelets: r=.93.


Cross-Selling Opportunities - KOVA®
A Complete Urinalysis System

The KOVA® System packs includes specially engineered microscopic slides, sample tubes & caps, custom pipettes or "petters", collection cups and multi-level urinalysis controls for simple, reliable, and effective urinalysis standardization. From specimen collection to slide preparation, Kova® Urinalysis products help ensure samples are properly collected and handled for chemical tests using urine dipstick chemistry, confirmatory and pregnancy tests, and microscopic urinalysis. Kova® Urinalysis System gives the clinical lab consistent, reliable and reproducible results with minimal error and maximum efficiency.

  • Disposable components and quality control materials.
  • Convenient disposable microscope slides with optional counting grid.
  • Multilevel urine chemistry and miscopy controls in convenient lyophilized and liquid formats.
  • Multilevel serum protein controls for refractometry.


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