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Cast Your Vote in the Board of Directors Election
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The annual election of CAA members to serve on the Board of Directors has begun. Visit the main board election page to read the six candidates' statements, biographies, and endorsements—and to watch their video presentations—before casting your vote. More

Penn State Press Art Book Sale

Save 50–75% on select titles, including Slideshow, Jane Hammond, Katerina's Windows, Painted Prints, Staging Empire, and many more. Click here for a complete list. Available through February 3, or while supplies last.

Print and Ebook Directories of Graduate Programs Now Available
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The complete versions of Graduate Programs in Art History and Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts are now available for purchase. Each full volume costs $41 for CAA members and $51 for nonmembers, plus shipping and handling. In addition, all entries within six of eight program types are sold as discrete, perfect-bound, soft-cover books. You can also order all entries within each program type as an ebook. More

Art Journal Publishes New Issue
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The Fall 2011 Art Journal, published and mailed in late December, opens with a state-of-the-field essay by Krista Thompson, "A Sidelong Glance: The Practice of African Diaspora Art History in the United States." The issue also contains a forum, "Performance, Live or Dead," organized by Amelia Jones with texts by the artists Ron Athey, Sharon Hayes, and William Pope.L, the historians Sven Lütticken and Branislav Jakovljević, and the curators Sophia Yadong Hao and Helena Reckitt. More

Art Restoration: Hermitage Techniques

The Hermitage and its collections have survived a major siege, two world wars, and multiple economic crises. This summer, learn how a great museum manages it collections in good times and bad. Learn the unique techniques the museum uses for storing, preserving, and restoring art. Experience the grandeur of St. Petersburg.

New Content on the Art Journal Website
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Art Journal has published content on its website from the Fall 2011 issue. Read the introduction from the editor-in-chief, Katy Siegel, and an essay by Miwako Tezuka on the avant-garde play Pierrot Lunaire. In addition, you can watch and listen to multimedia documentation for Sarah Kanouse's piece, "Take It to the Air: Radio as Public Art." The website also offers Robert Slifkin's review of two recent books and an exhibition on the artist Paul Thek. More

Art Journal Centennial Project
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For CAA's Centennial year, the Art Journal Editorial Board has created a two-part project. The first is an extended essay by Howard Singerman that traces the history and shifting identities of the journal and its predecessor titles, Parnassus and College Art Journal. To complement his essay, members of the editorial board selected articles and artists' projects from past issues and wrote brief introductory texts to them. More

Advertise in the Spring 2012 Art Journal
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Reach an estimated 35,000 readers of CAA's quarterly publication devoted to modern and contemporary art with a display advertisement in the Spring 2012 issue. Deadline: January 20, 2012. More

January Picks from the Committee on Women in the Arts
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The CWA Picks for January 2012 include museum and gallery exhibitions of work by Zoe Strauss, Jenny Saville, Nancy Holt, and Cathy Wilkes, among others. In addition, the committee recommends a survey of Surrealist art by women artists in Mexico and the United States, presented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. More

Charbonnel Aqua Wash Printmaking Inks -
Free Sample

Made with the same fine pigments as the traditional Charbonnel inks, these inks clean up with soapy water rather than solvents. They are lightfast and permanent when dry. The Aquawash range consists of 17 colors, 6 blacks and three mediums. Click here for the product brochure.

Email us at for your sample. Find us on the web at Seeks Dissertation Titles
CAA News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article seeks dissertation titles in art history and visual studies, both completed and in progress, from American and Canadian institutions for its annual list, to be published in mid-2012. Only institutions may submit titles. Deadline: January 16, 2012. More

Advance Registration through January 20
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Advance registration for the 2012 Annual Conference in Los Angeles is available through January 20, 2012. Rates are $235 for CAA members, $135 for student and retired members, and $365 for nonmembers. More

Arts News

Visit Routledge’s new Arts website which is regularly updated with our latest news, special offers, competitions and more.

Reserve a Room at the Conference Hotels
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Reserve a room at one of three hotels offering special discounts to CAA Annual Conference attendees: the Westin Bonaventure, the Millennium Biltmore, and the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live. Student rates are available at the Bonaventure and the Biltmore. More

Practice Your Interviewing Technique
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Students and emerging professionals have the opportunity to sign up for a free twenty-minute practice interview at the Los Angeles conference. Organized by the Student and Emerging Professionals Committee, the Mock Interview Sessions give participants the chance to practice their interview skills one on one with a seasoned professional, improve their effectiveness during interviews, and hone their elevator speech. Deadline: January 18, 2012. More

Art and Knowledge

Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe demonstrates the vital role of Northern Renaissance artists in the production and sharing of knowledge. Now on exhibition at Northwestern University’s Block Museum of Art. Preview the show with videos, an iPad/iPhone app, an interactive tool, and more.

Interviewers Sought for the Mock Interview Sessions
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The Student and Emerging Professionals Committee seeks established professionals in the visual arts to volunteer as practice interviewers at the 2012 Annual Conference. In the Mock Interview Sessions, interviewers pose as a prospective employer, speaking with individuals in a scenario similar to the Interview Hall at the conference. Deadline: January 18, 2012. More

Register for a Professional Development Workshop
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CAA offers several helpful, low-cost workshops on job hunting, portfolio and résumé preparation, and other important career-oriented topics at the Los Angeles conference. Enroll now to reserve your place in one or more of them. Deadline: January 20, 2012. More

PhD for Working Art Professionals

IDSVA offers a PhD in philosophy and theory for artists and creative scholars. Study includes residencies at the Venice Biennale, Paris, and NYC, plus distance-learning.

Interview Hall Booths and Tables
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CAA encourages schools and institutions that will be interviewing job candidates in Los Angeles to reserve a booth or table in the Interview Hall. Deadline: January 20, 2012. More

Deadline Extended for the Artists' Portfolio Review and Career Development Mentoring
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As a CAA member, you have free access to a diverse range of mentors during Career Services at the Annual Conference. All emerging, midcareer, and even advanced professionals in the visual arts may benefit from one-on-one discussions with dedicated mentors about artists' portfolios, career-management skills, and job-hunting strategies. Deadline extended: January 30, 2012. More

The MFA in Art offered by the Meadows School of the Arts/SMU gives graduate students the time, resources and support necessary to make great art. MORE

CAA supports the activities, programs, and publications of its many affiliated societies. Here is a selection of listings from the most recent Affiliated Society News.

Association of Academic Museums and Galleries
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Registration has opened for the annual conference of the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries, to be held April 28, 2012, at the University of Minnesota's Weisman Art Museum. Titled "Tools of Engagement: Securing Commitment on Campus," the event will focus on positive strategies for getting the buy-in needed from faculty, academic administrators, presidents, and other campus stakeholders. More

Historians of Netherlandish Art
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The Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art, a peer-reviewed, open-access ejournal published by the Historians of Netherlandish Art, has announced its next formal deadline for the submission of manuscripts for articles: March 1, 2012. More

International Sculpture Center
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The International Sculpture Center seeks papers for the twenty-third International Sculpture Conference, called "Process, Patron, and Public" and taking place October 4–6, 2012, in Chicago. The deadline is February 6, 2012. More

Society for Photographic Education
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Registration is now open for the Society for Photographic Education's forty-ninth annual national conference, "Intimacy and Voyeurism: The Public/Private Divide in Photography," to be held March 22–25, 2012. Join over one thousand artists, educators, and photographic professionals in San Francisco for programming and dialogue that will fuel your creativity. More

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women
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At its annual meeting last October, the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women announced the recipients of its awards for books, catalogues, articles, and other scholarship published in 2010. More

Lecture Series at Michigan State University
The Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University is pleased to announce our 2011 – 2012 Guest Lecture Series participants. Held annually, the series invites twenty artists, scholars, and critics to campus. Associated programming includes: panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and studio visits with graduate & undergraduate students.  more

The Root Cause of Market Failure in Higher Education
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After years of cultural bombardment, a college education has gone from being a means to an end—a successful career—to an end in itself. Parents who don't send their children to college lose status. American kids feel both entitled and pressured into getting a college education regardless of whether they have the intellectual capacity to profit from it, the work ethic to manage it, or the money to pay for it. Alternative means of career training, like apprenticeship in trades that remain in demand, get no social respect. This despite the fact that skilled plumbers, with a little hustle, can out-earn most liberal-arts majors. More

How Art-History Majors Power the US Economy
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In a recent column for Real Clear Markets, Bill Frezza of the Competitive Enterprise Institute lauded the Chinese government's policy of cutting financing for any educational program for which 60 percent of graduates can't find work within two years. His assumption is that, because of government education subsidies, the United States is full of liberal-arts programs that couldn't meet that test. There are many problems with this simplistic prescription, but the most basic is that it ignores what American college students actually study. More

Summer Institute in Art Museum Studies

Held at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, SIAMS is an intensive, co-educational, six-week exploration of art museums and museum work for undergraduates and recent graduates.

Public Art and the Challenge of Evaluation
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In the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Public Art Review, Jack Becker writes, "There is a dearth of research efforts focusing on public art and its impact. The evidence is mostly anecdotal. Some attempts have focused specifically on economic impact, but this doesn't tell the whole story, or even the most important stories." Becker's statement gets at some of the main challenges in measuring the "impact" of a work of public art—a task which more often than not provokes grumbling from public art administrators. More

Challenges Ahead for UN Slavery Memorial
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One day, a memorial to the millions of slaves wrenched from their homes in Africa and transported to the Americas will stand on the plaza at the United Nations in New York. That is the goal of an ambitious ambassador to the UN from Jamaica. The project, however, faces certain challenges. The design competition scheduled to end in December has now been extended to January 23, and the United States, which cosponsored a resolution proposing the memorial in 2007, has yet to commit funding to the project, which will cost millions to build. More

Re-envisioning Asian American Art!

Join the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University for the NEH Summer Institute "Re-envisioning American Art History: Asian American Art, Research, and Teaching"
Apply now!

Textual Study of the Koran Starts to Get Daring
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The Koran may be interpreted but from a believer's viewpoint, nothing in it can be set aside. Yet, at least in the calm, superficially courteous world of Western academia, debating the precise text of the Koran is increasingly common—as at a conference hosted by the School of Oriental and African Studies, part of the University of London, in November. New techniques, such as the use of digital photography, help compare variations and solve puzzles. All participants implicitly accepted the idea that methods used to analyze Homer, say, or German myths might elucidate the Koran. More

Forget Executives, the AAUP Should Turn to Grassroots Leaders
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It was with some interest that I read a recent story in the Chronicle that reported the American Association of University Professors' decision to change the title of "general secretary" to "executive director," repurposing the position to focus on managing the national office. It's the wrong signal to send at the wrong time. The name change doesn't really matter, but focusing on name changes signifies an inward-looking perspective that detracts from the mission of serving members and the academy. Our brightest future will not be realized by executives directing professional staffs in central offices. It will be realized by professors taking leadership with other constituencies to redirect public policy. More

New - MA in Art History

The School of Art also offers the following degree programs: MAE, MFA in Art, and PhD in Fine Arts with field of specialization in Art.  MORE

An Extended View of Curating
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The problem actual art curators have with everyone going around saying they're curating their spice racks is that it gives the impression that curating is solely about arranging objects in some sort of grouping. This is simply not the case. It is one of so many aspects involved in curating. In fact, I would say that the foremost skill of a good curator is one's impeccable ability to do and consider about fifty interlocking constituents of varying natures all at once. More

Art and Science Don't Mix
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It seems as if every other week there is a news story about how scientists, with the help of magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography, are unlocking the mysteries of art. It has even spawned a hideous new neologism, neuroaesthetics, formally defined in 2002 as "the scientific study of the neural bases for the contemplation and creation of a work of art." It's all very well trying to analyze the brain's response to a painting, but you can't choose a Turner Prize winner by giving the judges an MRI scan. More

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