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Chair a 2012 Conference Session in Los Angeles
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CAA brings its Centennial year &mdash which begins with the Annual Conference in New York in February 2011 &mdash to a close at the 2012 Annual Conference in Los Angeles, which takes place Feb. 22-25. The Annual Conference Committee invites session proposals that cover the breadth of current thought and research in art, art and architectural history, theory and criticism, pedagogical issues, museum and curatorial practice, conservation, and developments in technology. Deadline: Sept. 1, 2010; no late applications will be accepted. More

Presentations sought for 2011 Conference Session on Health and Safety in the Artist's Studio
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Over the last decade, artists and educators have become acutely aware of the environmental and health repercussions of their studio endeavors. How have the serious consequences for personal health and the environment, as well as the legal and ethical responsibilities of institutions of higher education, shaped individual studio practice and the teaching of visual art? More

CAA seeks award nominations for the Centennial Conference in 2011
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For CAA's Centennial Conference in 2011, recognize someone who has made extraordinary contributions to the fields of art and art history by nominating him or her for one of 12 Awards for Distinction. Award juries consider your personal letters of recommendation when making their selections. In the letter, state who you are; how you know (of) the nominee; how the nominee and/or his or her work or publication has affected your practice or studies and the pursuit of your career; and why you think this person (or, in a collaboration, these people) deserves to be recognized. More

NEA releases report on How Americans Use Electronic Media to Participate in the Arts
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According to a new report published by the National Endowment for the Arts, Americans who participate in the arts through the internet, television, radio, computers, and handheld devices are almost three times more likely to attend live arts events than nonmedia participants. Users of technology and electronic media also attend, on average, twice as many live arts events &mdash six versus three in a single year &mdash and see a wider variety of genres. More

Call for video of performance works for Times, Interludes, and Action at the 2011 Conference
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The first decade of the twenty-first century has given rise to new possibilities, new questions, and new challenges. With continued globalization and technological innovation, new platforms for human interaction and exchange have emerged. Simultaneously, we have witnessed an increase in terrorism, an energy crisis, and global economic instability. These problems have generated heated political debate about how we should best prepare for the future. More publishes critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies.

Yale University Press
How do visitors like to experience art? What makes for an enriching museum visit? The Dallas Museum of Art undertook a groundbreaking seven-year research initiative to answer these questions, examining how people connect with art and identifying preferences and differing behaviors. Ignite the Power of Art publishes these findings and provides a new understanding of museum visitors. MORE

CAA recognizes the professional achievements of its members in a bimonthly website section called Member News.

CAA supports the activities, programs, and publications of its many affiliated societies. Here is a selection of listings from the most recent Affiliated Society News.

CAA's Opportunities collects and publishes calls for entries and papers, conference notices, fellowship and grant opportunities, and more. New listings are posted daily; you may also submit your own.

Better than the sand castle: Beach art gallery
Popular Mechanics    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Sometimes the sand castle is just that —a beach-built model of medieval architecture. But when the pros get involved, it can become so much more. Here are some of the most innovative and technically impressive sand sculptures ever built. More

"Portrait of Wally" settlement: What's wrong with this picture?
ArtsJournal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
At the commemorative ceremony celebrating the settlement of the Nazi loot-related dispute over Egon Schiele's, Portrait of Wally, David Marwell, the director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, which hosted the event, highlighted a lesson to be learned from "Wally": She can teach us about justice, even justice that comes after more than seven decades: how fidelity to basic values...and no small measure of hard work can help to get some things right. More

Ansel Adams controversy: Will Fresno State's art gallery show disputed photos?
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Did Ansel Adams take this picture? And if the answer is in doubt, under what conditions should it and others like it be the subject of an exhibition in a university art gallery? The question of whether the photos are by Adams has been unanswered since 2000, when Rick Norsigian found a trove of old-fashioned glass-plate negatives of nature scenes from Yosemite and coastal California at a garage sale in Fresno. More

Varieties of abstraction
The New York Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Happy birthday, abstract painting. One of the prides and joys of Western modernism is in the vicinity of its first centennial. It's hard to be much more exact, since its invention was a scattered effort extending over years if not decades. Fans of Frantisek Kupka should have celebrated last year; Kandinsky's crowd can uncork the Champagne in 2012. Devotees of Mondrian or Malevich will have to wait a year or two longer. More

Famous Chinese artist paints polluted waters
Tree Hugger    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Zhang Hongtu has never shied away from tough subjects. The New York-based Chinese-American artist has used his paintings to tackle Chinese propaganda, consumerism, and human-rights violations, often playing on iconic symbols of the country. More

27 universities join fight against painter
Clancco    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
If you keep up with College Football you'll probably understand why this is a huge issue for universities. If not, can you say, money? Just note the huge hoopla this past summer over the potential coup by certain Big 12 football teams to the Pac 10. It basically boiled down to media agreements. More

African digital art
The Huffington Post    Share    Share on
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As wave after wave of new technological innovations continue to wash over the world, I've become aware of both the intended consequences of access to digital tools, as well as those ramifications which might come as a surprise. More

Urban scrawl: Rome's graffiti pits artists against clean-up crews
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A group of American diplomats gathered on Rome's cobblestones with buckets and rollers, spreading peach-colored paint across the weather-beaten façade of a medieval storefront. Their mission: To cover up the swirls of graffiti lining one of Rome's oldest neighborhoods. More
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