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Early Access to Art Book Sale for all CAA Members

Starting today, CAA members have early access to over 100 titles featured in our 2014 Art and Architecture Book Sale! Until January 31st you can save 50–75% on a huge variety of Penn State Press books, including Seurat Re-viewed, Postcards, The Sensual Icon, Touch of Blossom, and many more. See the full list here, featuring titles on everything from Bernini to Bertillon, the sacred, to the sensual, to the subversive. Many of these titles are only available in limited numbers, so shop early to get your favorite books while supplies last!

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Cover for Seurat Re-Viewed

Save 50% on Seurat Re-viewed
was $85.00, now $42.50

"There is far more here than Seurat's palette and Chevreul's colour disc. There is poetry and politics, ethics and edges, the family and the father, sensation, disenchantment, timelessness, irony and absence. It is by turns thrilling and demanding."

—Alex Danchev, The Times Higher Education Supplement
Cover for Postcards

Save 50% on Postcards
was $65.00, now $32.50

"It is fair to say that we have needed this book for some time. To extend our understanding of postcards, this anthology offers an intelligent, varied, and rambunctious mix of essays that will be a valuable resource for teaching and new scholarship."

—Robin Kelsey,
Cover for The Sensual Icon

Save 50% on The Sensual Icon
was $84.95, now $42.48

"A dazzling book, rich in content, brilliant in argumentation, and impressively original. . . . Like Hans Belting's Likeness and Presence, it is destined to guide a whole generation's view of medieval art."

—Herbert L. Kessler, The Johns Hopkins University
Cover for A Touch of Blossom

Save 50% on A Touch of Blossom
was $84.95, now $37.48

"Written with wit and grace, and filled with vivid stylistic analyses and ingenious verbal and visual puns, this book is as engaging as the brilliant portraits it examines. . . . The result is a brave and original cultural portrait that rivals Sargent's own in subtlety, depth, and beauty."

—Laurinda Dixon, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide
Baskind Cover

Penn State Press at CAA 2014 Chicago

Will you be attending the 102nd Annual CAA Conference in Chicago? On Thursday February 13th from 2-3, Samantha Baskind will be signing copies of her brand new book, Jewish Artists and the Bible in Twentieth-Century America. So drop by our booth in the Book and Trade Fair to purchase a signed copy, and check out our latest titles, including The Dark Side of Genius, The Bernward Gospels, and Art and the Religious Image in El Greco. We hope to see you there!
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