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Mortuary Science Minutes
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Semester 2 students sculpting facial features
Student Kaitlyn Matz asks the instructor to speak up
Keeping it fun at CCMS!

The semester II students are in full swing in the CCMS Restorative Arts Lab, and having a blast! That's what we do around here: Learn and laugh!

Our lab is always in need of supplies for completing armature projects, such as wigs, glasses, clothing, and cosmetics. If you have box of items collecting, consider donating them to CCMS for a tax write-off. Contact wlee@ccms.edu.


The value of a college education to the funeral profession

"A degree is of great value!" Taking into consideration the increasing cost of a college degree, it is best to provide a bit more evidence of exactly what that "great value" consists of.

At the minimum, earning a degree demonstrates that the graduate can set and work toward achieving a goal. This demonstrates capacity for learning, taking responsibility for project completion, working both as an individual and as part of a team, and developing a minimal set of social and cognitive skills.

At the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, the somewhat unique nature of time in funeral service is addressed right from the start. Working the standard 9-to-5 would be a ridiculous expectation, so the 24/7 nature of the business is stressed in the classroom and through work experiences both at the College and in area funeral homes. In addition to the standard training required by the American Board of Funeral Service Educators, the CCMS program invites guest speakers from funeral homes, insurance companies, bankers and manufacturers of vaults, caskets and markers. We have recently expanded our curriculum to include training in disaster management, certification in crematory operations (an NFDA training program), and celebrant training.

Our dedicated campus embalming lab offers students the opportunity to train under three faculty embalmers, each of whom brings their own preferred techniques developed through varied experiences — all while maintaining a level of quality control so important to a CCMS education. In addition to meeting the ABFSE education standard, CCMS has also earned accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission, a designation required for those students seeking to pursue graduate level education.

A college education impacts the individual student while in progress and even more so once working in their chosen profession. Perhaps most significantly, education has the potential to raise the entire profession to a higher level creating an increased sense of professionalism within the funeral service industry and in the minds of consumers and other professionals on the outside looking in.

Preparing students to work on a global level
By Melissa Kloss, CFSP

Preparing competent and compassionate funeral directors to assist families with a death in their communities in any way possible is just one of the many foundations of the Historical to Contemporary Class (SOC 321) here at CCMS. The first portion of the class explores funeral service and embalming traditions including Ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages, the ever-so-important Civil War impact, and the assassinations of two American presidents — Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

During this course, and in combination with Funeral Service Management II (MGT 324), we discuss repatriation processes from a legal and historical standpoint. Repatriation is defined as the process of returning a person to their place of origin or citizenship. This includes the process of returning refugees or military personnel to their place of origin following a war.

For funeral service professionals, repatriation of human remains to their home country after a death can be a very daunting and difficult task. The Repatriation Project highlights over 40 countries and their individual processes for the repatriation of remains including: preparation of the body, casket/shipping container requirements, paperwork, and the process of involving the embassy or consulate along other technical communication requirements (ie: apostille requirements). Students were encouraged to at least two resources to prepare their how-to guides and creatively demonstrate their knowledge. Also highlighted in many of the how-to guides is the expectation for repatriation of cremated remains, if allowed by the country. The research was compiled into a resource guide for our students currently available in the CCMS Library.

Examples of students hard work is shown below:

From left to right: Chelsea Force (Cape Verde), Abigail Daffner (Australia), E. Miles Foos (Greece) and Katy Purcell (Rwanda)
Top left: Katy Purcell (Rwanda); Top right: E. Miles Foos (Greece); Bottom left: Abigail Daffner (Australia); Bottom Right: Chelsea Force (Cape Verde)

Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education needs you!
One United Voice to Perfect Our Mission

Click here to JOIN NOW!

The Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education wishes to thank the nearly 600 regular and lifetime members for their support in 2014!

Let's rally together to double that membership in 2015. With nearly 7,000 alumni and affiliates, we know we can increase member support!

As private nonprofits, we receive no federal or state funding, thus the foundation and college are reliant upon foundation membership, student tuition, textbook sales, and donor support. Membership dues are designated to the Foundation's Endowment Fund for the future support of CCMS and its students. Your additional donor support can easily be allocated directly to the college, clinical lab, or other program on the Membership Drive Form. If you have not had the opportunity to join, now is the time! Please use click here to join or contact Beth Williams, Alumni Relations Director at ewilliams@ccms.edu or by calling (513) 761-2020.

Tomes from the tomb
Selections from the CCMS Library

Contributor: Molly Jones, Library Director
  • Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & Other Lessons From The Crematory
    By Caitlin Doughty, Published 2014
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes tells an unusual coming-of-age story full of bizarre encounters and unforgettable scenes. Caring for dead bodies of every color, shape, and affliction, Doughty soon becomes an intrepid explorer in the world of the dead. She describes how she swept ashes from the machines (and sometimes onto her clothes) and reveals the strange history of cremation and undertaking, marveling at bizarre and wonderful funeral practices from different cultures.

    Doughty is a licensed mortician and the host and creator of the "Ask a Mortician" web series. She founded the Order of the Good Death and co-founded Death Salon.

  • Nine Years Under: Coming Of Age In An Inner-City Funeral Home
    By Sheri Booker, Published 2014
    At 15, Booker went to work at a funeral home in West Baltimore and spent the next nine years viewing life from the perspective of death. The proprietor, Al Wylie, was fastidious and ambitious, loving to grieving families and mercurial to his staff. Having lost an aunt and fearful of losing her mother to cancer, Booker grew close to Wylie, his family, and the staff at the funeral home. Together, they watched the highs and lows of life in the neighborhood made famous by the HBO show The Wire, as drug trade and violence brought in more business.

    Booker recounts emotional restraint as families grieved; the intimacy of tending to death; the discretion needed to deal with money arrangements, from Cadillac services to the blue dingy for the poor; and the diplomacy of refereeing family disputes and gangbanging retribution. She chronicles a changing urban culture as funeral garb morphed from somber black to photo-screened memorial T-shirts as more of their customers were adolescent black men. At a very tender age, Booker struggled to convince herself that death lent meaning to life for those left behind. A darkly comic memoir of life and death in urban America.

CCMS instructors become celebrant trainers, a 1st in funeral service education
By Teresa Dutko

Last year, Doug Manning and Glenda Stansbury of Insight Institute reached a long-term goal — to train others to provide the celebrant program they've been offering since 1999. After training 2,400 celebrants over the last 15 years, Manning and Stansbury decided it was time to create a program to "train celebrant trainers." A logical place to begin was with mortuary program faculty who had already received celebrant training from Manning, a former Baptist minister, and Stansbury, vice-president of marketing for Insight Books.

CCMS faculty Wanda Lee and Teresa Dutko, who trained as celebrants in 2005 and 2006 respectively, were the first to answer this call. In August 2014, they attended the first "training of trainers" experience when Manning and Stansbury were holding a celebrant training in Cincinnati. Lee and Dutko observed the training while being coached by Kathy Burns, Insight Institute's mortuary college celebrant program coordinator. Informal dialogue over the next three days furthered the conversation about how to effectively deliver celebrant training to today's student.

CCMS has purchased the franchise license to allow Lee and Dutko to incorporate celebrant training into the College's BMS curriculum. In March 2015, the first class of bachelor's degree students will complete training on campus to graduate with a Certified Celebrant certificate and pin. Kathy Burns will be at the College for the final day of training when students present the celebrant services they have created.

The College is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Insight Institute in training the next generation of funeral professionals as celebrants. These graduates will have a better appreciation for how celebrants are used, be able to function as celebrants for families served by their funeral homes, and generally improve their ability to articulate the many values of ceremony for the bereaved in both traditional and non-traditional families.

Read Stansbury's article, "Teach your children well: Making sure the funeral directors of tomorrow start out knowing how to handle arrangements" in the October ICCFA magazine by clicking on the link for more details on the evolution of this program and the first offering at CCMS.

CCMS creates articulation agreements to prepare pre-mort students for a smooth transition

Enrollment Specialist, Pamela Donlon, has been very busy working with nearly a dozen feeder colleges to create course curriculums which are effective and efficient in helping “pre-mort” candidates transfer credits for entrance to CCMS.

There are two commonly asked questions as one prepares for entrance to CCMS:
  1. Are my college credits qualified for transfer towards CCMS entrance requirements?
  2. Are there any general education programs designed specifically for the pre-mortuary science student?
Articulation with other colleges, also known as College Transfer Programs, are effective in creating the most direct path for students who seek to complete general college course requirements prior to entering CCMS. The advantage is two-fold:
  1. Students complete only the necessary courses to best prepare them for success in our academic program.
  2. Provide assurance that course credits are easily transferrable by the student to meet entrance requirements.
CCMS currently has transfer program agreements with the following accredited institutes:

Belmont Community College www.belmontcollege.edu
Central Ohio Technical College www.cotc.edu/
Chatfield College www.chatfield.edu
Cincinnati State Community College www.cincinnatistate.edu
Clark State Community College www.clarkstate.edu
Columbus State Community College www.cscc.edu
Gateway Community & Technical College www.gateway.kctcs.edu
Lorain County Community College www.lorainccc.edu
Owens Community College www.owens.edu
Terra State Community College www.terra.edu
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College www.ucblueash.edu

Request a copy of the our Transfer Credit Resource Guide by emailing Pamela Donlon or calling (513) 761-2020.


A word from the business office

During the first week of February, the college's books were audited by our new audit firm, Flagel Huber Flagel. The audit has progressed very smoothly and we should be receiving their report in time for the Board of Trustees meeting in May.

We hired Pinnacle Environmental to do an environmental study of the physical building at 645 W. North Bend Road. The report came back fine with the note that we should replace the gutters as they are rotting and will cause a problem in the near future. They also recommended adding a humidifier to our air handling system as the air tested was exceedingly dry.

After years of near zero growth in our investment funds, we were very pleased to report an 8 percent increase in earnings through our investments with PNC Bank. Changing banking partners in 2014 has made a tremendous impact on our cash flow and credit availability.

All in all, 2014 was a year of stabilization with strict fiscal management. We cut expenses where we could and focused on paying down our debt.

Fan of great music? We have an inside scoop thanks to CCMS student Tyler Levy

Each year some of the biggest faith based alternative and pop rock music talents come together to play Winter Jam, which came to U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati last month.

CCMS is excited to share in the successes of one of these great new bands, Veridia, featuring drummer Kyle Levy, who is the brother of CCMS student and lab assistant Tyler Levy. Veridia's music graces the CCMS lab on a daily basis! Their lyrics touch on relatable topics such as personal relationships, confidence in one's self, battling the challenges of the changing world around us, and body-image, with a hint of faith and spirituality.

After having the song "We Are The Brave" reach the top of the charts for four weeks straight, Veridia was nominated for the best new rock song of the year at the GMA Dove Awards in 2014. They are currently on tour across the United States. Check out Tyler's brother and Veridia at their official website www.veridiamusic.com/. We think you will be happy you did!

Health update: Molly Jones, CCMS Library Director

As many may be aware, Molly was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in September 2014. Since diagnosis, Molly has undergone a mastectomy and six chemotherapy treatments, the last of which (fingers crossed!) was this past Friday. We take great pleasure in saying she is doing amazingly well!

It is with the deepest appreciation to those who have supported Molly through donation to one of our benefit events that we extend our sincerest thanks. Through your generosity, we have successfully eased some of the 2014 medical expense deductible burden. In light of recently learning she has a genetic mutation, Molly is opting for a prophylactic mastectomy of the remaining breast in the coming months. If you wish to support our continued fundraising effort to relieve the impending medical expense deductibles, contact Leslie Boehm, Business Manager, at lboehm@ccms.edu or by phone at (513) 618-1925.

CCMS hosts the annual Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education Members Meeting May 21

Join or renew membership today! Annual Meeting and Membership Drive Form.

The Foundation’s 2015 Annual Meeting of the members will be held at the college May 21st at 10 a.m. If are not a member, please consider joining us as we work collectively to achieve One United Voice to Perfect Our Mission. As members or affiliates of this great profession, it is our duty and privilege to collectively pave the way for tomorrow's professionals.

Each foundation member serves an important role in the overall success to the continued standard of excellence in educating future service professionals, through their valuable input and experience. It is up to us to assure further development of traditional, yet progressive, learning processes.

Please join us in 2015 as a member of the foundation! Annual dues are affordable at $100 and afford the privileges of:
  • Diversifying our collective voice to progress the mission of our profession
  • Attending the Annual Members Meeting each May
  • Voting rights and electing members to the Board of Trustees
  • Input to the future governance and direction of CCMS
  • Face to face interaction with fellow members and Board of Trustees
Watch your mail/email for Membership Drive information and Annual Meeting Notice. If you do not receive yours by mid-April, it may be that we need to update your contact information. Please contact Beth Williams, Alumni Relations Director, at ewilliams@ccms.edu or by phone at 513-761-2020.

Alumni directory publication

If you had pre-ordered the 2014-2015 hardbound Alumni Directory, but not yet received your order any correspondence of estimated delivery date, please contact:

Alumni Research, Inc.
333 US Hwy 19 #3
Holiday, FL 34690
Phone: (855) 277-5546
Fax: (727) 845-8842
Email: csr@alumniresearch.com

Need to update alumni contact information?

Take advantage of free online alumni registration through this Alumni Directory link which is also found at www.ccms.edu. Once registered, you are able to update your contact information as it changes, as well as select preferences for how you wish to be contacted and what information is available to fellow alumni.


Working hard to fundraise for our nonprofit

We have been working hard organizing fundraisers! Contact us at (513) 761-2020 for upcoming fundraising events or to make a tax-deductible donation.

2015 CCMS Fundraisers
May 2015: Annual Foundation Membership Drive
May 29: 2nd Annual Bowling Fundraiser "Play It Forward"
More to come...

2nd Annual 'Play It Forward' Bowling Fundraiser
May 29 at Brentwood Bowl

We are planning for the 2nd annual CCMS "Play it Forward" fundraising event to support student learning and scholarships!

Save the date: Friday, May 29, 2015. Bring your friends, family, and children!

Last year was not only fun, but a great success, raising funds for our students as well as another non-profit who helps to educate and provide support for young mothers and their children.

The event will be a night of bowling at Brentwood Bowl May 29. Donors may sponsor bowlers, participate/build a team of bowlers, donate goods or services for silent auction, or bid on one of many auction baskets. Keep an eye out for event information to be posted at www.ccms.edu or contact the event organizer, Tyler Levy, at tlevy@students.ccms.edu or at (513)761-2020.

We are actively seeking donations of fun items and sponsored auction baskets! If you would like to support our nonprofit, with 100% of all proceeds to benefit student learning and scholarships, please call us at (513)761-2020 or email Tyler Levy at tlevy@students.ccms.edu.

Thank you for your past and future donations to support learning!

Donations are a large part of our foundation and college funding. As we all know, learning materials, instruments, technology, vehicles, etc. all have a "shelf life" and need to be replaced periodically. The faculty, staff and student body wishes to express our sincere appreciation to all who support us through donations of products (new and used), services and money. Every single donation, however big or small, makes a difference!

Thank you to our friends & alumni for supporting CCMS through recent donation of goods and products:

Champion Fluid Company
Dodge Chemical Co.
Pierce Chemical Company
Dan Kennedy – Current student
Josh Martin – 2014 CCMS alumnus

If you would like to support the college through a donation of products, services or money, please contact us at ewilliams@ccms.edu.

If you have new, pre-owned or extra instruments, equipment, sundries, hosing, etc. lying around your firm that might benefit our students' clinical and applications learning, please consider donating. The following are a few items we are (always) in need of:

Clinical instruments (arterial/drain tubes, aneurysm hooks, suture needles, injectors, trocars, syringes, etc.)
Plastics, ligature, positioning blocks
Hosing, towels, sheets

Thank you to funeral homes for your commitment to co-op students!

CCMS and our student body is appreciative of the time and commitment involved in mentoring students during their Co-Op Work Study Program. The experience they receive under your guidance is an important part of learning as B.M.S. students prepare to begin their funeral service careers. If you are interested in mentoring a student for a 4-week internship in your funeral home, please contact Teresa Dutko at tdutko@ccms.edu.

Recycle unused items by donating to the CCMS RA Lab

Students would greatly appreciate donations of eyeglasses, wigs, cosmetics and applicator brushes which may have accumulated over time. These are items students use in restorative art as they construct their wax armatures.

Special thanks to recent campus visitors!

Paul Bauman – Champion Fluid Company
Arlene Lawrence – Board of Trustees, 1998 CCMS alumna
Kathy Burns – Insight Certified Celebrant
Tara Fridley – Naegele Funeral Home
Debbie Dodge – Dodge Company
Duane Hedrick – Dodge Company
David Hicks – Pierce Company
Arlene Lawrence – President Buckeye State Embalmers
Jason Kinn – 1998 CCMS alumnus


CCMS alumni partner to open Alliance Funeral Home and Cremation Center

A pair of CCMS alumni partner to open Alliance Funeral Home and Cremation Center in Florence, Kentucky. Kim Vossmeyer (2008) and Larry Brinneman (1994) provide full service funeral and cremation. Neither have a family history in funeral service, so extra congratulations to each on their success!

Check out their website!

CCMS alumna acquires Powers Funeral Home

Gretchen L. Kell, 2003 CCMS alumna acquires Powers Funeral Home in Jamestown. Read more in the announcement below or visit www.powerskell.com.

Network to air program filmed in Marietta, Ohio

Bill Peoples, owner of Cawley & Peoples Funeral Homes, announced that a story was filmed in Marietta and will be featured on The Travel Channel.

The local filming will air as part of The Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Museum" series. It was filmed in Marietta about seven months ago.

"The Travel Channel called me in the spring of this year" said Peoples, also owner of Peoples Mortuary Museum. "They wanted to film one of their episodes at our museum in Marietta. It's based on a true story that happened back in the 1920's, in a small community named Hardscrabble, Ohio. That town no longer exists, but it is well documented that the events portrayed actually happened."

"The story surrounds an individual who became possessed with planning events ... specifically, funerals. Living in a very small community" Peoples continued, "it quickly became evident that her opportunities were numbered. To quench her thirst for this activity, she eventually turned to enhancing her opportunities by subjecting her own family to becoming victims of her plotting."

The story is well documented. This person eventually served many years in the state penitentiary. Though she was later paroled late in her life, she felt unwelcome in society. She eventually asked the state of Ohio to please reincarcerate her for the crimes she committed. They obliged, and she later died in prison.

"The story was filmed over a nine hour period" stated Peoples. "They filmed the storytelling part in our Marietta funeral home, then filmed areas of our Mortuary Museum ... including shots of our antique 1927 Henney hearse."

Following that, Peoples said he accompanied the film crew to various sites in Marietta. "They wanted what they called 'beauty shots' of Marietta. "I hope that the nine hours of filming in our town may produce some good public relations for tourism in our town. Being a downtown business owner, I know how vital that can be. Marietta is fortunate to have a very active downtown."

For those interested, free tours of Peoples Mortuary Museum are available by scheduling a time with Bill at (740) 373-1111, or (740) 373-9999.

Alumni news
Submitted by Christina Khoury

David I Jacobson, 1985 CCMS graduate, is a funeral director, entrepreneur, and founder of Chicago Jewish Funerals. Since graduating, Mr. Jacobson has earned an MBA from Loyola University and offers premier funeral services within the Jewish funeral service industry, Chicago Jewish Funeral, located in Skokie, Illinois. Founded in 1997 by Mr. Jacobson, Chicago Jewish Funeral has set his focus on the option of celebrating life, verses only mourning death. The FrazerConsultants.com article shares the highlights of how Chicago Jewish Funeral's modern infrastructure offers life affirming healing energy, complete with an entire wall constructed of Jerusalem Stone.

For more information about our funeral facility, visit online at www.chicagojewishfunerals.com.


CCMS student Chelsea Force to be awarded SCI scholarship

Chelsea Force is from Tucson, Arizona, and working toward her B.M.S. at CCMS. She is employed with the college, serving as Peer Tutor and Library Assistant. Chelsea is from a large family and is most happy when helping others, understandably so, which is why she has chosen funeral service as a career. Chelsea has a stunning personality and a sense of humor unlike no other! She knows these two qualities will be of great benefit in her career and lives with the motto that only with laughter and confidence, can we best walk the journey of grief with others, day in and day out. Chelsea hopes to return to Tucson and serve her apprenticeship with funeral home she shadowed at in high school. Congratulations to Chelsea for earning the SCI Scholarship!

Chelsea has been an asset to CCMS as a student employee. She has been instrumental in expanding areas of student relations at the college, including organization and implementation of a Textbook Sell/Buy Program, facilitating the sale of student textbooks between current and new incoming students, a benefit to both! Chelsea was asked to tell readers about the Sell/Buy Program, and says:

"Textbooks. Just one simple word and I'm already shuddering. Hopefully the new 'Sell Your Textbooks' program will help reduce those shudders to just a slight shiver. Thanks to a great idea pitched by the college’s staff and the opportunity to build on it, I was able to organize a great selling/buying system where students simply leave their textbooks with the front office to be included in the program, selling to incoming students for a predetermined price. I have created a one-stop checklist for students to identify which books they should retain for future semesters (or career long), and which books can be sold. They bring in the books they wish to sell, and hopefully a new students will buy it! It’s that easy! All the money goes into the sellers pocket, and hopefully the painful process will be a little bit easier on all of us."

Feel free to contact Chelsea if you have any questions at cforce@students.ccms.edu.

Welcome to the newly hired student admins!

Jessica Cornist
Kathy Griffieth

There were so many wonderful applicants seeking to fill the student admin support positions, but we are sure you will enjoy the warm greeting you will receive from Jessica or Kathy whether you are calling the college or visiting! Jessica and Kathy are not just the smiling faces that will greet you, they are also responsible for a variety of tasks and projects, as well as daily staff and faculty support functions. We are thrilled to have them as a part of our team!

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Accreditation Statements
The Mortuary Science Program at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE).

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2015 CCMS Calendar
MARCH 2015
Mar 16: BMS Cohort Co-Op Begins
Mar 24: GCFSA Meeting at Arlington
Mar 30-April 3: Spring Break (CLOSED)

APRIL 2015
Apr 15-16: Dodge Seminar at CCMS
Apr 16-18: ABFSE in Jacksonville
Apr 24: BMS Cohort Co-Op Ends
Apr 29-May 1: OFDA Convention

MAY 2015
May 4-8: Term Break (CLOSED)
May 7-8: NFDA CPC Con Ed on Campus
May 11: Term Start
May 21: Foundation Meeting at CCMS
May 25: Memorial Day (CLOSED)

JUNE 2015
June 10: District 11
June 18-20: Buckeye St. Convention
June 17-19: Michigan Convention
June 25: Open House

JULY 2015
July 3: CLOSED Independence Day
July 8: NFDA CCO Training on Campus
July 14: GCFSA Cookout at CCMS

Aug. 14: Term Ends
Aug. 15: Fall 2014-2015 Commencement
Aug. 17-28: Term Break (CLOSED)
Aug. 27: Fall 2015-2016 Orientation
Aug. 31: Term Start

Sept. 7: Labor Day (CLOSED)

Oct. 3: Open House
Oct. 18-21: National Convention Indianapolis

Nov. 12: Board of Trustees Meeting
Nov. 23-27: Fall Break (CLOSED)

Dec. 18: Term Ends
Dec. 19: Spring 2015-2016 Commencement
Dec. 23-25: Christmas Holiday (CLOSED)
Dec. 31: New Year Holiday (CLOSED)

Job Classifieds
Flatwoods, KY
Carman & Roberson Funeral Homes
Apprentice or Licensee
(posted 2/9/15)
At Carriage Services, Inc., we are committed to being the most professional, ethical, and highest quality funeral and cemetery service organization in our industry. Seeking full time apprentice or dual license with valid driver’s license to professionally fulfill all responsibilities of a funeral director including but not limited to meeting with families, conducting services, paperwork, merchandising, contracts, and community involvement. Works first call as needed and other duties assigned.

Physical demands of position include lifting up to 100 lbs, ability to push and pull, standing for prolonged periods, and ability to perform work when awakened by nighttime phone.

Please email resume to mark.ratliff@carraigeservices.com

Mark A. Ratliff, CFSP
Managing Partner
Carman & Roberson Funeral Homes
PO Box 895
2301 Argillite Road
Flatwoods, KY41139
Breaux Bridge, LA
Pellerin Funeral Home
Apprentice or Licensee
(posted 3/2/15)
Progressive south Louisiana family owned funeral home, serving 540 families, seeking highly motivated Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer or Apprentice.

Please email resume to gene@pellerin.com
Pellerin Funeral Home
211 Berard Street
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
Montana & North Dakota
Sidney, MT
Williston/Watford/Tioga, ND Fulkerson Funeral Home
(posted 3/12/15)
Family owned, multiple location firm seeking apprentice candidate who is professional, compassionate, teachable, ethically and morally attuned, and the ability to connect with families to work in all aspects of funeral care such as arrangement conferences, embalming, cosmetics, removals, funeral services, visitations, and paperwork. Must have ability to work with others as a team.

Send resumes and applicable materials to:

Michael McCollum
(406) 488-2805
Todd Stevenson
(406) 232-4457
Columbus, OH
Shaw-Davis Funeral Homes
(posted 2/20/15)
Shaw-Davis Funeral Homes in Columbus is seeking an apprentice funeral director/embalmer.

Alena Moye
Please contact us at (614) 299-4155 or email resumes to alena.shawdavis@gmail.com
Martinsville, VA
Wright Funeral Service & Crematory
Apprentice or Licensee
(posted 2/8/15)
Seeking apprentice or new licensee that is highly motivated to perform all functions of funeral service. People skills and ability to recognize the needs of grieving families a must. On call schedule with every other weekend off, willing to train.

Send Resumes and teacher references to:
Wright Funeral Service & Crematory
Attn: Tony Wright
1425 Greensboro Rd.
Martinsville VA

Tony Wright
(276) 340-4305
Norfolk, VA
Woodlawn Funeral Home
Licensed Funeral Director
(posted 2/12/15)
Virginia licensee, having a minimum of 2 years experience or equivalent, with excellent customer service skills to arrange and direct funeral services in our single Norfolk, VA location. Coordinates activities of workers to transport and prepare the deceased, conducts ceremonies, assist families with at-need and pre-need arrangements, preparation of the deceased. Ability to work in a team environment and be able to take direction, write and speak the English language, and computer proficiency are essential. Must have a knowledge and understanding of merchandise, services, and funding plans.

Salary and benefit package is based on experience. Full time, exempt employment. Driver's license required. No housing available.

Debbie Batliner
(757) 455-2838
Lacey/Olympia, WA, VA
Woodlawn Funeral Home
Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer
(posted 2/13/15)
Licensed Funeral Director/ Embalmer with experience. Must be willing to relocate to Olympia,WA area and possess a desire to provide high quality service to families in arranging, planning and directing funeral services, in addition to providing dignified, quality care to the deceased, and embalming. Compassionate individual who is a team player, detail oriented, with professional appearance and demeanor essential. Must have knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Ability to meet the physical demands (lifting, pushing, etc.) required. Firm serves 600+ cases per year in the Lacey/Olympia, WA area.

Benefits include heath (medical, vision) after orientation/trial period, 401K retirement savings plan, vacation/sick time.

Please email resumes and references to:
Beaver Dam, WI
Markesan, WI
Cornerstone Funeral & Cremation Services
Licensed Funeral Director
(posted 2/9/15)
Independently owned and operated since 2007, has two funeral homes, located in Beaver Dam and Markesan, Wisconsin, serving approximately 140 families each year, seeking a licensed funeral director who will serve families with compassion and commitment. Candidate should be self-motivated, flexible, detail-oriented, personable and able to assist with all aspect of funeral service (pre-planning, arranging, embalming and directing), and capable of the physical requirements. Background check required. Relocation within our service area is a requirement.

Salary and benefit package is negotiable. Housing may be available, if interested.

Todd L. Michael
135 Keller Blvd.
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
(920) 885-9999

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