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Your Word Means Something

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): people can rob, hurt, even kill you – but no one can take your integrity - you must give that away.

There was a scandal surrounding the National Board Examination (NBE) a few years back, which continues to play out today. Allegedly, the American Academy McAllister Institute (AAMI) of Funeral Service in New York asked students taking the NBE to report back to AAMI as many questions and answers they could remember after taking the NBE.

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards (The Conference) brought a suit against AAMI for their purported actions. Funeral Service Insider reported the suit was settled out of court and the terms of that settlement are confidential.

It was also reported that The Conference then invalidated the NBE scores. Because this dates back almost 20 years, many of the 300 were already licensed and practicing funeral directors. Thus, some had their licenses suspended. Many of those who had not yet become licensed, have not been able to obtain their licenses.

Allegations of a cheating scandal are shocking in the first place, it is even more disconcerting knowing that AAMI settled out of court making it appear as if students were left holding the bag,

So, why am I telling you this? I am illustrating one of life’s many lessons; one that you don’t need to learn by personal experience, especially in this profession. It makes no difference who asked or instructed those students to violate their confidentiality agreement with The Conference, fact is each individual student had to make the decision to compromise his/her own personal integrity.

I feel embarrassed for the profession, AAMI, and the all the AAMI students. But that doesn’t erase this simple fact – you are the only one who can compromise your integrity. Safe guard it with your life. Once compromised, it is almost impossible to get back. Actions have consequences.


Thoughts From Mr. Rosenacker

Mr. Rosenacker shares his thoughts on the progression of how CCMS and the Board of Trustees have successfully developed an effective and beneficial relationship in college governance which will, for the first time, facilitate appropriate and ideal day to day leadership by the college’s President and CEO.

"I am starting my 9th year as a member of the Board of Trustees and during these last 12 months I am finally enjoying my responsibilities. Let me explain.

For most of my tenure, CCMS had tough times - operating in the red and coming close to merging with several 4-year institutions. The school from which I graduated, had taught, and now serve on the Board considered closing its doors not long ago. Times were so challenging that the Board was forced to step in to administer the College, which is never a great idea. At one point we had three Presidents in eight months. Although I take great pride in the accomplishments of our Board in getting us through those tumultuous times, it was not fun, nor was it ideal.

That time frame and those circumstances seem far, far away now and I am for the first time having fun serving on the Board. First and foremost, this Board selected Jack Lechner as our new President. Under his leadership, CCMS has no constraints. Secondly, I am very proud to serve with my fellow Board members, each of whom is extremely dedicated, bringing a vast array of knowledge and relevant experience, and a focus in making CCMS the best of the best.

Last year, the Board approved to adopt Carver’s Non-Profit Governance Model in order to establish a clear vision and governance approach. Simply put, the Board, with one voice, determines the goals (“ends”) for the college. Therein, the responsibility now lies with President Jack Lechner and his team to provide the method (“means”) to take the college there. Instead of the Board administering the college as we previously had we now place our focus on the future – not the day-to-day operation of the school - rather on the big picture of how CCMS provides quality, state of the art education to students and all death care professionals.

As an analogy in the for-profit business world, a Board of Directors must provide a return for its shareholders. Under Carver’s, our non-profit Board of Trustees has determined that its “shareholders” consist of the entire death care profession and those who serve it. We believe, and openly demonstrate, that we have a responsibility to assist all death care providers. We have every intent to do so.

Without question, CCMS is back! It is an exciting time. CCMS will once again hold true to its reputation as "the Harvard of Mortuary Schools" in every aspect, not just in educating students in the art of funeral directing and embalming, but as a leader in providing quality education to the entire spectrum of the death care profession. In an upcoming issue I will address some of our goals and how Jack and his dedicated team are providing the means to successfully meet every one of these goals. In the meantime, I speak for our Board when I say we are having a blast."

Frank Rosenacker, CCMS Board of Trustees Chairperson, has made immense contribution to the college over the years. His commitment to serve his alma mater spans from serving on the faculty in classroom instruction, authoring the revised national curriculum standard Mortuary Law textbook, to serving on the Board as Treasurer, Vice-Chair, and now Chair.


July 18-19 CANA / ICCFA Crematory Operator and Arranger Certification CE Seminar at CCMS

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the death care profession that the national average cremation rate will reach 50% in 2017! That is why the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science will host the best combination cremation seminar of the year - the ICCFA Cremation Arranger Course on Tuesday, July 18th followed by CANAs Certified Crematory Operator's Course on July 19th.

Register for one or both days and earn up to 12 CEU’s. This course is appropriate for funeral service professionals, CCMS alumni, and current students. Discover how to maximize profits, reduce liability, operate a crematory, and increase family satisfaction from the experts – Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and International, Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association (ICCFA). Lunch will be provided both days, along with a social event at the end of day one!

The registration fee for attending this seminar is truly a bargain at $395 per day (a savings of $100-$200!). In addition, you will be supporting the non-profit work of CCMS, as a substantial portion of the registration fee for both courses will directly benefit the College.

Are you a current member (2017 dues paid) of the Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education (CFME)? If so, you will save an additional $50 on each course! Now is the perfect time to become a Foundation member; you will not only show support for your Alma Mater, but you’ll save $100 on this amazing seminar. For more information on the Foundation and to become a member, see https://www.ccms.edu/about/education-foundation/.

CCMS is a non-profit, private educational institution that is accredited both professionally (American Board of Funeral Service Education) and regionally (Higher Learning Commission). We are dedicated to educating death care professionals, both students and seasoned licensees who have committed themselves to a lifetime of learning. Please join us for this incredible learning opportunity on July 18-19! CCMS is your source for premier continuing education!

November 17-19 CCMS to host formal Alumni Homecoming & Tribute Gala Weekend in Cincinnati

2017 Homecoming Weekend is essential to our connections with alumni around the nation! Reestablishing these mutually supportive relationships is key to the college’s new and improved direction. This will be a weekend of fun and events to honor our alumni and pay special tribute to a distinguished alumnus and incoming NFDA President Ken Cahall.

Please SAVE THE DATES and plan to join us in Cincinnati! We are seeking sponsors to help with venue, food and beverage, silent auction, events, and prizes – please consider sponsoring your support to this event and to CCMS!

For information and sponsorship opportunities for 2017 Homecoming Weekend, please contact Jack Lechner at president@ccms.edu or Beth Williams at alumni@ccms.edu.

We can't yet give you all the details, but we can confirm that you do not want to miss this! Keep up to date as we share more information about this sure-to-be an event to remember!


Teresa Dutko Celebrates 30 Years in Funeral Service Education

To say CCMS is proud of its affiliation with Teresa Dutko would be an understatement. Since joining the faculty in 1986, Ms. Dutko has remained instrumental in the evolution of curriculum, the continued professional and regional accreditation of our institution, and the overall success of the college.

It is with immense gratitude that we share our appreciation for the years of dedicated service Teresa has shared with CCMS, the nation's leading mortuary science educator. We celebrate this grand milestone with her!

CCMS Faculty Seeks Funeral Home Information From Alumni As She Completes Master's Degree

CCMS Faculty, Melissa Kloss, is near completion of her Master’s degree in Management of Aging Services through the University of Massachusetts-Boston. The program focuses on working with an aging population from all perspectives - legal, social, psychological, physical, and economic. In her last semester, for her Gerontology Capstone Course, she has been encouraged to develop a project that is meaningful to her profession. At CCMS she teaches preneed, and has a love and passion for educating students on the importance of community outreach and being a resource for all planning that is "death related."

Her project objectives this semester, as she writes her thesis, include examining the history and current underutilization of advance directives (ADs). Developing an action plan for advocacy and awareness among funeral professionals to encourage ADs as part of end-of-life planning is also a large part of this effort. Currently, only 1 in 4 Americans have compete advance directives in place including: organ/tissue donation, funeral/burial plans, living will, durable healthcare power of attorney/healthcare proxy and last will and testament. Since she is the only funeral director in the program, her goal is to make others aware of some of the options funeral homes have in designing end-of-life seminars focused on advance directives. The growth of the funeral home and the concierge-mentality funeral homes are expected to have make this project unique and valuable to funeral homes and the UMass Boston community.

She would love to get feedback from your funeral home regarding some of the community outreach you may be currently doing at your funeral homes.

Please also feel free to take the very short survey to assist her along the way: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8SYSF85

Your input is greatly appreciated! Ms. Kloss's thesis is due on April 26.

Project Objectives

The objectives of my project are to heighten awareness surrounding advance directives for an aging population. In addition to researching the historical use of ADs in a paper format, I want to examine reasons behind only 4 in 10 Americans having an AD in place. Exploring sociological issues including age, health condition, education levels, socioeconomic status, religiosity and family status will determine the likelihood that an AD is in place. Also, who is likely to help complete ADs.

Currently, funeral professionals have the ability to reach community members with funeral/burial plans (one of the five categories of ADs in addition to: organ/tissue donation, living will, last will and testament, and durable health care power of attorney/healthcare proxy) long before they are needed. Professionals in death care are another community resource to heighten awareness and begin end-of-life discussions. Although often seen as an issue among the patient-physician, many members of the general public often look to other professionals in the community to navigate this complex system of end-of-life planning. Funeral professionals, with guidance, can place themselves to be well equipped to aid a person in producing ADs.


The major issues presenting with this topic selection is lack of advocacy beyond healthcare settings, spanning into the world of professional funeral service organizations. Although the PSDA has been around since 1990, few people still feel motivated enough to complete them, and are confused when/if they become completed. Issues regarding end-of-life care can result in highly emotional and individual choices that can change due to circumstance. ADs have no uniformity at a federal level – instead ADs are regulated at a state level. Funeral professionals are accustomed to state regulation and have knowledge of end-of-life care plans. In turn, the funeral industry at a state level should be encouraging the completion of these documents, decreasing the questions of validity and accessibility of the documents when needed.

Initial Work Plan & Search Terms

The past two weeks have been spent gathering and reading literature on ADs from a variety of sources with a dynamic number of perspectives across multiple disciplines – finance, law, gerontology, medicine, bioethics, marketing/advertising and psychology. Most of the data recovered thus far has been immensely helpful in understanding the goal of this thesis. The sources utilized are peer-reviewed, and were accessed on Academic Search Premiere (EBSCO) through my local public library using the terms “Advance Directives” and “End-of-Life Planning.” All hits were reviewed and nearly 30 were selected for the relevance of information included. Work developing specific goals with advocacy are unfolding – research with the National Funeral Directors Association advocacy team will take time as well as personal interviews which have been requested on the topic. State associations (Ohio being used as an example) will be discussed separately in an interview with John Rettig, the current OFDA President.

Work Plan Moving Forward

This week begins the writing of my outline, which is ahead of semester deadline. The research that I have completed thus far has led to me to explore some important points including types of marketing for end-of-life care that may fit into my exploration of how funeral directors across the country (reflecting the majority of states) feel about ADs. Their comfortability and favorability in offering this piece of conversation and service as part of their working with families will gauge necessary points for advocacy, which is the goal of the paper.

College Celebrates 50 Years of Name Recognition as CCMS!

CCMS was established in 1882 as the Joseph H. Clarke School of Embalming, In 1915 the college was renamed the Cincinnati College of Embalming and subsequently in 1966 it was renamed Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. We celebrate 50 years governing under our current name. CCMS has spent the last 135 years as the most recognized name in funeral service education!

Want To Be Featured On #CCMSMugshotMonday?

Your mugshot could be featured on the CCMS Facebook page. It's easy to enter your picture for consideration! Here's how:

Snap a picture with your CCMS mug and email it to social@ccms.edu along with...
  1. Your name and city/state
  2. Your affiliation to CCMS (i.e.: alumni year, future student, etc.)
  3. Any other information you would like us to share

March Open House a Huge Success

CCMS hosted its first of three 2017 Open House dates March 18th. As usual, it was a great day! Faculty and Staff welcomed nearly 100 visitors.

Register to join us at one of our upcoming Open Houses!

Thursday, June 15th (4-6pm)
Saturday, October 7th (10am-noon)


Higher Learning Commission Team Visit

CCMS welcomed the Higher Learning Commission Team last month. Thank you to comprehensive evaluation team members Dr. Johnson, Dr. Goodfellow, Dr. Thebeau, and Dr. Digman for your time and commitment to ensuring the standards of excellence by regionally accredited schools.

Did you know that CCMS received its regional accreditation in 1982 and has maintained that distinction for nearly three and a half decades? This was not a requirement for CCMS, rather a choice made for the benefit of students.

College administrators work hard to meet and exceed the standard of excellence required of regionally accredited schools to ensure our graduates can easily transfer all credits earned at CCMS to any other college or university in the nation.

Our commitment to students through regional accreditation is just one of the reasons CCMS is First in Funeral Service Education.

The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604, (800) 621-7440. Web: www.hlcommission.org.



'67 Alumnus Celebrates 50 Year Service Milestone

Harold B. Love Jr. graduated from CCMS March 3, 1967 and fondly recalls the day he was awarded his diploma by then CCMS President, Charles Dhonau. This month he celebrated fifty years of service in this great profession.

Mr. Love remains active as a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Georgia. We understand he is slated to receive the 50 Year Service Award from the George Funeral Directors Association. Mr. Love’s father, Harold Love, Sr., who is deceased, was also a distinguished alumnus having graduated in 1938.

Congratulations to you Mr. Love! Thank you for your dedication to serving both your community and the funeral service profession for half a century!

Ogle's Therapy Dog Brings Comfort to Oxford Community

Kim Ogle, a licensed funeral director with Ogle & Paul R. Young Funeral Homes and 2003 alumna of CCMS, visited second semester CCMS students with her therapy dog, Crispin II.

As we start to hear more and more about therapy dogs being offered to help the bereaved families we serve during the grieving process, Kim shared her perspective of both a funeral director and an owner and provider of therapy dogs. There is no doubt in her experience that the benefit is real. The Oxford families served by their funeral home embrace the comfort her therapy dog Crispin brings.

Crispin is not Kim’s first therapy companion. Her first experience was with her therapy dog Canela, who sadly died in 2015. Both Canela and Crispin were bred and trained by Canine Companions for Independence in Delaware, OH. Kim explained to CCMS students the process of acquiring a dog through this organization and emphasized the importance of certification.

CCMS believes that students benefit from all that is offered through the expertise and experience of our array of guest speakers, and this is no exception. Students were able to gain appreciation for how therapy dogs can be invaluable companions to those grieving. Kim added that, as with Canela, Crispin is a great source of comfort to her personally. “Compassion fatigue” often accompanies caregiving and Kim knows 95% of the families they serve in Oxford, further increasing the emotional toll of funeral home work. She finds comfort in the gift that Crispin has to offer, both personally and professionally.

Kim received her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Miami University and is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree in Gerontology (ABD). She also graduated from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and received a certificate in Thanatology from Hood College. Kim has been in the funeral business and associated with the funeral home in Oxford for over ten years.


'98 Alumna Appointed GM of Brookside Funeral Home, AL

Brookside Funeral Home, Crematorium & Memorial Gardens in Milbrook, AL owner Chris Thompson is pleased to announce appointment of a new General Manager, Christine Stanifer Bushby.

Ms. Bushby is a 1998 graduate of CCMS and recently retired from the USAF working in all aspects of the Services & Force Support career field overseas and stateside. She had spent the past 10 years working for the 42nd FSS/FSO in the Mortuary Affairs/Honor Guard section at Maxwell AFB, AL.



Recognizing Outgoing Lab Assistants Nick Nester and Beth Markland

CCMS lab assistants are critical to making our lab run efficiently and effectively. Clinical Director Wanda Lee and Instructors Melissa Kloss and John Vinnedge are pleased to add their names to the Lab Assistant Recognition Wall Plaque! Both are graduating with a Bachelor of Mortuary Science Degree. CCMS is extremely grateful for their contribution to our clinical program.

Josh Woodruff Receives Order of Golden Rule Award

The Order of the Golden Rule (OGR) Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Awards of Excellence Gold & Silver Scholarships.

The scholarships provide assistance to students about to graduate from mortuary school and enter the funeral profession.

The recipient of the 2017 Gold Award of Excellence was Joshua Woodruff who attends Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and is a proponent for offering personalized, meaningful services to grieving families.

"Through creative alterations, funeral directors can deliver better services that many families will appreciate. I've learned that the bereaved appreciate genuine attempts towards making a viewing more conducive to the grief process. Cremation can be done better. I will use my creativity to offer a better experience for cremation cases," said Mr. Woodruff. He will receive a $3,500 scholarship to help complete his studies.

Scholarships will be awarded at OGR's Annual Conference & Supplier Showcase in New Orleans, LA on Friday, April 21. "These students embody values and principles on which OGR is based. We are happy to be able to help mortuary students realize their goals, and I am sure they will make a wonderful addition to the field of funeral service. I congratulate them on winning these scholarships," said Adam Martin, OGR Foundation president.

The mission of OGR's charitable foundation is to fund, perform and/or support activities on behalf of the International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR). Its five-member Board of Directors is responsible for identifying projects that advance the standards of funeral service or contribute to the compassionate care of individuals in need. Learn more at www.ogr.org/charitable-foundation.

Founded in 1928, OGR is affiliated with independent funeral homes throughout North America and overseas that share common goals of exemplary service, uncompromising care and compassion to families in their time of need. For more information, visit www.ogr.org. Congratulations Josh!

BMS Students Receive Celebrant Certification

Bachelor degree students recently completed intense training to earn Funeral Celebrant Certification as part of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science fourth semester Bachelor program curriculum. Since the program was initiated in spring 2015, ninety-four graduates have completed the training and received this distinction under the guidance of Insight faculty trainers, Teresa Dutko and Wanda Lee. Teresa Dutko serves as the Academic Chair for the college and Wanda Lee serves as the Clinical Director for the college. Both are full time faculty, who received authorization in 2005 through Insight to train and certify students.

CCMS is first funeral service educator to have purchased the franchise license and implement this training and certification as part of the regionally-accredited Bachelor curriculum.

Congratulations to the newest Certified Funeral Celebrants Dana Dixon, Shawn Griggs, Codi Kindoll, Beth Markland, Timothy Moquin, Nicholas Nester, Curtis Parish, Chad Pemberton, Jessica Roberts, and Laura Shadoan.


Delta Gamma Pi Made Valentine's Day a Little Brighter for Bayley Senior Living Residents

Ladies from the sorority spent the week before Valentine’s Day making over 300 handmade Valentine’s Day Cards and delivered to residents at Bayley Senior Living, and to the Blue Ash facility as well. These CCMS ladies have shown a true commitment to community service.

Delta Gamma Pi Drives Women Helping Women Fundraiser

The ladies from the sorority have been busy helping others! They organized a charity drive to support the organization Women Helping Women. With help from donors ranging from students, employers, and even CCMS Faculty and Staff, the ladies collected several large boxes of new toiletry sundries and everyday products used by women and children. Great work ladies, once again!



Barry Richardson, 1973, visited and is doing well.

Ray Visortski, 1983, visited in February. Originally from NJ, Ray has been licensed and employed in NC and MI, but recently relocated to Cincinnati where he is the new manager for Paul Young and Ogle Funeral Homes in Mt. Healthy. CCMS is excited to accept Ray’s offer to volunteer his time to assist the school with alumni connections and functions.

Tyler Levy, 2015, visited from Hicksville, Ohio.

Caleb Turnbull, 2014, visited campus with Caleb’s brother-in-law who is preparing to attend CCMS Fall 2018. Caleb and wife Emily are excited to welcome their first child due September 2017.

Ben Dollarhide, 2016, visited and is excited to announce he has officially been assigned by Bishop Thomas and accepted to Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Cincinnati! We look forward to one day addressing you as Fr. Ben, congratulations!

Paul Ulmer, 2016, visited campus.


Dr. Shawn Gibbs, Indiana University – Bloomington, joined us on campus as a guest presenter in the classroom to share his expertise in Biosafety and Infectious Disease with the entire student body March 22.

Dan Kennedy, 2015 alumnus, contributed as an adjunct instructor in the Restorative Arts lab.

Rachel Sibold, current student, facilitated the collection and donation of cosmetics to the Restorative Arts and Clinical labs.

Kyle Eveland of Goebbel Funeral Home, 2016 alumnus, donated a historic embalming supplies catalog. The ESCO Messenger, Nov/Dec 160. Vol 66-No 5. has been added to the CCMS library. The catalog had long been store in the basement of the funeral home. ESCO Messenger is a "technical magazine devoted to the professional interest of Funeral Directors and Embalmers."

Melissa Kloss, Instructor, donated a professional wardrobe for students.

Codi Kindoll, 2014 alumnus, contributed as a guest instructor in the Restorative Art lab.

John Sennhenn, 2013 alumnus, and wife welcomed their first child, daughter Lennon Anne Sennhenn on March 20, 2017.

OFDA District #7 made a financial donation.

Mark and Lorene Hamann made a financial donation.


"Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were going to live forever" - Gandhi

WOOSTER, Clifford Allen Greene, 71, of Wooster passed away on Monday, February 13, 2017 at LifeCare Hospice in Wooster. He is survived by his wife Anita Marie Zimmerly.

He was a 1969 graduate of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He began working for the McIntire Funeral Home in 1964 and in 1984, along with Thomas E. Davis, became co-owners of the Funeral Home. Then in the year 2000 when Tom Davis retired, he became sole owner until his retirement in December of 2011.

Cliff was an active member of the Wooster United Methodist Church where he had served on the Church Board and as a trustee-, the Wooster Noon Lions, he had served on the Board of Hospice of Wayne Co., was a member of the New Pittsburg Sportsman Club, a former supporter of Wooster Lacrosse, a member of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association, had served as President of the local Funeral Directors Association for many years and was a member of the Order of the Golden Rule of Funeral Directors and the North East Ohio OGR Group.

In addition to his wife, Anita, he is survived by his sons, Joshua J. (Julie) Greene and Nathan W. (Carmen) Greene both of Wooster; his parents of Wellington; grandchildren, Alexis, Carolyn, Audrey and Noah Greene and a sister, Patricia (Al) Seaburn of Clyde.

Services were officiated by the Rev. Charles Tobias February 17, 2017 at the McIntire, Bradham & Sleek Funeral Home, 216 E. Larwill St., Wooster www.mcintirebradhamsleek.com.

In keeping with Cliff’s practice of passing it forward, memorial contributions may be made to the Wooster United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund, 243 N. Market St., Wooster, OH 44691 or to the Wooster Noon Lions Scholarship Fund, c/o Wayne Co. Community Foundation, 517 N. Market St., Wooster, OH 44691 or any educational fund of the donor’s choice.

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