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CCMS Launches New Website!

After nearly a year of research, planning and site building, CCMS launched its new website June 1! The site was constructed from the ground up by Molly Jones, Director of Library & IT; Beth Williams, Admin Coordinator & Alumni Relations; and U.S. Digital Partners, a Cincinnati-based leading web development company. Collaborating with the college's Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, as well as student and professional focus groups, CCMS has successfully extended its online reach to serve our alumni, practitioners, foundation members and the public!

The new website offers vastly improved user experiences, additional content and resources, and online payments. The new site serve as a comprehensive resource for prospective and current students, alumni, professionals, licensees, and the community. We have been listening to the feedback and requests from our valued professionals and alumni, and hope you agree that the new site is full of new and exciting content which is easily navigated by the user! Below is a sampling of how we have worked to connect with you!
  • For all users we have incorporated standard features such as a search field and Site Map.
  • Funeral homes may now post job openings via the online form found at https://www.ccms.edu/professionals/for-employers/post-a-job-opening/ as well as be kept informed when students and graduates become available with the apprentice and co-Op calendars.
  • Licensed Professionals will find endless resources from renewing licenses, reciprocating (including Ohio law study resources), courtesy cards, anatomical donation protocol, and Funeral Rule/FTC resources, to tips on finding and retaining lifelong employee/employer relationships.
CCMS acknowledges the immense efforts of Molly, Beth, USDP (Mark, Kate, Melanie, and Jim) for their collaboration with faculty, staff, trustees, students and professionals to incorporate valuable input and expertise to achieve our vision from inception to completion. We invite your continued feedback, input, and suggestions! Please contact webmaster@ccms.edu or call (513) 761-2020 to share.


Did You Purchase the 2014 CCMS Alumni Directory?
See This Update!

***Notice to purchasers of the 2014 Edition of the CCMS Alumni Directory***

CCMS has received numerous inquiries from individuals who purchased the 2014 Edition of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science Alumni Directory, which has been published and distributed by Alumni Research, Inc. since 1998. We understand that many of our alumni placed advance, pre-paid orders in 2014 with the Alumni Research, Inc., expecting publication and distribution of the Directory some time ago. We are extremely disappointed that Alumni Research, Inc. has neither published the Directory nor filled these orders.

Having partnered for many years successfully, CCMS never anticipated such a failure on the part of Alumni Research, Inc. We extend our apology to Alumni and assure that we are actively seeking resolution. Over the past several months, CCMS has demanded that Alumni Research, Inc. promptly and completely resolve this unacceptable situation, but there has been no response to date. We are continuing to seek resolution, including reimbursements to those who paid for a Directory. Please note, that the breach by Alumni Research, Inc. in accepting payments but not fulfilling orders is a breach directly between the company and the purchasers. If you paid for a Directory and have not received a refund, you should consult an attorney or the consumer protection division of your state attorney general's office regarding your individual legal rights. You may also contact the Florida state attorney general's office, where Alumni Research conducts business.

Together, we may be able to resolve this unfortunate situation. Please know that we will provide any and all updates as they become available.

ABFSE Accreditation Visit

This year, CCMS was scheduled for the ABFSE re-accreditation visit. As part of the process, the College submitted a self-study to the ABFSE in late March. A site visit team was on campus May 17-19 to evaluate and ensure the College is complying with the ABFSE accreditation standards and that we are doing what was indicated in the self-study. CCMS extends our appreciation for the time, efforts and expertise of the following site visit team members:
  • Team Chair - Dr. Melton Jones, an educator with an educational background other than funeral service
  • Funeral Service Practitioner - Ms. Susan Burke, FINE Mortuary College
  • Funeral Service Educator - Mr. Wayne Cavender, Dallas Institute
Teresa Dutko, CCMS Academic Chair and faculty member, was the primary contact in leading the College through the accreditation self-study process and visit. While the College will not officially know the final outcome of the re-accreditation until October, the visiting team had many positive comments about the College as a whole, the facilities, the library, the Board of Trustees, and the dedicated faculty and staff. In the words of team leader Dr. Jones, "It was a good visit."

CCMS Instructors Conduct Their 1st Celebrant Training

Celebrant Trainers: Teresa Dutko, Glenda Stansbury, Wanda Lee
Image courtesy of Veronica Haskell of Haskell-Hott Funeral Home
The March issue of Mortuary Science Minutes feature article "CCMS instructors become celebrant trainers, a 1st in funeral service education" introduced an exciting new initiative by CCMS to provide in-house celebrant training as part of the bachelor program curriculum. In order to accomplish this, CCMS faculty members Teresa Dutko and Wanda Lee participated in "training the trainer" through Insight Institute to become the first Certified Celebrants authorized to provide celebrant training to our students. We congratulate Teresa and Wanda in their efforts and success in achieving this distinction.

As a result, in March 2015, eight students became the first class of CCMS bachelor's degree recipients to complete celebrant training on campus. They are the first Insight Institute celebrants to receive training from celebrants other than Doug Manning and Glenda Stansbury of Insight Institute. Kathy Burns, Insight Institute's mortuary college celebrant program coordinator, was in attendance for the student's celebrant service presentation which were individually coordinated and delivered from start to finish. "It was exciting to launch our mortuary college celebrant training program and I was impressed with the caliber of writing among the students," Ms. Burns shared. She, along with CCMS faculty celebrant trainers, Wanda Lee and Teresa Dutko, awarded each graduate a certificate and lapel pin.

Last year, Doug Manning and Glenda Stansbury of Insight Institute achieved their long-term goal: training others to provide the celebrant program they've been offering since 1999. After training 2,400 celebrants over the last 15 years, Doug and Glenda decided it was time to create a program to "train celebrant trainers." A logical place to begin was to develop a training and franchise license that can be incorporated into mortuary programs as part of the curriculum and they invited schools to participate who already had faculty who had received celebrant training from Doug, a former Baptist minister, and Glenda, vice-president of marketing for Insight Books.

CCMS faculty Wanda Lee and Teresa Dutko, who trained as celebrants in 2005 and 2006 respectively, were the first to answer this call. In August 2014, they attended the first "training of trainers" experience when Doug and Glenda were holding a celebrant training in Cincinnati. CCMS subsequently purchased the franchise license allowing Wanda and Teresa to incorporate celebrant training into the BMS curriculum. They are honored to be the first funeral service faculty to implement this partnership opportunity made available by Insight Institute.

These new funeral celebrants are: Jennifer Allen, Kelsey Katsanis, Cristy Long, Ranee Martin, Bailey McGill, Aaricka Overstreet, Allison Slipsky, and Shirley Wagner.

Read Glenda Stansbury's article, "Teach your children well: Making sure the funeral directors of tomorrow start out knowing how to handle arrangements" in the October ICCFA magazine by clicking on the link for more details on the evolution of this program and the first offering at CCMS.

CCMS Hosted NFDA Certified Preplanning Consultant Training

In May, NFDA came to CCMS for a two day pre-planning consultant training and certification to a group of professionals including faculty member Melissa Kloss and licensed staff member Beth Williams.

The NFDA Certified Preplanning Consultant (CPC) Program is the only national certification program in the specialized field of advance funeral planning. This program was created by funeral service professionals, in response to consumer expectations for service with integrity, in 1997. It promotes the expertise and professionalism of those who are eligible to assist in the process of advance planning under state pre-need laws, and sets the industry standard of excellence and integrity in pre-planning through voluntary certification.

Through the CPC designation, NFDA grants formal recognition to individuals who have met certain predetermined requirements and who have successfully completed the CPC examination. Congrats to the professionals who earned this distinction!

CCMS Instructor Conducts Bereavement Training at Arlington National Cemetery

Teresa Dutko has had the privilege of developing a bereavement training program for staff at Arlington National Cemetery. This program was specifically designed for Arlington personnel who schedule, plan and coordinate funerals with military families. The goals of this training are to enhance funeral experiences for families served by the cemetery and to increase staff comfort around interacting with the bereaved.

This training represents Arlington's ongoing commitment to its mission: "On behalf of the American people, lay to rest those who have served our nation with dignity and honor, treating their families with respect and compassion, and connecting guests to the rich tapestry of the cemetery's living history, while maintaining these hallowed grounds befitting the sacrifice of all those who rest here in quiet repose." (www.arlingtoncemetery.mil)

The first series of small group training sessions was conducted in 2014. Plans are currently underway to schedule the next offerings in 2015.

Tomes From The Tomb
Selections from the CCMS Library

Memento Mori: The Dead Among Us
By Paul Koudounaris, 2015
Death is universal, but the human response to death varies widely. Through photos taken at more than 250 sites in thirty countries over a decade, Paul Koudounaris has captured death around the world. From Bolivia’s “festival of the little pug-nosed ones,” where skulls are festooned with flowers and given cigarettes to smoke and beanie hats to protect them from the weather to Indonesian families who dress mummies and include them in their household routines; from naturally preserved Buddhist monks and memorials to genocide in Rwanda and Cambodia to the dramatic climax of Europe’s great ossuaries, Memento Mori defies taboo to demonstrate how the dead continue to be present in the lives of people everywhere.

View this book on our online catalog: https://ccms.populiweb.com/library/resource.php?resourceID=6586437

The Funeral Director's Guide to Social Media
A Comprehensive Guidebook on Harnessing Technology to Serve More Families

Published by Kates-Boylston

The Funeral Director's Guide to Social Media provides tips and guidance on using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social media channels to reach new audiences and promote your funeral home. Topics include connecting with pet parents, online obituaries, and social media best practices. When used properly, social media can help expand your business and gain loyal customers.

View this book on our online catalog: https://ccms.populiweb.com/library/resource.php?resourceID=6573999


President's Note

The past few months have been full of exciting accomplishments. With a committed faculty and staff, CCMS has expanded its growth and achieved distinction in several areas such as becoming the first mortuary science educator to offer on-campus celebrant training as part of the bachelor program curriculum, as well as continuing to offer crematory operator certification to all students. Among many other exciting things, we recently welcomed the Dodge Co. technical seminar, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Honor Guard, and achieved the distinction of having the first ever Celebrant Trainers outside of Insight Institute on our faculty to certify our students. CCMS is also honored to announce that our Clinical Director, Wanda Lee, has been invited to teach a two week international program in Tanzania, Africa to promote safe embalming practices. More to follow on this amazing opportunity in the September e-newsletter!

As you can see, we have been very busy! It is noted that all of these accomplishments were achieved during the normal course of administration and educating. Great job to all the faculty and staff of CCMS!

From the Business Office

2015 Foundation Membership
Thank you to our members for their support of The Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education! This non-profit foundation supports the future continuity of CCMS, ensuring the stability and growth of one of the nation’s oldest and leading mortuary science educators. The 2015 Foundation Meeting was successful and informative, as was the annual Membership Drive. The foundation is pleased to have many renewing members, as well as new members, resulting in over $12,000 in member dues and additional contributions collected. Again, thank you!

If you have not begun or renewed your CFME membership, and would like to consider, please visit the Foundation Members page of our new website!

2015 Re-Accreditation
The ABFSE accreditation review went very well for the College. The final report will be made public at the NFDA convention this September and the college anticipates a good final report based on the team visit this past month.

David Kolbe Retires From the College's Board of Trustees

In May, David Kolbe exited as the Board's Vice-Chair after 10 years of committed service to the college. We extend deep appreciation to him, knowing the time and commitment necessary to fulfill these responsibilities. Mr. Kolbe has served the students of our college for years and will continue to do so through guest speaking and mentorship as a representative of Messenger. Thank you for years of service on the college's board, but we do not say goodbye – knowing that David continues his support of CCMS in many other ways!

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of our Vice-Chair, Frank Rosenacker, to this position. Mr. Rosenacker has been serving as the board’s Treasurer and executive officer for many years. Mike Ryan has been appointed to fulfill the duties of the Treasurer, previously overseen by Mr. Rosenacker. Visit the CCMS website Board of Trustees biographies to learn about the outstanding men and women who volunteer their time and service as Board executives and trustees to support and ensure the successes of our college!

CCMS Featured in Cincinnati Magazine

The June issue of Cincinnati Magazine features an interesting article about funeral service, with the input of Matt Rost of Gilligan Funeral Homes. Matt is a 1988 Alumnus of CCMS and Ivan P. Bowsher Award Recipient for outstanding skill in restorative Art. Also contributing to the publication is CCMS faculty member Teresa Dutko.

Take a look at the article here!

A Family Welcoming Families — Hope Hollow
A Place of Welcome, Hospitality and Hope

Kevin Clark, a 1980 CCMS alumnus, along with his wife Jane, are fulfilling their mission to serve in a very unique and admirable way. After being dealt two devastating blows, during the course of 3 years, through Jane's thyroid cancer diagnosis and subsequent breast cancer diagnosis, the Clark's made a purposeful shift to live in gratitude. From this choice, came Hope Hollow, a home away from home, offering respite care at no cost for those seeking cancer treatment care in Columbus and their families.

All donations to assist Hope Hollow in their amazing mission are tax deductible. As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, Hope Hollow is supported by donor gifts from those who believe in its mission: to offer complimentary lodging to persons with cancer, and their loved ones, in a peaceful and supportive environment.

Kevin Clark & Jane Jacquemin-Clark
P.O. Box 141423
Columbus, Ohio 43214
614.459-HOPE (4673)

Kevin and Jane Clark, Hope Hollow founders
Hope Hollow, Columbus Ohio 43214

Having seen the devastating effects of terminal illness both physically and financially, Kevin and Jane are working to expand their mission to offer financial support to families who do not have the financial means to fund funeral expenses. To offer financial support or provide resources to Hope Hollow as they embark on expanding their mission, please contact Kevin or Jane at hopehollow@columbus.rr.com or (614) 459-HOPE.


CCMS Loves Our Campus Visitors!

We always find it a privilege to have alumni and funeral service related professionals enhance the student learning experience by joining us on campus. We are thankful to the following recent visitors for sharing their time and knowledge with each of us!

If we have not mentioned you, it was not intentional – please let us know!

Dodge Co.
Debbie Dodge, Dodge Co.
Jack Adams, Dodge Co.
Duane Hedrick, Dodge Co.
Karl Wenzel, Dodge Co.
Jacquie Taylor, Dodge Co

Aurora Casket Company
Steve Slazyk

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Honor Guard
Master Sergeant (MSgt) Mark Lyle
Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Shawn McKellop
Senior Airman (SrA) Charles Burgoyne
Senior Airman (SrA) Sara Leeper
Airman First Class (A1C) Larissa Davis

College Board of Trustees

Alumni Visitors
Josh Martin
Andria Schrock
Allison Slipsky
David Tackett
Randy Schoedinger
Scott Mason
Danielle Davis
Ryan Summers
Kayla Craig
Eli Mullins
Jacob Bowers
Caleb Turnbull
Mike Ryan
John Gay
Frank Rosenacker

Thank You to Our Donors!
CCMS Extends Its Appreciation to Recent Donors For Their Support

If we have not mentioned you, it was not intentional – please let us know!

Dave Kolbe donated a Ferno Folding Emergency Stretcher to the CCMS lab.

Andrew George, class of 2015, with Dennis George Funeral Home, Cleves, Ohio donated plastic sheeting for the student’s Capstone Course.

Codi Kindoll, class of 2014, historical church bench

Mike Ryan, owner of Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home and 1977 alumnus, donated the following:
  • T-shirt inventory for the college's Open House and Event giveaways
  • Stationary, Register Books, and other learning tools for the student Capstone Course
  • Historical WWII Military shipping container (be sure to check out the September newsletter for a featured article of this amazing historical find!)
Esco Fluid Co. – Clinical Supplies
Dodge Co. – Clinical Supplies
Champion Fluids – Clinical Supplies

Dan Kennedy, current student, Vintage Magnifier (for the faculty and staff old eyes!)

An alumnus who wishes to remain anonymous (you know who you are!) donated some much needed clinical supplies, including a Ferno cot, two hydro aspirators, and ten rubber head blocks.

To the following Donors and Volunteers for the 2nd Annual Bowling Fundraiser on May 29:

Donors of Auction Baskets and Monies
Kathleen Shaffer
Tim King
Frank Rosenacker
Mike Ryan
John Gay
Gene Kramer
Leslie Boehm
Beth Williams
CCMS Sorority
CCMS Student Body
CCMS Library

Volunteers of time and labor
Tyler Levy
Paige Levy
Arlene Lawrence
Kathy Griffieth
Chelsea Force
Beth Williams
Leslie Boehm


Upcoming Continuing Education at CCMS

July 8, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.: NFDA's Certified Crematory Operator training at CCMS (Register)

July 14, 4 - 6 p.m.: Greater Cincinnati Funeral Service Association annual cookout at CCMS (Register)

Alumni News and Updates

Will Pumphrey, class 1998, 6th-generation director of Pumphrey Funeral Home in Rockville and Bethesda Maryland let us know that he is doing well and enjoying being a father to two beautiful daughters. He stays very busy serving families in their fast-paced Maryland firms and is looking to hire MD licensed directors to serve their families. Feel free to contact them for more details at pumphrey@pumphreyfh.com.

Caleb Turnbull, 2015 alumni, married his longtime sweetheart Emily in April 2015.

Bert Haskell, 1998 alumni and owner of Haskell-Hott Funeral Homes, is pleased to announce that Veronica Haskell, co-owner, has successfully achieved the distinction of Certified Funeral Celebrant. The Haskell’s feel privileged to provide meaningful personalized tribute options to each family served, under the guidance and specialized training of Ms. Haskell.

In Memory of CCMS Alumni

CCMS respectfully shares notice of Alumni memorials as provided by family members and published obituaries. If you would like to share an Alumni death on the CCMS website or in a future issue of the newsletter, please email the obituary/notice to alumni@info.edu.

CCMS extends condolences and prayers to those dealing with the grief of loss.

Recent Alumni Deaths
Kreinik, Charles, class of 2010, died unexpectedly on April 8 at the age of 28.

Doty, Kenneth "Bernie", class of 1969, died April 10 at the age of 68.


SCI Scholarship Experience — A Student Perspective
By Chelsea Force

Last year in December, I applied for the Service Corporation International Scholarship. All I knew about SCI was that they were a corporation, and they were offering free money (not to mention an all-expense paid trip to Houston) so I created a scholarship video, sent in my transcripts, and hoped for the best. I was notified at the end of February that I had been chosen as a finalist (along with 29 other students across the U.S.), and at the end of April I was on a plane headed to Houston.

Included in the trip was a paid visit to the National Funeral History Museum. We received a tour from a man who had seen the museum built in person. He had personal insight not only on the exhibits, but also how he had traveled across the country to bring these exhibits to Houston. However, even though the museum was a highlight of the trip, the most valuable experience came from the event SCI held at the Woodlands Resort.

At the Resort the staff from SCI's Houston office were present, as well as 15 SCI funeral directors that we would come to know as our judges. These men and women came from all over the United States, but their stories were universally applicable. We talked, we ate, we enjoyed the resort, but in the back of everyone’s minds was the dreaded interviews.

I had three interviews, about 30 minutes each, conducted by panels of five interviewers. Questions ranged from why we wanted to enter the profession to what we would do if we made a mistake on the job. Sitting at a table alongside funeral directors with upwards of 25 years of experience was nerve wracking to say the least, but they all seemed to be genuine and caring people. The interviews are stressful, and besides being honest and charismatic there is nothing more you can do to impress these directors. Despite the stress, it's important to take time to meet your fellow finalists and perhaps make a few friends. The friends I made there I hope to keep in contact with throughout not only my career, but my life as well.

At the end of the trip, the finalists discover if they've won $3,000 or $500. SCI calls you a couple of weeks after you return. Sadly, I only received a $500 scholarship. However, I would do it all again if I were asked to. The opportunity to meet a wide range of funeral directors, all from a corporation but with different stories to tell, is worth so much more than I realized. SCI also hopes to connect you with a funeral home where you can complete your apprenticeship. The possibilities only increase when you take a chance, take a plane, and take a journey to learn more and connect with others through the Service Corporation International Scholarship.

2015 Outlook Group Christian Chambers Scholarship Opportunity

This $2,000 scholarship opportunity is available to all mortuary science students enrolled in an accredited ABFSE program. Find the application here. Deadline is June 30.

CCMS graduate, Arielle Fouts, was awarded this scholarship while enrolled at CCMS in 2013!

Students Learn Funeral Honors From The Wright-Patterson AFB Honor Guard

Pictured: CCMS Fall 2014-2015 students
Senior Airman (SrA) Sara Leeper, Senior Airman (SrA) Charles Burgoyne, Master Sergeant (MSgt) Mark Lyle, Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Shawn McKellop, Airman First Class (A1C) Larissa Davis

Students were privileged to witness firsthand the professionals who honor our veterans funeral rites. The WPAFB Honor Guard spent time sharing their expertise of funeral honors, and it was an amazing experience for everyone at CCMS!

Dodge Co. Presents Their Technical Seminar to CCMS Students

Jacquie Taylor (sporting a stick-on mustache) teaches
CCMS student Terry Gatcher hair restoration techniques

When CCMS student Terry Gachter, pictured above, made the decision to travel much further to attend CCMS over another reputable mortuary college closer to his home, he knew it was the right decision for many reasons. The history of CCMS and the clinical experience (both embalming and restorative art) were just two advantages which helped him to make his decision.

You can bet Terry appreciated the opportunity to attend the Dodge Co. two-day technical seminar this past April on campus. Students and professionals learned some amazing techniques in embalming trauma cases (many of which would be determined non-viewable before applying the techniques), restorative arts, and so much more. Sufficed to say, we all learned some amazing techniques! Thank you to Debbie Dodge, Duane Hedrick, Jack Adams, Karl Wenzel and Jacquie Taylor for sharing your expertise in delivering an outstanding and very informative seminar to professionals and students.

1st CCMS Graduates to Become Certified Funeral Celebrants

Congratulations to this wonderful group of graduates on their achievements in earning certification as Funeral Celebrants! They will bring even more to the table for their employers and families they serve as they embark into the professional world. Great job!
Kelsey Katsanis, Jennifer Allen, Cristy Long, Ranee Martin,
Shirley Wagner, Aaricka Overstreet, Allison Slipsky, and Bailey McGill

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Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
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Melissa Kloss
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Robert Campbell
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Martin Molony
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Tim Schmidt
Robert Shank
Open House Dates
Thursday, June 25, 6-8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 3, 10 a.m.-Noon
Accreditation Statements
The Mortuary Science Program at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE).

3414 Ashland Avenue, Suite G
St. Joseph, MO 64506
(816) 233-3747
The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604
(800) 621-7440

2015 CCMS Calendar
JUNE 2015
June 10: District 11
June 18-20: Buckeye State Convention
June 17-19: Kentucky State Convention
June 25: Open House

JULY 2015
July 3: CLOSED Independence Day
July 8: NFDA CCO Training (Register!)
July 14: GCFSA Cookout at CCMS

Aug. 14: Term Ends
Aug. 15: Fall 2014-2015 Commencement
Aug. 17-28: Term Break (CLOSED)
Aug. 27: Fall 2015-2016 Orientation
Aug. 31: Term Start

Sept. 7: Labor Day (CLOSED)

Oct. 3: Open House
Oct. 18-21: National Convention Indianapolis

Nov. 12: Board of Trustees Meeting
Nov. 23-27: Fall Break (CLOSED)

Dec. 18: Term Ends
Dec. 19: Spring 2015-2016 Commencement
Dec. 23-25: Christmas Holiday (CLOSED)
Dec. 31: New Year Holiday (CLOSED)

Spring 2015 Dean's List
Congratulations to the students from each class who have made the Dean's List this term.

Jennifer Allen
Kaitlyn Allen
Alexandra Alverson
Scott Anderson
Alexander Bable
Lorenzo Bentley
Alexandra Boesinger
Crystal Brandfass
Samantha Conley
Jessica Cornist
Abigail Daffner
Morgan Denehy
Kendyl Duffield
Elizabeth Dunn
Jarrett Eckhardt
Edward Foos
Chelsea Force
Matthew George
Kathleen Griffieth
Tiffany Hill
Amanda Jones
Amber Jones
Kelsey Katsanis
Kyle Kight
Tyler Levy
Cristy Long
Miranda Mackey
Ranee Martin
Leigh Matchison
Kaitlyn Matz
Bailey McGill
Breanna McLaren
Nicholas Meyer
Allison Miller
Elizabeth Morgan
Anne Morgason
Jasmine Oliver
Aaricka Overstreet
Katy Purcell
Theresa Richardson
Miranda Robinson
Constance Scheanon
Allison Slipsky
Shirley Wagner
Kasey Waybright
Jarica Whiteman

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