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How Do I Define Practitioner of Mortuary Science?

Funeral professionals have been maligned in the media for years, but we don't have to let the media define us. Individually, we all have the power to define ourselves — and mortuary college is where it starts. As you build your educational foundation, you need to make a conscious decision on what type of death care professional you will become.

If your desire is to become a compassionate funeral director – it starts with compassion for your classmates, co-workers, and community; if you strive to be a person of calm and understanding – its starts when you extend calmness and understanding to your classmates, co-workers, and community; if you want to be a knowledgeable subject matter expert – it starts with your effort in the classroom.

What you will get out of your education is directly proportionate to what you put in to your education. If you miss the “A” this test, get up, brush yourself off, and continue to strive for an "A" on the next one. Learn from your missteps. Learn from your instructors, peers, and visiting speakers - but most importantly, decide now who you will strive to become. It is my sincere hope that each and every student graduates as the mature individual you aspire to be – serving with humility and reverence - remembering that it takes hard work to achieve anything that is worthwhile.

If you haven’t yet given considerable thought to what type of death care professional you aspire to become, it will be much more difficult to reach your goal. Aspirations are similar to reaching a destination - if you know your destination before you get in the car, you can map your route effectively and efficiently, arriving at your desired destination on time. On the other hand, if you just jump in the car and start driving without a known destination in mind, chances are you won't be satisfied with your destination. Know who you want to be, and then put forth the effort to become the death care professional you aspire to be. Don't get left behind.


New Campus Entry and Security System Installed

Installation of the college’s new entry and security system has been completed. The controlled access system came at the suggestion of a student. The improvement was one to ensure continuation of campus safety for all.

All exterior doors on campus now remain locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making the campus accessible by badge entry only. Faculty, staff, and students have been issued a programmed ID badge permitting access. Visitors now gain access through the front entry doors of the building using a doorbell linked to an internal intercom/camera system, allowing guests to be “buzzed” in.

In addition to the measures taken to ensure campus safety, CCMS will participate in an Active Shooting training program being held at the General Electric plant in Evendale, OH October 6th. CCMS students will in participate in victim moulage and school leadership will be involved in the “hotwash” exercise.

Dignified Storage Area

The college has completed construction of a Dignified Storage Area. This provides Anatomical Donors who are entrusted to our care and preparation to be treated with the dignity and respect deserved.

Financial Update

CCMS has complete the year-end financial audit successfully. Completion of the audit marks another consistent “unqualified” audit for the school – the highest ranking possible for a non-profit organization. We continue to grow and get stronger each year.

Welcome to Our New Administrative Assistance

CCMS welcomes the newest addition to the staff with the hiring of Karen Wolff, Administrative Assistant. Ms. Wolff serves as the front desk receptionist and provides support to faculty, staff, and the student body.

Please take a moment to welcome Ms. Wolff next time you stop in or call.


Beth Williams, who joined the staff in 2013, now serves as Special Assistant to President Lechner. Her primary focus is to ensure continuity of the President’s objectives, including continuing education and professional outreach, and alumni/student relations. She also serves as liaison to the college’s Board of Trustees and provides adjunct support in the clinical and restorative art labs.

Beth is a 1998 alumna of CCMS, having earned the B.M.S. She is an Ohio licensed and Certified Master Funeral Director/Embalmer, holds certifications in Crematory Operations and Preplanning Consulting, and is a registered notary in the state of Ohio.


John Gay Retires as Board Chair

The college’s Board of Trustees announced the retirement of John Gay from the Board of Trustees. Mr. Gay is a 1977 alumnus and has served on the college’s Board for over a decade, most recently as Board Chair, succeeding Mr. Jon Deitloff in 2013.

He is a licensed funeral director in Ohio and Kentucky and is the Managing Director of Linneman Funeral Home, where he has been employed since 1989. CCMS extends appreciation to Mr. Gay for his years of leadership.

Frank Rosenacker Installed as Board Chair

Frank Rosenacker has been installed as Chairperson for the college’s Board of Trustees. Mr. Rosenacker, a 1973 CCMS alumnus, licensed funeral director, and Attorney at Law, has served as a member of the Board since 2008, previously holding the positions of Treasurer and Vice-Chair.

Under Mr. Rosenacker’s leadership, the Board has taken a new and exciting direction through adoption and implementation of the Carver’s Non-Profit Board Governance Model. Under this model of governance, the Board has seen a palpable improvement and successfully created an attainable strategic plan for the future. The Board is proud to announce the appointment and installation of new members to create a well-rounded, diverse Board:
  • Jerome Webster, PhD, - President of Terra State Community College
  • Ken Peterson – Insurance Sales
  • Chris Homer – Licensed Funeral Director
Dr. Webster, Mr. Peterson, and Mr. Homer bring a collective expertise in areas of student learning, grant writing, scholarship opportunity, and fundraising.

The Board also appointed Michael Ryan to the position of Vice-Chair. Mr. Ryan is the owner of Vorhis & Ryan and 1978 CCMS alumnus. William Smith has been appointed to the position of Treasurer. Mr. Smith is a licensed funeral director serving Maeder-Quint-Tiberi Funeral Home in Ohio and a 2006 CCMS alumnus.


Higher Learning Commission Re-Accreditation Visit

CCMS will welcome the Higher Learning Commission’s visiting team February 27-28, 2017. The college received its regional accreditation in 1982 and has maintained that accreditation for nearly three and a half decades. The college’s regional accreditation through HLC is in addition to professional accreditation through the American Board of Funeral Service Education, which provides assurance that every credit earned at CCMS is easily transferred to any other college in the nation.

Public Comment Period for HLC Visit

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is seeking comments from the public about the College in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency. The College will host a visit Feb 27 - Feb 28, 2017, with a team representing the Higher Learning Commission. Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science has been accredited by HLC since 1982. The team will review the institution’s ongoing ability to meet HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation.

The public is invited to submit comments regarding the college on HLC’s website at www.hlccommission.org/comment or to the following address:

Public Comment on Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1411

Comments must be received in writing by January 27, 2017 and must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs.


Faculty Corner: Instructor Facilitates Arlington National Cemetery Training

Teresa Dutko has had the privilege of developing a bereavement training program, “Train the Trainer”, for staff at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC). This program was specifically designed for Arlington personnel who schedule, plan and coordinate funerals with military families. The goals of this training were to enhance funeral experiences for families served by the cemetery and to increase staff comfort around interacting with the bereaved.

During 2014-15, Ms. Dutko implemented this program at ANC through a series of small group sessions, resulting in the bereavement training of approximately 30 staff members. In collaboration with Interment Services at Arlington, it was decided that training graduates who demonstrated leadership potential would offer elements of this program to their peers. In late June 2016, four ANC staff members traveled to Cincinnati for 15 hours of training on the CCMS campus. In addition to enhanced bereavement content, techniques for how to effectively facilitate bereavement training were introduced. Participants were required to demonstrate skills learned by making a brief presentation at the conclusion of training.

President Jack Lechner and Ms. Dutko awarded trainees with Certificates of Completion. Additionally, the four ANC staff graciously agreed to participate in a panel discussion before departing campus. CCMS students had the opportunity to learn how services are scheduled and conducted at Arlington National Cemetery directly from those doing this important work.

Tomes From The Tomb
Selections from the CCMS Library

American Afterlife: Encounters in the Customs of Mourning

By Kate Sweeney

As radio reporter and producer Sweeney notes in this unsettling, compassionate volume on American mourning customs, death was once a ubiquitous part of American life; the Victorians raised mourning to an art form. To capture America's relationship to death today, Sweeney offers trivia and history (the term "casket" is an American invention), taking readers from the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield, Ill., to Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Ga., where she recounts the rise of the modern cemetery. She explores the new "green" funeral movement, obituary writing, the funeral urn business, and burial at sea. Readers meet mourners and those in their service: the memorial tattoo artist; the photographer who provides a last memento of newborns taken too soon; a funeral chaplain; and the mother who maintains a roadside memorial to her daughter. In addition, the author discusses larger issues, such as the American obsession with prolonging life at the expense of quality of life, or the remove at which we keep death today. Her stories originate mostly in the South, but have universal relevance. Sweeney writes with a deft touch and with empathy for mourners, whose stories she relays with clarity and care. – Publishers Weekly

See this book in the CCMS library catalog



Robert Boetticher, Sr. — Nearly 50 Years of Dedication to Funeral Service

Mr. Boetticher, President/CEO of LHT Consulting Group and Assistant to the Founder & Chairman Emeritus of Service Corporation International, has dedicated his entire professional career to serving families who have lost a loved one and to making the death care profession better. He is internationally recognized for planning and directing funeral and memorial services for celebrities and notable individuals. He was the lead funeral director and embalmer for the state funerals of President Gerald Ford and President Ronald Reagan, and has directed some of the most visible funerals in recent history for a variety of well-known politicians, cabinet members, business leaders, entertainers and clergy.

With a career spanning nearly five decades, Mr. Boetticher has become a renowned figure in the death care profession and made significant contributions to technological innovations including participation in the research and development of a new embalming fluid, Infinity 2000 – a phenol and formaldehyde free fluid that required no special safety precautions. He has also had consulting assignments for museums, production companies, radio programs and feature films, including "The Gangs of New York" and "A Woman of Independent Means". His television credits include work on Six Feet Under, the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel.

Mr. Boetticher recently took the time to contribute to CCMS student learning as a guest speaker in the classroom and accepted the invitation extended by students to be the keynote speaker delivering the fall 2016 Commencement address August 13th. CCMS is appreciative of the time and effort Mr. Boetticher volunteered for the sake of its students.


Arlene Lawrence Earns CFSP Mark of Excellence

Arlene Lawrence, 1998 alumna and Board of Trustees member, has earned the mark of excellence in completing the Certified Funeral Service Practictioner distinction through the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice.

Funeral professionals who earned the CFSP have displayed a commitment to personal and professional development, which when combined, help insure a better funeral service professional. Congratulations!


OBEFD Modifies Apprentice Task List

At the Tuesday, July 26, 2016 Special Meeting of the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, the Board voted to approve modifications to the "Apprenticeship Task Lists" effective immediately. The modifications, seen here in the OBEFD mark-up document and motion & language document, affect apprentices in the following manner according to the Ohio Board website:
  • One-Year Apprentices will follow the new modified Task Lists if the apprenticeship start date is February 1, 2016 or beyond. All others who started prior to February 1, 2016 will continue to follow the requirements from the former Task Lists.
  • Two-Year Apprentices will follow the new modified Task Lists if the apprenticeship start date is February 1, 2015 or beyond. All others who started prior to February 1, 2015 will continue to follow the requirements from the former Task Lists.

Continuing Education Programs in 2016

CCMS will host several more continuing education programs at the college in 2016 – September, October, and November. The remaining 2016 offerings include OFDA, GCFSA, and BIE for a total of more the 15 possible CEU’s. If you are short on Ohio’s required 18 CEU’s for this compliance period ending December 31st, this is your opportunity to conveniently complete your hours.

See remaining 2016 program offerings and registration links at our CCMS News & Events page.



Congratulations Fall Graduates

The Commencement Ceremony to celebrate the graduating fall 2016 class was held August 13th at St. Xavier Amphitheater. Congratulations are extended for your outstanding accomplishment, having earned the distinct privilege to reverently serve in this, your chosen profession.

Listed in alphabetical order:

Rachael Anderson, Alaynah Bakosh, Bob Brehm, Meaghan Bringer, Carrie Broughton, Ally Cabrera, Janae Brittany Campbell, David John Caplinger, Angela Carter, Delvaughn Clark, Jeremy Collins, Benjamin Dollarhide, Jacob Eldridge, Maxwell Erlewein, Kyle Andrew Eveland, Teresa Denise Givan, Alexys Lynne Gribble, Joseph Buehler Gustin, Jacqueline Hagemeister, Saleen Hail, Elyse A. Hall, Kelsey Hofer, Mike Hurtado, Quinaia Kellogg, Samantha Lambert, Megan Mary Reber, Andrew Reger, Kathryn Schroeder, Melissa Marie Spears, Rosemary Starcovic, Laura Starks, Jami Stevenson, Jonathan Bobby Strickland, Vanessa Sheree Summers, Kyle Turner, Paul Ulmer, Brittany Vigar, and Julia Wiget

Classmates Honor Peer During Commencement

This day of celebration for thirty-eight graduates was also one shared in remembrance for classmate and friend, Alec Burkeen. Alec unexpectedly died while attending CCMS in 2015. He was scheduled to graduate August 13, 2016, so his peers, faculty, and staff used this special day to honor Alec. The seat in which he would have sat was adorned with his graduate gown and cap, decorated by classmates, alongside his student portfolio.

Alec’s father, Jimmie Burkeen, traveled from DeSoto, MO. to be with Alec’s class on what would have been the day his son was to graduate. We feel privileged to have had Alec’s father with us on this memorable day. On behalf of President Lechner and the faculty, and unbeknownst to the Burkeen family, a posthumous Associate of Applied Science diploma was presented to Mr. Burkeen in honor of his son by Academic Chair, Teresa Dutko.

Presenting Alec's diploma Jacob Eldridge and Kyle Eveland presenting memorial plaque

Graduates Earning Latin Honor Distinction

We are proud to announce twenty-three of thirty-eight students graduated with Latin Honor distinction.

Suma Cum Laude "with the highest distinction" 4.0 – 3.85 GPA:
Bob Brehm, Ally Cabrera, Angela Carter, Jeremy Collins, Jacob Eldridge, Kyle Eveland, Elyse Hall, Kelsey Hofer, Quinaia Kellogg, Samantha Lambert, Rosemary Starcovic, Laura Starks, Kyle Turner

Magna Cum Laude "with great distinction" 3.84 – 3.70 GPA:
Alaynah Bakosh, David Caplinger, Teresa Givan, Jacqueline Hagemeister, Saleen Hail, Andrew Reger

Cum Laude "with distinction" 3.69 – 3.50 GPA:
Rachael Anderson, Alexys Gribble, Paul Ulmer, Julia Wiget

Graduate Awards for Excellence

Class President Recognition
Nunnamaker Memorial Award
Dr. George M. Sleichter Award
James C. Lyerly Management Award
Charles O. Dhonau Memorial Embalming Award
Arthur J. Russler Memorial Award
Ohio Embalmers Association Award
Dodge Award
Administrative Support Recognition
Clinical Lab Assistant Recognition
Clinical Intake Assistant Recognition
Ivan P. Bowsher Award
Joel E. Crandall Award
Homer D. Leffler Funeral Directing Award
OFDA Leadership Award
Kyle Andrew Eveland
Jeremy Collins
Kyle Andrew Eveland
Maxwell Erlewein
Ally Cabrera
Andrew Reger
Bob Brehm
Jacob Eldridge
Angela Carter
Bob Brehm & Ally Cabrera
Jeremy Collins
Elyse A. Hall
Angie Carter & Teresa Givan
Samantha Lambert
Kyle Andrew Eveland

Dean's List Fall Semester 2016

From the Fall 2016 Class:
Rachael Anderson, Alaynah Bakosh, Robert Brehm, Meaghan Bringer, Alta Cabrera, David Caplinger, Angela Carter, Jeremy Collins, Jacob Eldridge,Maxwell Erlewein,Kyle Eveland, Teresa Givan, Alexys Gribble, Joseph Gustin, Jacqueline Hagemeister, Saleen Hail, Elyse Hall, Kelsey Hofer, Michael Hurtado, Quinaia Kellogg, Samantha Lambert, Andrew Reger, Kathryn Schroeder, Melissa Spears, Rosemary Starcovic, Laura Starks, Jonathan Strickland, Vanessa Summers, Kyle Turner, Paul Ulmer, Julia Wiget

From the Spring 2017 Class:
Annissa Green, Devan Kennedy, Beth Markland, Timothy Moquin, Nicholas Nester, Curtis Parish, David Pemberton, Jessica Roberts, Laura Shadoan


Bob Brehm, Fall 2016

In the fall of 2015 Bob Brehm followed through on a decision he had made nearly two decades earlier to pursue an education and career in funeral service. Bob came to CCMS from Wauseon, Ohio where, in 1988 while still in high school, he gained his first exposure to the funeral profession. Hesitant at first, he quickly developed a level of comfort for the clinic aspect and a sense of value for the service aspect. He began his college studies at Bowling Green State University, transferring to Northwest State Community College in Archbold, OH before events in his life put his dream on hold.

Bob spent the next 14 years as a public safety dispatcher with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, as well as serving in the fire/EMS field, and becoming a father to his beautiful daughter.

In 2011 he resumed his pursuit of education, graduating from NSCC with his AAS and subsequently accepting a full time position with Anderson funeral Home in Adrian, MI. Bob enrolled at CCMS fall 2015, graduating with summa cum laude distinction. He was awarded the Ohio Embalmers Association Lester Wakeham Award for the combined theory and practice of embalming, and served as the CCMS Clinical Lab Assistant. He is currently completing the Bachelor of Mortuary Science degree program and plans to return to Wauseon for co-op and apprenticeship with Grisier Funeral Homes.

Bob is eager to realize his dream of becoming a funeral director and begin serving families in his hometown. He places great value on the comprehensive education received at CCMS and the lasting relationships he has developed with peers, faculty, and staff, all of whom he considers family.


Welcome New Students!

Welcome to the 36 incoming fall students who completed orientation August 29th. New students received one-on-one “CCMS-style” hospitality by current students with campus exploration and Q&A. Students acclimated quickly and comfortably as a result of the connections made on that first day! These initial connections are the foundation upon which we build a supportive learning environment for students and lifelong relationships for alumni.

Thank you to our student body for consistently creating a warm, inviting campus to all.

New Lab Assistants

Two student lab assistants have been selected from the incoming class to serve in the clinical lab alongside current lab assistants Nick Nester and Beth Markland. Thank you to outgoing lab assistants Bob Brehm and Ally Cabrera who graduated in August.

Congratulations and a warm welcome to Peyton Whited and Joe Mason.

Learn more about Peyton Learn more about Joe Learn more about Nick Learn more about Beth

Capstone is underway at CCMS!

Semester III offers Capstone curriculum, where students implement prior course material to stage funeral services from first call through final disposition. Capstone provides students with hands-on experience in serving a mock bereaved family, including clinical preparation, cosmetics, dressing and casketing, arranging, funeral directing, and preparing the required forms and paperwork. See the Capstone students in action below.

"Funeral Director" Annissa Green assists "bereaved family members" Nick Nester and Devan Kennedy during a mock capstone visitation.

Celebrant Training Gearing Up

A unique offering of CCMS is the Celebrant Certification students receive as part of the semester IV BMS management course Funeral Service Seminar. CCMS is the first, and currently only mortuary science educator, to offer this distinction to all BMS students. This course provides an in-depth exploration of current issues and trends in funeral service, covering key topics such as contemporary legal issues, creative funeral home offerings, pet services, and effective use of social media and technology in the funeral home.

Celebrants work directly with the funeral director on the arrangements and elements of the service and are dedicated to the concept of providing a tribute that reflects the lifestyle and beliefs of the individual. Your service can have any elements, music and readings that are right for you and for your family.

When you have a family in need of a Celebrant to create meaningful, non-secular tributes and memorialization, you will find the Celebrant you need through the comprehensive list available at the Insight Find a Celebrant" page.

A Note of Appreciation to Students From President Lechner

"I extend my appreciation to the student body for their efforts in keeping our campus clean and inviting. I see students picking up waste both inside and out and keeping the areas where you study and socialize clean and comfortable. Your efforts are recognized. I would ask that you continue to give your attention to maintaining a clean and presentable campus, specifically the auditorium and student lounge area. Alumni and visitors often drop in, sharing positive feedback about campus appearance and the warm welcome received. I encourage you to report any identifiable issues to your instructors and staff which may need to be addressed." — President Jack E. Lechner, Jr.



Will Pumphrey, class of 1998, traveled to Cincinnati to visit the school and conduct apprentice interviews for his family funeral home located in Maryland.

Andi Schrock, Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Homes and 2014 alumna, visited the Restorative Arts lab where she demonstrated airbrush cosmetic techniques.

Arlington National Cemetery employees Joe Mercer, Mark Parker, Andrea Stephens Jackson, and Anthony Whalen joined us on campus for a multi-day “Train the Trainer” program facilitated by Certified Celebrant Trainer, Teresa Dutko.


Robert Pumphrey Funeral Homes located in Bethesda, Maryland graciously donated financial support.

Frank Rosenacker, alumnus and Board of Trustees Chair, graciously donated financial support.

Mike Ryan, alumnus and Board of Trustees Vice-Chair, donated a transport vehicle on behalf of Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Home.

Greater Cincinnati Funeral Service Association graciously donated financial support

Newcomer Funeral Home delivered a custom finished table which had been donated by their firm for use during Capstone curriculum.

Carol Kridler, donated her father’s vintage funeral cosmetics kit along with historical service publications and education literature.


"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering" - Ben Okri

John W. Vinnedge,, father of CCMS instructor and alumnus John W. Vinnedge II, passed away in Hamilton, Ohio July 11, 2016. Services for John’s father were July 14th under the care of Webster Funeral Home.

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