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Congratulations to the following students who completed the A.A.S. curriculum requirements:
Kaitlyn Marie Allen, Alexandra Alverson, Gabrielle M. Angner, Désirée Banks, Allie Boesinger, Crystal Brandfass, Beth B. Breckenridge, Taylor Briggs, John Combs, Brandon Compton, Samantha Lee Conley, Jaimie Cromwell, Abby Daffner, Morgan M. Denehy, Kendyl Duffield, Liz Dunn, Jarrett Lee Eckhardt, Miles Foos, Chelsea Force, Terry Joseph Gachter, Jr., Andrew George, Matt George, Kathy Griffieth, Tiffany Hill, Terrence T. Hoening, Amber Jones, Dan Kennedy, Kyle Michael Kight, Tyler Levy, Kaitlyn Matz, Nicholas Meyer, Allison Marie Miller, Alysse Morgason, Katy Purcell, Constance Scheanon, Christie May Stephens, Ashley Thacker, Kasey Waybright, Jarica Tempest Whiteman
CCMS is Proud to Announce the Commencement of the Fall 2014-2015 Cohort

On Saturday, August 15, together with the families and friends of 39 Associate of Applied Science in Mortuary Science graduates, we celebrated the college's 133rd year and the commencement of an outstanding class of men and women. Graduates were honored to welcome Mr. Jack E. Lechner, Jr. as the guest speaker for the ceremony.

Each graduate is commended for this accomplishment and recognized for the dedication and hard work put forth in achieving this goal. Twenty-seven graduates have continued into the fourth semester bachelor program at CCMS.

View the Commencement Program here


CCMS Conducts Embalming Training in East Africa
By Wanda M. Lee

This past February CCMS was contacted about the possibility of conducting training outside the United States. After numerous phone calls, emails, and much planning things were finalized. On the morning of Wednesday, June 24th I began my journey to Mwanza, Tanzania (East Africa), to teach basic embalming skills, improved safety standards and the use of modern mortuary equipment to a team of ten employees at the Bugando Medical Centre Mortuary.

I co-taught with Dr. Bill Ralston, Forensic Pathologist. We trained at the request of a non-governmental, U.S. based (NYC) humanitarian organization, The Touch Foundation, through a grant funded largely by USAID. The grant allowed the Touch Foundation to have an entirely new mortuary built for the medical center, increasing the mortuary space by 180%! The mortuary was also fitted with all new equipment, which was new to the team of forensic techs and embalmers. Thus our training began by assisting with the set-up of the facilities and implementation of the new equipment.

Tanzania does not have funeral homes as we know them in the United States. Rather, there are mortuaries at major hospitals where both post-mortem examination and embalming are conducted. Upon completion of the autopsy and/or embalming, family members arrive, bearing a casket, and perform the ceremonial washing of the body. Their loved one is then shrouded and casketed by the family, with the assistance of a mortuary team member. The family then leaves with the casketed remains, usually placed in the back of a truck, to travel back to their home or village. Some families will then choose cremation but most choose burial.

This was an amazing opportunity for CCMS to participate in funeral service at a global level. It took a true team effort by faculty, staff, adjuncts, and students to make this successful. Thanks to all of them for the role they had in allowing CCMS to effectively participate in this once in a life time opportunity.

I eagerly maintain regular communication with both the Touch Foundation and the mortuary staff. A long term relationship, and on-going training, is the goal of all parties. It is with excitement that we look to the future to develop new opportunities to assist our friends and colleagues in Mwanza.

Mortuary under construction. Also seen are a portion of the city of Mwanza and Lake Victoria in the background. Click the photo to visit the Touch Foundation’s Facebook page:

CCMS Exhibit at the 2015 National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association (NFDMA) Convention in St. Louis

CCMS Admissions Director Dr. Blanche Kabengele joined exhibitors at the NFDMA Convention in St. Louis from Aug. 2-6. Dr. Kabengele had the pleasure to represent the college alongside distinguished CCMS alumni and funeral professionals Ms. Arlene Lawrence, CCMS board member; Ms. Senta Folds, 2002 CCMS alumna/adjunct clinical instructor; Ms. Larissa Jones, 2014 CCMS alumna; and Ms. LaToya Henderson, 2010 CCMS alumna.

Dr. Kabengele feels privileged to have met CCMS 1967 alumnus Larry Fluker, as well as numerous alumni from across the nation, including California, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan and Florida. Attendance at the conference afforded her the great opportunity to showcase the college's assets, such as curriculum which provides celebrant training and certified crematory operator training to students. Many visitors stopped by the booth to inquire about CCMS and were impressed with the college's history and tenure as one of the leaders in the field of Mortuary Science for over 130 years.

Dr. Kabengele, not being a licensed funeral professional, embraces these wonderful opportunities to continually learn about funeral service, a knowledge she values and one which enables her to connect with prospective students both over the phone and in person. Overall, Dr. Kabengele's representation of CCMS at the NFDMA Convention conveyed the college's mission and continued vestment in delivering quality education to past, present, and future students and our commitment to remain an invaluable resource to funeral professionals across the nation.

To contact Dr. Blanche Kabengele, CCMS Admissions Director & Registrar, please email bkabengele@ccms.edu or call (513) 761-2020.

From the Business Office

It has been a busy summer for CCMS! We have changed our accounting period from the calendar year (January to December) to the academic calendar year (July to June), resulting in an extra financial audit this year. All indicators point towards a positive outcome, but we are waiting on the audit to be finalized.

The college's driveway and parking lot have been resurfaced, adding much needed curb appeal as well as repair to the multiple potholes to reduce wear and tear on all vehicles frequenting the college. Resurfacing is a temporary fix, unfortunately, as we work towards a budget that enables the college to fund a complete renovation to the drive and parking area in the next couple of years.

Recently, the college experienced a significant failure to the roof structure. This requires a fairly immediate repair, which we anticipate will be rather expensive. We are actively seeking bids for the necessary repairs and ask anyone who may have a recommendation or connection with a roofing professional (hopefully one who has a fondness for the limitations of non-profit educational facility budget!) to please send them, or their contact information, to the Business Manager at lboehm@ccms.edu. We extend our advance appreciation for any referrals you may have.

We have budgeted to begin interior painting in the next couple of months as well. Finally the clinical lab will receive a long awaited facelift. We know that this may prove challenging to the daily operations, but the priority will continue to be student learning and service to funeral professionals and donor program first.

Tomes From The Tomb
Selections from the CCMS Library

Beyond the Dark Veil: Post Mortem and Mourning Photography from the Thanatos Archive
By Jack Mord, 2014
Beyond the Dark Veil is a compilation of more than 120 extraordinary and haunting photographs and related ephemera documenting the practice of death and mourning photography in the Victorian Era and early twentieth century. Supplemented with original newspaper articles, clippings, funeral notices, memorial ephemera and more, the collection will take us on a journey through a fascinating, moving, and melancholically beautiful part of our past. The images in Beyond the Dark Veil speak to us: they speak of love, loss, lives cut short, brave final hours, shattered families, and the depths of the human spirit. Contains 194 images of hand-colored photographs, albumen prints, ambrotypes, cabinet cards, carte de viste, daguerreotypes, gelatin silver prints, opaltypes, real photo postcards, stereoviews, tintypes, and supplementary articles and related ephemera. See this item in the CCMS library catalog: https://ccms.populiweb.com/library/resource.php?resourceID=6657379

Consuming Grief: Compassionate Cannibalism in an Amazonian Society
By Beth A. Conklin, 2001
Mourning the death of loved ones and recovering from their loss are universal human experiences, yet the grieving process is as different between cultures as it is among individuals. As late as the 1960s, the Wari' Indians of the western Amazonian rainforest ate the roasted flesh of their dead as an expression of compassion for the deceased and for his or her close relatives. By removing and transforming the corpse, which embodied ties between the living and the dead and was a focus of grief for the family of the deceased, Wari' death rites helped the bereaved kin accept their loss and go on with their lives. Drawing on the recollections of Wari' elders who participated in consuming the dead, this book presents one of the richest, most authoritative ethnographic accounts of funerary cannibalism ever recorded. Beth Conklin explores Wari' conceptions of person, body, and spirit, as well as indigenous understandings of memory and emotion, to explain why the Wari' felt that corpses must be destroyed and why they preferred cannibalism over cremation. Her findings challenge many commonly held beliefs about cannibalism and show why, in Wari' terms, it was considered the most honorable and compassionate way of treating the dead. See this item in the CCMS library catalog: https://ccms.populiweb.com/library/resource.php?resourceID=6586383


CCMS President Eugene Kramer Announces December 2015 Retirement

President Gene Kramer will be retiring at the end of the year after two and half years of leadership. On behalf of the college, we extend appreciation for the successes Mr. Kramer's leadership has had on the financial future of CCMS.

Letter from President Kramer President Search Publication


Thank You to Our Visitors and to Those Who Support the Mission of CCMS!

We always find it a privilege to welcome volunteers, alumni, and funeral service professionals on campus to enhance learning and share in our Mission in so many unique ways. We are thankful to the following recent visitors for sharing their time and knowledge with each of us!

  • Shawn Smith – Alumnus: Spoke to students and also was the guest speaker during GCFSA Continuing Education in July

  • Codi Kindoll – 2014 Alumnus: Provided mentorship in the Restorative Arts lab

  • John Hagan – 1993 Alumnus: Visiting son who is enrolled in B.M.S.

  • Randy Schoedinger - Alumnus: Apprentice interview day on June 10th

  • Holly Baxter-Bridgers – Alumnus, Baxter Burial Vault: Classroom guest speaker

  • Greater Cincinnati Funeral Service Association (Continuing Ed. event)
    • Jackie Hahn – Alumna
    • Lloyd Rankin – Alumnus
    • Jane Ludlow - Alumna

CCMS extends its appreciation to the following recent donors for their support:
  • Chuck Wisby, E.C. Nurre Funeral Home: Donated professional business wardrobe

  • Beth Williams, 1998 Alumna: Donated sectional down sofa to student lounge

  • John Gay, Linneman Funeral Home & CCMS Board Chair: Financial donation

  • Terry Gatcher, 2015 Alumnus: Donated A.A.S. program textbooks to the new “Book Borrow” program to benefit CCMS students who may not have the resources to purchase books

  • Anonymous 2014 Alumna: Donated R.A. Armature to a current student

  • Esco Fluid Co.: Clinical Supplies

  • Dodge Co.: Clinical Supplies

  • Champion Fluids - Clinical Supplies
Thank you to the following for spending the July 4th holiday weekend painting and updating the student lounge:
  • Tyler Levy
  • Paige Levy
  • Miles Foos
  • Beth Williams
Thank you to those who have donated time and labor to make our events, open house, graduation and orientation spectacular: CCMS Faculty and Staff:
  • Chelsea Force
  • Kathy Griffieth
  • Amber Jones
  • Scott Anderson
  • Branden Catchen
  • Cameron Crofoot
  • Jasmine Oliver
  • Kandice Saulsberry
  • Jessica Cornist
  • Ashley Thacker
  • Miranda Mackey
  • Miranda Robinson
Many thanks to those who volunteered their time for the following events:
  • GCFSA Continuing Ed. Meeting
  • CCMS Orientation
  • CCMS Open House
  • CCMS Graduation
If you or your business would like to support CCMS through a charitable or goods contribution, please let us know.

CCMS is currently in search of the following, new or used, and would be most appreciative of anything you may be in a position to donate:
  • vigil candles
  • register book stands
  • casket holders (biers, church trucks, etc. for the merchandising applications room)
  • restorative art accessories (wigs, eyeglasses, cosmetics/brushes, etc. for the RA Lab)


CCMS Alumni Directory Update

The College recently learned that Alumni Research, Inc. (“ARI”) and its CEO, Robert Laping, filed for bankruptcy protection in August 2015. The Florida Attorney General had previously filed a claim for unfair and deceptive trade practices against ARI and Mr. Laping in June 2015 to seek recovery and damages associated with the prepaid yet unfulfilled directories for multiple consumers. The Attorney General has received approval from the bankruptcy court to continue to pursue this claim.

We have informed the Attorney General that our alumni have been impacted in the same manner as the other 43 schools’ alumni discovered thus far. Assistant Attorney General Amanda Sansone has asked that we direct you to www.myfloridalegal.com, where you can file an individual complaint. She also asked that we provide her address at 3507 East Frontage Road, Suite 235, Tampa, FL 33507, so that you can send her any written contracts, invoices, and other documents you have received from ARI. It is possible that the Florida Attorney General or the bankruptcy trustee may contact anyone who prepaid for a directory.

As for the College, we have successfully retrieved much of the property we provided to ARI that was to be used in the directory publication.

We are unsure if any financial recovery will be available to remedy this horrific situation; however, the College intends to monitor the Attorney General's case and the bankruptcy proceedings and we will provide updates on Our Alumni page of our website www.ccms.edu.

View the Complaint for Injunctive Relief document here as published by Florida local 10 news.

Keep CCMS Up To Date As We Work to Secure New Records Management and Future Directories

Unfortunately, as of now, we have not received the entirety of our alumni records database for all contact updates made in 2014 and 2015 via ARI phone contact or online.

CCMS would be most grateful if you would take a moment to update your contact information via the online form on our website. It's important that you keep your contact information current with CCMS to ensure successful communication and accurate alumni directories.

Faculty and Staff Enjoyed a Wonderful Visit and Dinner With Alumni From the Fall 2014-2015 Class

Pictured left to right: Ryan Summers, Bailey McGill, John Vinnedge, Wanda Lee, Beth Williams, Leslie Boehm, Jacob Bowers, Eli Mullins, Kayla Craig, and Melissa Kloss

Alumni Updates

Terry Gachter, 2015 alumnus, and his wife Ashley Rose welcomed the birth of their first child, daughter Anahliyah Rose Gachter born August 24, 2105. Their healthy baby girl weighed 7lbs 4 ounces and is doing wonderful, as are the new parents.

Angel Mouch-Capsis, 1995 alumna, checked in to say hello through the Keep in Touch page of the new CCMS website.

Researchers from Ohio History Connection Visit CCMS

CCMS was happy to welcome Jack Downs and David Hatfield, members of the Ohio History Connection, on June 20 to research undertaking in the 1890's. Jack and Dave met with faculty member Melissa Kloss, an instructor for the Historical to Contemporary Funeral Practices course taught at CCMS. Mrs. Kloss gave a brief outline of the history of the funeral service profession in the United States, and the three had a lively discussion of funeral customs in the 1800's. Jack and Dave also utilized the CCMS library for their research, consulting books such as “The History of American Funeral Directing” by Habenstein & Lamers; and "The Hour of our Death" by Philippe Aries.

Jack and Dave later sent a follow-up email thanking us for our "unbelievable hospitality" and knowledge of the profession. They will be portraying 1890's characters in the Ohio Village next year. We wish them luck on their performance and are glad we could share our knowledge!

CCMS Is Privileged to Partner With Funeral Professionals Across the Nation Through Our Student Co-Op Program

Recent Associate degree graduates are preparing to begin practical learning within funeral homes across the nation during the Bachelor Co-op program curriculum. These amazing opportunities are not possible without the mentorship of licensed funeral directors serving as Preceptors to CCMS students. CCMS extends its appreciation to all the funeral homes who are committed to mentoring these future professionals!

If you are interested in becoming a Preceptor, please contact the Co-op Program Director, Ms. Teresa Dutko at tdutko@ccms.edu or learn more by visiting the Preceptor page of our website.

Earning the Distinction of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner

Becoming a CFSP is the highest professional designation one can achieve in funeral service, according to The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, Inc. The Academy was founded in 1976 to acknowledge licensed funeral service practitioners who have a passion for personal and professional development. The Academy’s voluntary certification program provides professionals the opportunity to earn the Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP) designation as an industry-recognized mark of their skill, experience and education. Learn more about becoming a CFSP by visiting http://www.apfsp.org.

Annual GCFSA Cookout at CCMS

GCFSA held its annual continuing education cookout at CCMS July 14. Thank you to all attendees and volunteers, including CCMS students who donated their time to make the cookout a success. We could not have done so without your contribution and commitment!

Shawn Smith, the guest speaker during this continuing education event, shared insight regarding the Newtown, CT. tragedy. It was both informative and emotional.

Shawn is a graduate of CCMS and licensed funeral director. It was a privilege welcoming him, on behalf of GCFSA, to our campus.

Special thank you to the following for their efforts and assistance to provide an enjoyable evening for area professionals:

Event organization
Jackie Hahn
Jane Ludlow
Lloyd Rankin
Beth Williams
Leslie Boehm

CCMS student volunteers
Tyler Levy
Kyle Kight
Brandon Catchen
Scott Anderson
Kathy Griffieth
Chelsea Force
Amber Jones
Amanda Jones

Food and beverage
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
Mike Ryan

In Memory

CCMS was notified of the following alumni deaths

Neal, Philip Michael "Mike":
1987 CCMS Alumnus, of Catlettsburg passed away July 5, 2015 at the age of 40. Past President of the Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky.

William Theodore Bear II:
Owner and funeral director, Bear Funeral Home, Churchville, Virginia, died June 18, 2015, at age 90. Bear was a graduate of Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and served as a licensed funeral director for 68 years. He is survived by children William T. III, Judi and Jill; and three grandchildren.

Gerald Ralph Patrick "Jerry":
Father-in-law of CCMS Adjunct instructor Joe Getts died July 15, 2015. Mr. Patrick, of Miamisburg, OH, was a decorated WW II U.S. Navy Veteran serving in the South Pacific theatre on the USS Suwannee. He was a retired property accountant at Monsanto Mound Laboratories in Miamisburg and a member of Trinity Church of Miamisburg. He is survived by his wife of 65 years Marylin (Lightcap) Patrick; son Eric J. "Rick" (Faith) Patrick and wife Faith; and daughter Jeri (Joe) Getts.


Together, We Grieve the Loss of CCMS Student Alec Burkeen

Our hearts are heavy as we announce the unexpected death of Alec Burkeen on September 23, 2015. Alec was a first semester CCMS student and is survived by his parents, brother, and other extended family and friends.

Alec came to CCMS from DeSoto, Missouri after making the decision to entrust CCMS with his education. He was incredibly excited to begin his life venture and was welcomed into the CCMS family this past August. Alec quickly befriended a group of classmates and was known on campus for his smile, kind disposition, and faith in God even by those who had not yet had the opportunity to really get to know him. Alec came to Cincinnati this past July to begin his employment with Naegle- Kleb-Ihlendorf Funeral Home in Norwood, under the mentorship of Jackie Hahn, Tara Fridley, and Bernie Naegle. "Alec was friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to learn, which made him very good at what he did. Our hearts are heavy, Alec will truly be missed," said Jackie Hahn.

We were privileged to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Burkeen to campus this past weekend, where they were presented individual handwritten remembrance notes from Alec’s peers. They found solace and comfort in walking through the halls where Alec’s mother stated her son “was so happy.” Our prayers and thoughts continue for the Burkeen family, the CCMS student body and administration, and the entire staff of Naegle- Kleb- Ihlendorf Funeral Home.

The Burkeen family has graciously donated Alec's textbooks to the CCMS Book Borrow Program, a perpetual borrowing program established to assist students with textbook expenses. Mr. and Mrs. Burkeen plan to establish a scholarship fund to assist future CCMS students in honor of Alec. Contributions may be made by contacting the CCMS Business Office.

Visitation for Alec was September 29th in his hometown of DeSoto, Missouri, with funeral services and burial September 30th. A memorial service was organized and held locally this past Thursday at CCMS to honor Alec's life through the sharing of memories by his classmates, faculty, and staff. We walk united in our grief with Alec’s family for this terrible loss.

We are incredibly saddened to have lost Alec. Please join us in lifting Alec’s family, friends, and fellow classmates in prayer.

Read published death notice for Alec

100 Black Women of Funeral Service Scholarship Recipients
Submitted by: Dr. Blanche Kabengele, CCMS Admissions Director & Registrar

July 20, 2015: Elleanor Davis Starks, executive director of 100 Black Women in Funeral Service, called me soliciting for CCMS to include an ad in the 100 Black Women's magazine. In addition, Mrs. Starks suggested that I relay to the CCMS African-American student population that the 100 Black Women organization offered a scholarship that they should seriously consider applying for.

Knowing the importance of financial assistance for so many of today's college students, I immediately sent an email to all of the African-American female students. Of the eligible students, four responded: Jessica G. Cornist, Jasmine M. Oliver, Claire B. Sadler and Kandice C. Saulsberry. The students are all in their third semester planning to graduate with the Associate of Applied Science this December. As a result of their efforts, it is with great pleasure I announce all four students were awarded $250.00 each based on GPAs' and outstanding Funeral Service Career Choice essay entries.

This past August, I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Starks, while representing CCMS at the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association NFDMA Convention in St. Louis. Over and over, Mrs. Starks expressed her amazement with the level of professionalism our students demonstrated. She went on to say how captivated she was with the students' enthusiasm as they not only submitted individual photos, as required, but submitted a group picture. Later, Mrs. Starks contacted the students regarding paying for their admission to the NFDA Convention coming up this October in Indianapolis.

Please join me in congratulating the following well deserving young ladies:

Left to right: Jasmine Oliver, Jessica Cornist, Claire Sadler, Kandice Saulsberry

Visit 100 Black Women of Funeral Service to learn more about this scholarship opportunity.

CCMS Academic Scholarship Awarded to 8 Incoming Students

August 2015 marked the inauguration of a new CCMS Academic Scholarship. This scholarship offers up to ten incoming students the opportunity to receive an award up to $1,500 tuition assistance distributed over the first three semesters as eligible.

Students who qualified for consideration transferred to CCMS with an overall GPA of 3.2 and higher, as well as submitted a 250 word essay on the topic: "Factors that influenced my decision to enter the funeral service profession."

Thank you to all students who applied. CCMS is proud to announce and congratulate the following eight award recipients:

Rachael Anderson
Ally Cabrera
Angela Carter
Jacob Eldridge
Elyse Hall
Rosemary Starcovic
Paul Ulmer
Alec Burkeen: We are saddened at the recent sudden passing of Alec, scholarship recipient. An article in memory of Alec can be read in this issue "Together, We Grieve the Loss of CCMS Student Alec Burkeen."

Inaugural Dodge Co. Award Presented to Kathy Griffieth of Troy, Ohio

Melissa Kloss presents on behalf of Dodge Co. to Kathy Griffieth

CCMS graduates were privileged to have been the first students ever to be considered during the inauguration of The Dodge Co. Award. The Dodge Co. issues this award in recognition of exceptional student advancement in the art of embalming. Graduate Kathy Griffieth is the first graduate ever to receive this honor. It is with deep appreciation that CCMS presented this award on behalf of The Dodge Co. during the Fall 2014-2015 Commencement Ceremony.

Restorative Art Project Awards

Restorative Art Projects earning "Showcase Placement"

The following people have been chosen to have their projects displayed in the college's entryway showcase (in alphabetical order):

Alex Alverson Likeness of Quentin Tarantino, American Actor/Director/Screenwriter
Morgan Denehy Likeness of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States
Abby Daffner Likeness of Stephen King, American Author
Liz Dunn Likeness of Maggie Smith, English Film/Stage/Television Actress
Chelsea Force Likeness of Walt Disney, American Cartoonist/Animator/Film Producer
Tiffany Hill Likeness of Jensen Ackles, American Actor/Director
Dan Kennedy Likeness of Jimi Hendrix, American Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter
Kaitlyn Matz Likeness of Liam Neeson, Irish Actor
Christie Stephens Likeness of Anthony Hopkins, Welsh Actor/Painter/Composer
A special congratulations to the 9 of you – your work was exceptional!

Restorative Art Projects earning "Honorable Mention"

The following people deserve special recognition for their work. The judges obviously had a very tough decision and you should be proud of efforts and the final outcome of your project:

Gabrielle Angner Likeness of Sir Patrick Stewart, English Film/Television/Stage Actor
Desiree Banks Likeness of Yasuni "Yasu" Hayashi, Japanese Musician
Crystal Brandfass Likeness of John Wayne, American Film Actor/Director/Producer
John Combs Likeness of Bruce Willis, American Actor/Producer/Singer
Kendyl Duffield Likeness of Nicole Isenogle, Funeral Director's Wife
Terry Gachter Likeness of Ashley Straub, Wife
Andrew George Likeness of J. Edgar Hoover, The First Director of the FBI
Kathy Griffieth Likeness of Victoria Beckham, English Singer/Model/Fashion Designer
Amber Jones Likeness of Charlie Chaplin, English Comedic Actor/Filmmaker
Dan Kennedy Likeness of Meryl Streep, American Actress
Tyler Levy Likeness of Phil Robertson, American Businessman/TV Star
Katy Purcell Likeness of Adam Beach, Canadian Actor of North American Indiana Descent
Constance Scheanon Likeness of Tom Hanks, American Actor/Filmmaker
Kasey Waybright Likeness of Kevin White, Athlete/Professional Football Player
Jarica Whiteman Likeness of Harold Ramis, American Comedic Actor/Director/Writer

Finally, congratulations to the entire class for the completion of this very time and labor intensive project. Job well done!

Student Spotlight: Jessee Hagan Will Become 4th Generation

Previous year trends show that a large percent of incoming mortuary science students have no previous family affiliation in funeral service. It appears that there is a new norm, as opposed to historical statistics where the majority of incoming students were studying to become second, third, and fourth generation funeral professionals. In light of the new trend, we wanted to spotlight current student, Jessee Hagan, who will work towards carrying on a family tradition as a fourth generation funeral professional in his family owned business.

The Holding family, of Virginia has a long and rich history in funeral service. The history of the Holding family owned business continues with fourth generation CCMS student, Jessee Hagan.

The legacy of funeral service for the Holding family began with William I Holding, Jr. in Wise County, Virginia. Mr. Holding began his funeral service career working for Pennington Myers Funeral Home in Appalachia, Virginia. He was the first generation of Holding’s to attend Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, graduating in 1934. He opened his own funeral home in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, conducting his first funeral service in June 1942. Mr. Holding and his wife, Phyllis, set the standard for funeral service in the area by adhering to their business motto of, “The Home of Personal Service.” Mr. Holding served the community and funeral industry until his death in 1962.

At that time, William I Holding, III took over for his father after being employed since 1959 and graduating from Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 1962. He and his wife, Sue and their three children got their start and lived at the funeral home until 1963. Mr. Holding served the funeral service industry until 1972 when he retired and the business was then managed by Mr. Holding’s sister and brother-in-law, Marvin Blake Wilson, Jr., also a graduate of CCMS in 1975.

In 1988, Mr. Holding’s grandson in law, John R. Hagan, married to his granddaughter, Elizabeth Holding Hagan, embarked in funeral service as an employee of Mr. Wilson, and subsequently pursued licensure, completing his Mortuary Science degree in 1993. This year, Mr. Hagan will celebrate 27th years of service with the family business.

Mr. Hagan’s son, Jessee Patton Hagan, is currently enrolled in the CCMS Bachelor program and on track to graduate April 2016. Jessee’s parents, John and Beth Hagan, are proud of their son’s ambition, as well as his commitment to continue the family business as a fourth generation funeral professional and fifth member of the Holding-Hagan family to entrust their education to CCMS. He is an outstanding young man who is, and will continue to be, an asset to this profession.

William I. Holding, Jr.
CCMS Class of 1934
1st Generation
William I. Holding, III
CCMS Class of 1962
2nd Generation
John R. Hagan
CCMS Class of 1993
3rd Generation
William I. Holding, Jr.
CCMS Class of 2016
4th Generation

Ohio Embalmer's Association Announces Reinstatement of The Don Lawrence Scholarship

The OEA Board of Directors has reinstated The Don Lawrence Scholarship availability to mortuary science students who have completed their first semester, and who intend to serve their apprenticeship in the state of Ohio. For more information, please contact OEA, David Hicks, PO Box 621320, Cincinnati, Ohio 45262-1320 or by email at hchohicks@me.com.

Thanks to the Following Businesses and Organizations for Enriching Student Learning Through Education and Experience

Astral Casket

On June 17 and September 30, students enjoyed an interesting and education filled day visiting Astral Casket Co. A special thank you to the Astral team for their hospitality and time in helping to educate students! Get an inside look at photos from this visit at Astral's Facebook page.

Aurora Casket Co.

On July 15, students had the opportunity to enjoy a day touring the Aurora Casket Co. We extend our thanks to Aurora Casket Co. and their team for a warm reception and for years of continued investment in CCMS students.

Aurora Family Advisor Program Manager Steve Slazyk

Students utilize the Aurora Family Advisor program to prepare for technology usage within the funeral home setting. Steve Slazyk educated students on how to use this program to generate necessary funeral service documents which are standard in funeral service such as SSA-721 and Veteran’s benefits. Students also learned how to incorporate this technology into an arrangement conference. CCMS strives to prepare students in all areas to successfully integrate into the funeral home setting. We are able to achieve this thanks to cooperative programs such as Aurora Family Advisor.

Baxter Burial Vault

On July 1, Holly Baxter-Bridgers joined students on campus to deliver the “vault college” program. Students were then welcomed on a tour of the Baxter Burial Vault facility. Thank you Holly for your continued support of CCMS, the student body, and the profession.

CCMS Students Invited to Attend NFDA National Convention

Thanks to the collective cooperation of NFDA, Dodge Chemical Co., and 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, all CCMS students have been extended the amazing opportunity to experience the upcoming National Funeral Directors Association National Convention in Indiana. Students are excited to be a part of this annual event and appreciate these great organizations for provide the resources and opportunity to meet funeral service vendors and suppliers, as well as network with funeral professional from around the nation.

Students will attend the convention on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

CCMS is appreciative of the support and involvement of all funeral service professionals, businesses, and suppliers.

Meet the New CCMS Lab Assistants

Ally Cabrera and Bob Brehm are the new faces you will see in the CCMS lab. Read more about Ally and Bob at https://www.ccms.edu/about/student-body/student-employees.

Ally Cabrera
Fall Class of 2015-2016
Bob Brehm
Fall Class of 2015-2016

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Gene Kramer
Gene Kramer
Leslie Boehm
Leslie Boehm
Bursar/Business Manager
Dr. Blanche Kabengele
Dr. Blanche Kabengele
Admissions Director/Registrar
Beth Williams
Beth Williams
Administration Coordinator &
Student/Alumni Relations
Molly Jones
Molly Jones
Director of Library &
Information Technology
Pamela Donlon
Pam Donlon
Recruitment Specialist
CCMS Faculty
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Teresa Dutko
Teresa Dutko
Faculty/Academic Chair
Wanda Lee
Wanda Lee
Faculty/Clinical Director
Melissa Kloss
Melissa Kloss
John Vinnedge
John Vinnedge
Adjunct Faculty
(not pictured)
Robert Campbell
Adam Dwyer
Senta Folds
Mike Gedert
Joe Getts
Keith Hughes, PhD.
Mark Ivey
Martin Molony
Holly Sauerbrunn
Tim Schmidt
Robert Shank
Open House Dates
Saturday, Oct. 3, 10 a.m.-Noon
Accreditation Statements
The Mortuary Science degree programs at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science are accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE), 3414 Ashland Avenue, Suite G, St. Joseph, Missouri 64506 (816) 233-3747. Web: www.abfse.org.
The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500 , Chicago, IL 60604 (800) 621-7440 Web: www.hlcommission.org

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2015 CCMS Calendar
Oct. 18-21: National Convention Indianapolis
Oct 27: GCFSA Con. Ed. Event

Nov. 12: Board of Trustees Meeting
Nov. 23-27: Fall Break (CLOSED)

Dec. 18: Term Ends
Dec. 19: Spring 2015-2016 Commencement
Dec. 23-25: Christmas Holiday (CLOSED)
Dec. 31: New Year Holiday (CLOSED)

March 19, 2016
June 16, 2016
Oct. 8, 2016
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2016 Calendar events will be provided in the December issue or by contacting CCMS.

Dean's List Recipients
Spring 2015-2016 Cohort
Scott Anderson
Alexander Bable
Lorenzo Bentley
Jessica Cornist
Kelly Cunningham
Sara Dotson
Ebony Jackson
Amanda Jones
Meriah Kirk
Miranda Mackey
Leigh Matchison
Breanna McLaren
Jasmine Oliver
Theresa Richardson
Miranda Robinson
Ariana Thompson

Fall 2014-2015 Cohort
Kaitlyn Allen
Alexandra Alverson
Gabrielle Angner
Alexandra Boesinger
Crystal Brandfass
Abigail Daffner
Morgan Denehy
Kendyl Duffield
Elizabeth Dunn
Jarrett Eckhardt
Edward Foos
Chelsea Force
Matthew George
Kathleen Griffieth
Tiffany Hill
Terrence Hoening
Amber Jones
Dan Kennedy
Kyle Kight
Tyler Levy
Kaitlyn Matz
Nicholas Meyer
Allison Miller
Anne Morgason
Katy Purcell
Constance Scheanon
Kasey Waybright
Jarica Whiteman

Graduates Receiving Latin Honors Recognition
Summa Cum Laude:
Allie Boesinger
Abby Daffner
Morgan Denehy
Kendyl Duffield
Liz Dunn
Miles Foos
Chelsea Force
Tiffany Hill
Nick Meyer
Alysse Morgason
Jarica Whiteman

Magna Cum Laude:
Alexandra Alverson
Crystal Brandfass
Jarrett Eckhardt
Kathy Griffieth
Kaitlyn Matz
Kasey Waybright

Cum Laude:
Matt George
Kyle Kight
Tyler Levy
Allison Miller
Katy Purcell
Constance Scheanon

Graduate Award Recipients
The Class President's Award
Tyler Levy
Recognition for leadership and representation of both the student body and the College

The Nunnamaker Memorial Award
Chelsea Force
Highest class standing

The Dr. George M. Sleichter Award
Tiffany Hill
Second highest class standing

The Charles O. Dhonau Memorial Embalming Award
Matt George
Highest competence in both embalming theory and clinical application

The Ohio Embalmer's Association Award
Kyle Michael Kight
North Olmsted, Ohio

Ohio resident displaying achievement in the combined theory and practice of embalming

The Arthur J. Russler Memorial Award
Kasey Waybright
Highest competence in the clinical setting as evaluated by the clinical faculty

The Dodge Award
Kathy Griffieth
Exceptional advancement in the art of embalming

Peer Tutor & Library Support Recognition
Chelsea Force
Recognition for commitment to student academic success and contribution to daily library operations

Administrative Support Recognition
Kathy Griffieth
Recognition for commitment and contribution to daily administration operations

Lab Assistant Recognition Plaque
Tyler Levy
Kaitlyn Matz

Recognition for commitment, diligence, and contribution to daily clinical lab operations

Clinical Intake Recognition
Amber Jones
Tyler Levy
Kaitlyn Matz

Recognition for student employee commitment and contribution to nighttime and holiday lab operations

The James C. Lyerly Management Award
Morgan M. Denehy
Scholastic achievement and potential for outstanding business and management skills

The Ivan P. Bowsher Award
Dan Kennedy
Academic excellence and artistic skill in restorative art

The Joel E. Crandall Award
Liz Dunn
Christie Stephens

Outstanding artistic competence in restorative art

Homer D. Leffler for Funeral Directing Award
Miles Foos
Potential for excellence in ethical and compassionate service, development, and community relations

The OFDA Leadership Award
Tyler Levy
Exemplary leadership qualities and abilities
Graduation Photos
Lori Hicks presents OFDA Award to Tyler Levy
Melissa Kloss presents Ohio Embalmers Association Award to Kyle Kight
Kaitlyn Matz receives the Lab Assistant Award
Christie Stephens receives the Joel E. Crandall Award

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