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CCMS Instructor Continues Bereavement Training Project at Arlington National Cemetery

Teresa Dutko was a featured presenter at Arlington National Cemetery's annual Towne Hall Meeting, held on Nov. 3, 2015 (Veteran's Day) for the entire cemetery workforce. The event was held in the Women in Military Service Auditorium on the grounds of Arlington, Virginia.

In 2013, Ms. Dutko had the privilege of developing a bereavement training program for staff at Arlington National Cemetery. This program was specifically designed for Arlington personnel who schedule, plan and coordinate funerals with military families. The goals of this training are to enhance funeral experiences for families served by the cemetery and to increase staff comfort around interacting with the bereaved.

This training represents Arlington's ongoing commitment to its mission: "On behalf of the American people, lay to rest those who have served our nation with dignity and honor, treating their families with respect and compassion, and connecting guests to the rich tapestry of the cemetery's living history, while maintaining these hallowed grounds befitting the sacrifice of all those who rest here in quiet repose." (www.arlingtoncemetery.mil)

The first series of small group training sessions was conducted in 2014. Then in August 2015, Ms. Dutko spent a week at Arlington providing the six hour training module – "Compassionate and Effective Interaction with the Bereaved" – to four groups (4-5 participants each) of staff. Two additional groups were trained in early November, when Ms. Dutko was in D.C. to participate in the cemetery's Towne Hall Meeting described above. Plans are currently underway to schedule the next offerings in 2016, with some possibly occurring on the campus of CCMS.

CCMS Hosts the 'Mushin' Mortician'

Scott Jannsen, known as the "Mushin' Mortician," is an Alaskan funeral home owner and Iditarod dog sled musher. Scott traveled across the United States to be a guest speaker at CCMS on Dec. 4, where he talked to students about how he reached his unique professional and personal goals. He also offered advice to students about their future careers in the funeral service profession. Scott had previously been a guest speaker at CCMS thanks to Frank Rosenacker, CCMS Board of Trustees Vice-Chair and friend of Scott.

Scott and his wife, Debbie, own Janssen Funeral Homes in Anchorage and Eagle River. He has been on the cover of American Funeral Director magazine and speaks at schools and organizations throughout the country about striving to reach your goals no matter what those goals may be. Learn more about Scott by visiting his website and his Facebook page. On behalf of the CCMS students, faculty, and staff, we thank Scott and Debbie for making the journey and wish him luck on the next Iditarod!

Cincinnati Funeral Director Donates Stem Cells to Acute Leukemia Patient

CCMS Adjunct Instructor, Adam Dwyer, is committed to helping improve the survival rate of blood cancer patients by donating peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC). He feels privileged to have been a recent donor to an unnamed patient battling acute leukemia and wants to spread the word. Mr. Dwyer describes being a donor for a cancer patient as one of the most rewarding and greatest gifts one can give in their lifetime, as it's literally giving the gift of life. Joining to help the cause is easy; simply visit BE THE MATCH donor and registry page.

Those curious are encouraged to reach out to Mr. Dwyer at adamdwyer20@hotmail.com, (513) 315-4020.

How The Donation Process Works:

Tomes From The Tomb
Selections from the CCMS Library

Book review by Chelsea Force, CCMS student
Mortician Diaries: The Dead-Honest Truth from a Life Spent with Death

By June Knight Nadle

Mortician Diaries: The Dead-Honest Truth from a Life Spent with Death is a lunch date with a funeral director in book form. Not literally, of course, but the book is an interesting and enjoyable collection of cases that author and funeral director June Knight Nadle has encountered during her career. Alongside these cases is a biography of sorts on important people, events, and life-changing moments for June. Although this book is titled Diaries, Nadle makes it clear that she is sharing her life, both personal and professional, and how the two shape who she has become. The book is rather short, and her writing style makes the novel a fast read, which in the end I found disappointing because I wanted to know so much more. Reading this is one of the many ways to learn from our past and hopefully shape the future. Interestingly enough June was a 1945 graduate of CCMS. Sadly, she passed in May of last year. However, through this book and the many lives she affected in her life, June lives on.

See this book in the CCMS library catalog

Book review by Elyse Hall, CCMS student
Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires: The History of Corpse Medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians

By Richard Sugg

Imagine a world where drinking human blood and eating human flesh was not only accepted by the general public, but doctor-prescribed. It seems like something from a horror story, and in a way it is. Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires charts the largely unspoken history of "corpse medicine" from the Renaissance through the Victorian era. Drinking blood, eating ground up bones, and ingesting brains were only some of the bizarre acts thought to cure major diseases such as epilepsy and cancer, as well as to quell minor injuries like bruises. Mummies, Vampires and Cannibals is recommended reading for those interested in the grotesque history of medicine. It is a relatively easy read; the author tends to get a little wordy at times, but it is easily forgotten amidst the fascinating information. The author, Richard Sugg, is a lecturer at Durham University and author of several books, including Murder after Death: Literature and Anatomy in Early Modern England.

See this book in the CCMS library catalog


From the Business Office

The painting is progressing throughout the building — we knew it would be a challenge working around schedules, but we are moving along nicely.

The roofing contractors started right before the Thanksgiving break. We are having the soffits and gutters removed. The gutters will be replaced with the correct sizes. The water damage behind the soffits was what we expected to see, so we have budgeted appropriately for the "extra charges" which are an inevitable part of a construction project.

The new air handler operating system is complete and should be up and running independently before Dec. 15. It will be a relief to be able to control the temperatures in the building more accurately going forward.

We in the Business Office at CCMS wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.


Thank You To Those Who Recently Donated

CCMS extends its appreciation to the following suppliers and individuals for recent donations and support:

ESCO Fluid Co. – Embalming Fluids

Dodge Co. – Embalming Fluids

Champion Fluids - Embalming Fluids

Melissa Kloss, 2008 Alumna – Clothing donation, audio equipment

Wanda Lee, 1996 Alumna – Clothing donation

Larissa Jones, 2014 Alumna – Clothing donation

Senta Folds, 2002 Alumna – Clothing donation

Duane Hedrick, 1992 Alumnus – Case of Nitrile Gloves

Beth Williams, 1998 Alumna – Paper shredder for lab office, Keurig coffeemaker

Bob Brehm, Student – Microwave

Jessee Hagan, Student – Casket Keys

Brandon Catchen, Student – Fluid donation for CCMS Clinical Lab

John Noorda, Student – RA Supplies, eye lashes, cosmetics, cosmetic brushes and sponges

Support CCMS Through Donation

If you or your business would like to support CCMS through a charitable contribution, please let our faculty know by emailing us at faculty@ccms.edu or visit the Support CCMS page of our website.

Classroom Wish List
  • vigil candles
  • register book stands
  • casket holders (biers, church trucks, etc. for the merchandising applications room)
  • Clothing and undergarments
  • Plastic coverings and foam head blocks from casket deliveries (if you throw them out, we will gladly take them off your hands)
  • cosmetics and brushes
  • wigs, hair pieces, and eyeglasses
  • Needle injector gun
  • Dressing tables
  • Trocars
  • Head blocks
  • Suture Needles (especially double-curved post mortem and loopuyt of various sizes)
  • Scissors (embalming scissor, double point)
  • Casket jacks


Restorative Art Project Awards

Restorative Art Projects earning "Showcase Placement"

As usual, the talent emerging from the Restorative Art course is outstanding! Congratulations to the entire class for your efforts in this very time and labor intensive project.

The following seven students have been selected for "Showcase Placement" for exceptional work. Their armature projects were selected to be displayed in the college's main entryway showcase (in alphabetical order):

Alex Bable Likeness of Tim Howard; American Soccer Player
Ebony Jackson Likeness of Travis Thomas; Boyfriend
Meriah Kirk Likeness of Al Roker; Weather Forecaster, TV Personality, Actor, Author
Leigh Matchison Likeness of Willem Dafoe; American Actor and Model
John Noorda Likeness of Robin Williams; American Actor & Comedian
Miranda Robinson Likeness of Bettie Page; American Model & 50's Pin-up Girl
Ari Thompson Likeness of Lucille Ball; American Actress, Comedian, Model & Producer
Kaitlyn Matz Likeness of Liam Neeson, Irish Actor

Restorative Art Projects earning "Honorable Mention"

The following eleven students deserve special recognition for their work. The judges obviously had a very difficult decision and you should be proud of the effort put forth in the final outcome of your project:

Scott Anderson Likeness of Owen Wilson, American Actor, Writer, Producer, Voice-over Artist
Lorenzo Bentley Likeness of Renzo Bentley, Father
Cameron Crofoot Likeness of Al Capone, American Mobster
Kelly Cunningham Likeness of Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium, TV Personality
Sara Dotson Likeness of Dave Gahan, Singer-Songwriter
Amanda Jones Likeness of Lana Del Rey, Singer-Songwriter & Model
Jessee Hagan Likeness of Melissa Kloss, Instructor, Funeral Director/Embalmer
Demetrius Hughes Likeness of Michael Jordan, American Basketball Player & Businessman
Trevor Kill Likeness of James Dean, American Actor
Jasmine Oliver Likeness of Rosa Parks, American Civil Rights Activist
Theresa Richardson Likeness of Dwayne Johnson, American & Canadian Actor, Producer, Wrestler

100 Black Women of Funeral Service Scholarship Recipients

The One Hundred Black Women of Funeral Service (100 BWFS) organization recently awarded scholarships to four CCMS students as a result of exceptional GPA’s and outstanding Funeral Service Career Choice essay entries. The students — Jessica G. Cornist, Jasmine M. Oliver, Claire B. Sadler and Kandice C. Saulsberry — are members of the Spring 2015/2016 cohort that will graduate this month.

These four students had the honor of attending the 2015 NFDA conference, as the 100 BWFS generously covered the scholarship recipients' convention fees. In accepting the invitation to attend the conference, the students represented CCMS, serving as volunteers at the 100 BWFS convention booth. Accordingly, the students were given a small stipend to cover lunch, where the students met and received beneficial funeral service information from Funeral Directors from all over the United States.

The highlight of the students winning the scholarship and attending the convention came when they were featured in a photograph in the December 2015 issue of The Director magazine, along with Mrs. Elleanor Starks, Executive Director and Founder of the 100 BWFS.

In an email sent to the CCMS Admissions Director & Registrar, Dr. Blanche Kabengele, Mrs. Starks praised the students on their professionalism and willingness to help during the conference, commenting, "I still can't believe how they took off their high heels and packed up all [my] exhibit material, when [I] had come down with a cold."

Not only did these students represent themselves professionally as future Funeral Directors, but they also represented CCMS very well. Kudos Ladies!

CCMS Sorority Walks to Beat Breast Cancer

The CCMS sorority was proud to participate in the Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk on Oct. 24, held in downtown Cincinnati. Also participating in the walk was CCMS Library Director Molly Jones, a recent breast cancer survivor. The walk was designed to promote awareness of breast cancer and raise money for the American Cancer Society. Breast cancer has touched the lives of so many women, including family and friends of the sorority members. Let's hear from the ladies of Delta Gamma Pi about why they decided to walk and who they walked for.

Miranda Robinson: "My grandmother Anita Nieland, also known as Nini by her family, was who I walked for during the Breast Cancer Walk. She is a strong woman, and a survivor. I love her so much, and she inspires and pushes me to be the best person I can be."

Jasmine Oliver: "I walked because I felt that walking, though a small gesture, could still make a difference. I walked for a family friend Gloria as well as the world's greatest CCMS librarian, Molly Jones."

Kandice Saulsberry: "I walked for 3 of my grandmothers (Willa Mae, Shirley Ann, and Susie B.) who fought cancer and have since passed on, and Molly Jones who's kicking cancer's butt."

Jessica Cornist: "I walked for my grandmother, Pearle Mae Davis. She died in 2008 from a brain tumor that metastasized from breast cancer. The doctors thought that it was dementia because she was old. They didn't find out until the last minute that it was brain cancer AND IT WAS TOO LATE. I am glad I was able to help breast cancer research by making a donation and walking with my sorority sisters from Delta Gamma Pi. We also walked to support Molly Jones here at CCMS, who is a survivor. It was also a way to get in a little exercise to stay healthy. It was awesome to see all of the people of Cincinnati come together and show support for all survivors and future survivors because WE WILL BEAT CANCER!!!"

Ariana Thompson: "I walked for my grandma, Sandy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and I saw how greatly it impacted her and our family. I also walked for our Library Director, Molly Jones."
Pictured left to right: Miranda Robinson, Molly Jones, Jasmine Oliver, Kandice Saulsberry, Jessica Cornist, Ariana Thompson

Congratulations to the New Class Officers
Fall 2015-2016 Cohort

Kyle Eveland
Vice President
Jacob Eldridge
Laura Starks
Class Representative
Alexys Gribble
Class Representative
Paul Ulmer

OFDA Awards Scholarships

The Ohio Funeral Directors Association recently awarded seven CCMS students with scholarships to help defray the costs associated with their BMS term here at CCMS. The letter stated that "Our Scholastic Assistance Committee was encouraged by this group of prospective funeral directors and embalmers, as is evident in the total financial allocation."

They were indeed quite generous and awarded twice as many students as we have seen in recent years.

Congratulations to the following recipients:
  • Alex Bable
  • Crystal Brandfass
  • Elizabeth Dunn
  • Lorenzo Bentley
  • Kyle Turner
  • Miranda Mackey
  • Jasmine Oliver
We are very pleased with our students and congratulate each for a job well done!


Alumnus Honored for 100th Birthday

Alumnus Lonny Tachenko (fall class of 1948) recently celebrated his 100th birthday. He was surprised with a card, class photo, and CCMS memorabilia from the staff, faculty and students at CCMS. Lonny's family reached out to the college to express how much the gesture meant to them and how touched he was that we remembered him. We are happy to have been a part of his birthday celebration!

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