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President Corner

As I approach the one year anniversary of my contract signing, I couldn’t be more proud to be at the helm of such an esteemed educational institution. The students, faculty, and staff have responded to every challenge.

We are on track to offer an online Associate of Arts Degree with a Mortuary Pathway in partnership with Terra State Community College. We are designing this so that the students who graduate from the program will automatically matriculate into CCMS’s Bachelor of Mortuary Science program. For Ohio students, this program will be offered at the in-state, community college rate.

We are also working on an innovation grant from the State of Ohio in partnership with Terra State Community College that will provide funding for advertising, training our faculty to prepare and teach online courses, and improving our IT infrastructure. We are very excited to be collaborating with Terra State. The AA degree with Mortuary Pathway should be online in time for high school students graduating this year and beginning college fall 2017.

We’ve made many physical improvements to the facilities this year. We’ve created a dignified storage area for the physical storage of prepared remains awaiting movement to the University of Cincinnati. We also have a new, physically secured, cremated remains storage area where we maintain all cremated remains. Dignity, respect, and chain of custody are not only a priority in our teaching – we demonstrate it every day to our students by physically securing and inventorying daily – with dignity and respect. We’ve installed a state-of-the-art security system in the college that allows students, staff, faculty, and board members to swipe their badges to gain entrance to the building. This level of security allows us to keep access to the building monitored at all times. Access to sensitive areas (e.g. preparation area) is also badge controlled and reinforced with security cameras.

Our website is being updated and improved daily. We have added video testimonials from students and alumni: https://www.ccms.edu/admissions/testimonials/. Soon we will add video tours of the facilities to highlight our 7 embalming stations, restorative arts lab, gross anatomy lab, merchandise display room, classrooms, and library.

The Board of Trustees adopted Carver’s Governance Model for Non-Profits. Adopting this model has resulted in the Board wrestling with the question: To whom does the Board answer? During a two-day strategic planning session, this summer, the board deliberated on this very question. Their answer – all death care professionals and the bereaved families they serve – has resulted in a shift in the Board’s focus. The Board is now concentrating on the future of our profession and is committed to taking on a leadership role as the death care profession advances into the 21st century.

Our students remain second to none! Over two thirds of the graduates this year went to commencement ceremonies with a GPA above 3.5! Anyone who knows CCMS, knows the course of instruction is fast paced and rigorous – but our students continue to excel. The students have demonstrated that they are solid citizens too. Although busy, they were not too busy to donate time to assist area first responders (police, fire, EMS, GE security, and Hamilton county dispatchers) in an active shooter exercise at the General Electric Aviation plant in Evendale. They also found time to conduct a blood drive. The students graduating from CCMS are demonstrating every day that they are truly ready and prepared to begin the next phase of their learning - becoming your apprentices!

Next year we will start to expand our focus into providing quality continuing educational offerings to the death care profession. Where better to seek continuing education than from a professionally accredited (American Board of Funeral Service Education) and regionally accredited (Higher Learning Commission) educational institution authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents to confer an associate degree and Bachelor of Mortuary Science degree.

Thank you for allowing me to serve my Alma Mater as President. I can’t tell you what an honor and privilege it is to be in a situation where I can share and give back to the profession that has given me so much. I hope you’ll join with us as we endeavor to make 2017 one of the best years in the 135-year history of the oldest mortuary college in the nation. Please accept my invitation to join the Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education (CFME): https://www.ccms.edu/about/education-foundation/ and support our newest colleagues as they prepare to enter one of the most rewarding professions in the world. Your help is essential if we are to continue to improve. Let me know how our graduates are doing as your apprentices and where we can improve! Hope you have a great holiday season – here’s looking forward to another successful year. Please keep our Solider, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen and their families in your thoughts and prayers – they give so much for us, especially those serving in harm’s way in distant lands this time of year.


CCMS Participates in Active Shooter Drill at General Electric

Left to right
Front row: Ally Cabrera, Beth Williams, Beth Markland, Alaynah Bakosh, Clara Fox-Ruddell, Elyse Hall
Middle row: Wanda Lee, Jessica Roberts, Dana Dixon, Annissa Green, Samantha Lambert, Meaghan Bringer, President Jack Lechner, Laura Shadoan, Alexys Gribble
Back row: Chad Pemberton, J.D. River, Tim Moquin, Nick Nester, Devan Kennedy, Shawn Griggs, Curtis Parish

On October 6, 2016 twenty students and three licensed faculty assisted Hamilton County officials in conducting an Active Shooter Training Exercise at the General Electric Aviation facility in Evendale, Ohio.

The exercise brought Evendale Police and EMS Personnel, Hamilton County Dispatchers, General Electric Security personnel and employees together for a day long exercise that emulated an active shooter situation.

Faculty and students were provided a script of wounds as might be seen in the aftermath of such an unfortunate shooter event. Their role in creating the wounds brought a realistic element to the event. The Chief of Police commended students, stating “first responders were shocked by the realism of the wounds.”

CCMS and its students appreciate the opportunity to participate in important training exercises and community events such as this. Wanda Lee, CCMS Clinical Lab Director, along with President Lechner and Beth Williams, oversaw the moulage exercise. Lee explains that “a portion of the students served as wounded victims, while the others volunteered to put their skills to work creating the simulated wounds in accordance with the prepared script provided by the Evendale EMS Medical Director.”

“The drill appeared life-like in every aspect” said Lechner, “it is unfortunate that officials need to hold training exercises for this type of event, but it is comforting to know we have highly trained first responders ready to assist.”

Lechner brought the valuable lessons from the training back to college in an assembly where faculty, staff, and student body viewed the Homeland Security Active Shooter video “Run>Hide>Fight.” At CCMS, we understand that an active shooter event is a real possibility, anywhere at any time, and that preparedness is imperative to reduce the effects. The security lessons learned, coupled with the college’s new security access system will go a long way towards maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for everyone.

CCMS attends Tri-State Missing and Unidentified Persons Awareness Day

There are 100,000 people listed as “missing” on any given day in the United States according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs), a national resource center that is part of the U.S. Department of Justice. There are also an estimated 40,000 unknown deceased persons in the United States. Approximately 20 of those John, Jane and Baby Doe cases were discovered in the Cincinnati area since 1970 and remain unidentified today.

To raise awareness of these staggering statistics, Mount St. Joseph University, in cooperation with NamUs and several local law enforcement agencies hosted the Tri-State Missing and Unidentified Persons Awareness Day on Saturday, October 15, 2016. CCMS instructors Melissa Kloss and Wanda Lee, along with CCMS student and lab assistant, Nick Nester, attended the event.

Dr. Beth Murray, forensic anthropologist and professor of biology at Mount St. Joseph, regarding the event explained, "Our goal is to help people know what to do in the event that their lives unfortunately somehow intersect with a missing person investigation. Learning more about how victims are identified will also help people understand the data that’s necessary to give a name to an unknown person."

CCMS instructors identified highlights of the conference, including a presentation by Chief Deputy Mark Whittaker of the Darke County, Ohio Sheriff's Office on Jeanne Melville: A case study 40 years in the making. How can we do better? And, Dr. Murray presented The "Buckskin Girl". Both were interesting, real-life examples of how NamUs can assist investigators with a cold case investigation. Of local interest, Todd Matthews, NamUs Director of Communications and Management, gave free copies of a Michael Crisp/Remix Films documentary titled Taken Too Soon: The Katelyn Markham Story. Katelyn went missing from her Fairfield, Ohio home on August 13, 2011. Her skeletal remains were found in Franklin County, Indiana on April 7, 2013. Prior to the discovery of her remains investigators had utilized NamUs as a tool to assist in their missing person investigation. Katelyn Markham's homicide remains under investigation. Anyone having information can contact the Indiana State Police, Butler County Sheriff’s Department, Fairfield Police or Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.


Higher Learning Commission Re-Accreditation Visit

CCMS will welcome the Higher Learning Commission’s visiting team February 27-28, 2017. The college received its regional accreditation in 1982 and has maintained that accreditation for nearly three and a half decades. The college’s regional accreditation through HLC is in addition to professional accreditation through the American Board of Funeral Service Education, which provides assurance that every credit earned at CCMS is easily transferred to any other college in the nation.

Public Comment Period for HLC Visit Deadline Approaching

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is seeking comments from the public about the College in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency. The College will host a visit Feb 27 - Feb 28, 2017, with a team representing the Higher Learning Commission. Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science has been accredited by HLC since 1982. The team will review the institution’s ongoing ability to meet HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation.

The public is invited to submit comments regarding the college on HLC’s website at www.hlccommission.org/comment or to the following address:
Public Comment on Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1411

Comments must be received in writing by January 27, 2017 and must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs.


Dr. Blanche Kabengele Publishes First Book

In this issue we spotlight the accomplishments of Dr. Blanche Kabengele, CCMS Admissions Director and Registrar, who recently completed publication of her first book: Conjugal Relationships of Africans and African Americans: A Socio-cultural Analysis.

The academic manuscript focuses on resolving whether historical and racial homogeneity contribute to the development of the relationship between Africans and African Americans and, whether irrelevance paid to cultural difference may prove caustic to relationship success.

"When one is African and the other African American, visually they appear on the surface alike. Externally ethnicity unifies them; inwardly, cultural difference isolates them (page 16)."

While conducting the Literature Review Dr. Kabengele found much had been written on interracial relationships, but little existed regarding intercultural couples. Dr. Kabengele’s 30 year marriage to Peter Kabengele from the Democratic Republic of the Congo formed the basis of the research.

CCMS takes great pride in acknowledging the accomplishments of all faculty and staff. Dr. Kabengele publication of her first academic book is exemplary. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kabengele. The book can be purchased through the publisher, or Amazon.com.

Conjugal Relations of Africans and African Americans: A Socio-cultural Analysis

Classification: African-American Studies / African Studies / Sociology

ISBN: 978-1-4955-0415-0 172pp 2016

Publisher: The Edwin Mellen Press
240 Portage Road
PO Box 450
Lewiston, NY 14092-0450

Keynote Speaker Jacqueline Taylor, Dodge. Co., Delivers Spring 2017 Commencement Address

Dr. Jacqueline Taylor of The Dodge Company accepted the spring class invitation as Keynote Speaker for the December 17th Commencement Address.

Dr. Jacquelyn Taylor is an internationally recognized funeral service educator with an extensive portfolio of experience who has been featured on stations such as A&E, CNN, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and The Learning Channel as well as in numerous publications including The Boston Globe newspaper, the Christian Science Monitor, and Newsweek Magazine.

CCMS welcomed Ms. Taylor in 2014 as a seminar presenter at the college, where she shared hands-on techniques and instruction in hair restoration.

A special thank you to Debbie Dodge and The Dodge Company for sponsoring.



Paying it Forward and the Ripple Effect

Funeral home owner Mike Ryan made a commitment long ago to serve others. This calling to serve, along with mentorship received while working with Gilligan Funeral Home, instilled a “pay it forward” approach to life for this first generation funeral professional.

Mike relates to the challenges faces by first generation trainees. He makes a habit of investing in others, always willing to offer opportunity for those committed to hard work. Fellow first generation funeral director, Beth, recalls the day Mike invested in her nearly two decades earlier. After being turned away by several funeral directors in her search for guidance and mentorship, she found herself discouraged. Her outlook changed when a mutual friend of Beth and Mike placed a call to him on her behalf. Without hesitation, Mike willingly invited her into his funeral home, spending hours answering her questions, providing encouragement and guidance, and re-igniting her confidence in the decision to serve.

Two decades later, she continues to serve as a practitioner and mentor. The ripple effect of mentorship Mike received was passed on in Beth’s approach to paying it forward and investing in others, just as Mike had in her. Not long ago, Beth introduced another fellow first generation trainee Andria Schrock to Mike for mentorship. Andria has since served as an apprentice under Mike’s guidance, recently earning her Ohio dual license, and continuing on as a licensed director with Shorten & Ryan serving the Mason, Ohio community.

This ripple effect of paying it forward is not uncommon. Funeral professionals do it every day – as co-op preceptors, mentors, educators, and employers – and all for the sake of preserving integrity and advancement of those who serve in our chosen profession. When we Pay it Forward, taking time to invest in others, we set into motion a Ripple Effect which can span decades.

Mike has invested in countless others over the course of his career, most recently in a hard-working trainee, Cheree Riddle, who is now a part of this ripple effect. This is what service of others is about.

For those who take the time to make the time – thank you.


CCMS Alumnus Jon Rettig Appointed to State Board

Former OFDA President and 1976 alumnus of CCMS Jon W. Rettig Sr. was elected President to the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. Mr. Rettig has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Ohio since 1977, is a Certified Crematory Operator, and owner of three funeral homes.

"Funeral service is changing, but the laws and rules that govern our profession continue to merit our adherence and respect. Families that we serve deserve to be treated in the most ethical and honest manner possible. I take this appointment seriously and will do my best to fulfill this obligation.” "it is a great honor to serve on the Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors and to have the ability to serve the residents and consumers of the state of Ohio.”

Mr. Rettig, along with OBEFD Executive Director Tim Derrickson, spent a day on campus meeting with President Lechner, interacting with faculty, staff, and students, and touring the classrooms and clinical labs. President Lechner said "it was a privilege welcoming both representatives of our state board to CCMS. The commitment they share to the profession, the licensee, and especially the citizens of Ohio is beyond reproach. We are confident in the positive changes to follow and we extend our congratulations to both gentleman."


July 18-19, 2017 Cremation Continuing Education

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the death care profession that the national average cremation rate will reach 50% in 2017! That is why the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science will host the best combination cremation seminar of the year - the ICCFA Cremation Arranger Course on Tuesday, July 18th followed by CANAs Certified Crematory Operator’s Course on July 19th.

Register for one or both days and earn up to 12 CEU’s. This course is appropriate for funeral service professionals, CCMS alumni, and current students. Discover how to maximize profits, reduce liability, operate a crematory, and increase family satisfaction from the experts – Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and International, Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association (ICCFA). Lunch will be provided both days, along with a social event at the end of day one!

The registration fee for attending this seminar is truly a bargain at $395 per day (a savings of $100-$200!). In addition, you will be supporting the non-profit work of CCMS, as a substantial portion of the registration fee for both courses will directly benefit the College.

Are you a current member (2017 dues paid) of the Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education (CFME)? If so, you will save an additional $50 on each course! Now is the perfect time to become a Foundation member; you will not only show support for your Alma Mater, but you’ll save $100 on this amazing seminar. For more information on the Foundation and to become a member, see https://www.ccms.edu/about/education-foundation/.

CCMS is a non-profit, private educational institution that is accredited both professionally (American Board of Funeral Service Education) and regionally (Higher Learning Commission). We are dedicated to educating death care professionals, both students and seasoned licensees who have committed themselves to a lifetime of learning. Please join us for this incredible learning opportunity on July 18-19! CCMS is your source for premier continuing education!



Congratulations Spring 2017 Graduates

Spring 2017 Commencement Ceremony was December 17th at CCMS. Congratulations to graduates for the outstanding accomplishment and in having earned the distinct privilege to reverently serve this respected profession.

Dana Dixon
Clara Fox-Ruddell
Annissa Green
Shawn Griggs
Devan Kennedy
Beth Markland
Tim Moquin
Nick Nester
Curtis Parish
Chad Pemberton
J.D. River
Jessica Roberts
Laura Shadoan

Graduates Earn Latin Honor Distinction

We are proud to announce eight of thirteen students graduated with Latin Honor distinction.
  • Summa Cum Laude:
    Annissa Green, Devan Kennedy, Beth Markland, Timothy Moquin, Nicholas Nester, Chad Pemberton, Laura Shadoan
  • Magna Cum Laude:
    Curtis Parish

Graduate Awards and Recognitions of Excellence

Class President Recognition – Nicholas Nester
Nunnamaker Memorial Award – Annissa Green
Dr. George M. Sleichter Award – Beth Markland
James C. Lyerly Management Award – Chad Pemberton
Charles O. Dhonau Memorial Embalming Award – Chad Pemberton
Arthur J. Russler Memorial Award – Curtis Parish
Ohio Embalmers Association Award – Timothy Moquin
Dodge Award – Nicholas Nester
Clinical Lab Assistant Recognition – Nicholas Nester and Beth Markland
Clinical Intake Assistant Recognition – Laura Shadoan
Ivan P. Bowsher Award – Dana Dixon
Joel E. Crandall Award – Clara Fox-Ruddell
Homer D. Leffler Funeral Directing Award – Devan Kennedy
OFDA Leadership Award – Chad Pemberton

Congratulations Recent Scholarship Award Recipients

  • Ohio Funeral Directors Association Scholarship Awards:
    Kyle Eveland, Myles Hammond, Timothy Moquin, Nick Nester, Chad Pemberton, Rachel Richardson, Melissa Spears, and Joshua Woodruff
  • Ohio Embalmers Association Scholarship Awards:
    Chad Pemberton, Tim Moquin, and Nick Nester
  • CCMS Academic Excellence Award
    Amber Bush and Mika Ziv

BMS Students Receive Celebrant Certification

Fall bachelor’s degree students recently became the fourth class to participate in celebrant training. Since the program was initiated in spring 2015, a grand total of 85 BMS graduates have become CCMS-trained celebrants. Moreover, many of these have already served as celebrants in their funeral homes. Some have risen to that challenge within just a few weeks of beginning their apprenticeships. We are so proud of their willingness to meet the needs of families by creating services that honor the stories of their loved ones.

CCMS faculty Wanda Lee and Teresa Dutko, who trained as celebrants in 2005 and 2006 respectively, were the first to answer this call. In August 2014, they attended the first “training of trainers” experience when Doug and Glenda conducted a celebrant training in Cincinnati. CCMS subsequently purchased the franchise license allowing Wanda and Teresa to incorporate celebrant training into the BMS curriculum. They are honored to be the first funeral service faculty to implement this partnership opportunity made available by Insight Institute. CCMS remains the only provider of funeral service education to incorporate celebrant training into a degree program, specifically the regionally-accredited Bachelor of Mortuary Science degree.

These new funeral celebrants are: Rachael Anderson, Alaynah Bakosh, Bob Brehm, Meaghan Bringer, Carrie Broughton, Ally Cabrera, David Caplinger, Delvaughn Clark, Jeremy Collins, Ben Dollarhide, Jacob Eldridge, Kyle Eveland, Teresa Givan, Alexys Gribble, Joe Gustin, Jackie Hagemeister, Saleen Hail, Elyse Hall, Kelsey Hofer, Mike Hurtado, Quinaia Kellogg, Samantha Lambert, Megan Reber, Kathryn Schroeder, Melissa Spears, Rosemary Starcovic, Jami Stevenson, Jonathan Strickland, Paul Ulmer, Brittany Vigar and Julia Wiget.

After emerging from this intense training, BMS graduates are better prepared to meet with bereaved families. The training allows the students to experience a wide array of emotions. It teaches our students more ways of helping bereaved families identify their emotional needs; building a more valuable funeral experience for bereaved families.


Quinaia Kellogg, Fall 2016

This is a dream come true for Quinaia Kellogg. If you asked her what she wanted to be growing up, the response was always “a nurse.” She has expressed an extreme passion for the caring of others since she could remember. It was her freshman year in high school when she experienced the death of a very good friend. After suffering this traumatic loss, everything shifted.

Her new path was that of becoming a “mortician.” Not long after graduating from high school, she took the first step on the road to success and attended Raymond Walters College (now UC Blue Ash). Completing her Associate Degree of Arts took a little longer than expected, including a 3 year hiatus, but nevertheless she completed with a 3.2 GPA.

As a full-time employee at University Hospital, maintaining her own apartment and car-note, CCMS was put on the back-burner. Her advisor told her she would not have time to maintain her full-time, 40 hour work week and attend CCMS - for school would become her new full-time position. Quinaia defied the odds and was able to complete both objectives.

Early 2015, she visited CCMS to look at some of her options. Quinaia’s fear of failure bled into a fear of success – she was certain that she would be turned away, when in reality she was only 2 classes shy of meeting the admissions requirements. This pivotal moment was the beginning of a renewed confidence in her ability to achieve any goal she set for herself.

Quinaia has completed her Associate of Applied Science degree, graduating with the highest Latin Honor distinction - Summa Cum Laude. She is scheduled to earn her Bachelor of Mortuary Science degree this month and plans to stay in Cincinnati for her apprenticeship. Quinaia’s passion has not left her, nor lessened. She is elated that she is now able to live her dream through service of others during their ultimate time of need. She values service and looks forward to being a distinguished funeral director/embalmer, a resource to her community, and doing what she loves.


Students Demonstrate Care for Community Through Campus Blood Drive

Students organized a blood drive at the college December 7th with the help of the Hoxworth Donor Bus. Spring 2017 Class President, Nick Nester, extends appreciation on behalf of his class to all who participated in giving back to the community through donation.



Andi Schrock, 2014, director at Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home, joined us on campus with Mike Ryan, Board of Trustees Vice-chair, for a video and photo shoot.

Tyler Levy, 2015, and wife Paige welcomed to their family a son, Finn Oak Levy, born July 8th.

Dan Madden, 2001, visited from Youngstown, Ohio along with his wife

Jon Rettig, 1976, Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors President, and Tim Derrickson, Executive Director, spent a day on campus speaking with administrators and touring the facility.

Eli Mullins and Kayla Craig, 2014 alumni, announced their engagement. Eli is a licensed funeral director and Kayla is an apprentice working at the family business - Mullins Funeral Home in Radford, West Virginia. They have planned a September 2017 wedding.

Ryan Summers, 2014, announced his recent engagement to Lindsay Gue. Ryan works at Hall Funeral Home in Proctorville, Ohio.


Terry Summers, father of Vanessa Summers (2016) of Summers Funeral Home in Washington Court House, OH donated a beautiful handcrafted prie-dieu which will be used by students during Capstone.

Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home owner Mike Ryan, and director Andi Schrock, assisted CCMS with use of a funeral coach.

Evans Funeral Home donated an urn for use in the Capstone Course and for display in our selection room.

Greater Cincinnati Funeral Service Association donated financial support.

Kyle Eveland donated a vintage gravity embalmer.

John Rettig, President Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, donated financial support.

Bill Wappner, CFSP and past President of OFDA and NFDA, was the winner of a drawing to present a financial donation to the mortuary college of his choice, CCMS.

Robert G. Mayer donated financial support and Embalming Theory book signings for all students.

Alex Roberts from Wooster, OH hosted student/apprentice interviews on campus.

Newcomer Funeral Home spoke with students about apprentice employment opportunities.

Paul Bauman, Champion, contributed to student learning as a guest speaker in Embalming Theory III.

David Hicks, Pierce Chemical, contributed to student learning as a guest speaker in Embalming Theory III.

Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Homes CCMS Instructor and Lab Director, Wanda Lee, and student and lab assistant, Ally Cabrera visited Flanner and Buchanan’s Market Street location in downtown Indianapolis. Please look for highlights of the visit in our March edition of Mortuary Science Minutes.

Wanda Lee, Clinical Lab Director, donated a professional wardrobe for students.

Arielle Fouts, 2014, donated professional clothing for student and capstone use. She also brought a homemade cake for faculty and staff.

Codi Kindell, 2014, contributed as a guest instructor in the Restorative Art lab.


"Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were going to live forever" - Gandhi

Fisher III, Elijah John “Pookey” (class of 1961)
CCMS received a wonderful tribute from Mr. Fisher’s sister, Dr. Ada Fisher on, in memory of her brother’s death August 30 in North Carolina. Mr. Fisher was a 1961 alumnus, having graduated with honors. He founded Fisher Funeral Parlor in 1963 and devoted member of many organizations. He is survived by three sons and two daughters, and seven grandchildren. Remembrances were requested to The American Diabetes Association or The American Cancer Society in memory of Elijah J. Fisher, III.

Miller, Donald I.
Mr. Miller was the father of Mark Miller, owner of U.S. Digital Partners – CCMS’s website and marketing provider for many years. We extend our thoughts and condolences to the Miller and USDP families. See Donald Miller’s obituary here.

Peters, Nicholas “Nick”
Nick was the cousin of CCMS instructor Melissa Kloss, who died October 3, 2016 after a hard fought seven year battle with leukemia. He was an outstanding, respected young man with a passion for success. After diagnosis, Nick used the next couple years developing and building a profitable culinary business, later turning his sights to technology, developing multiple apps for iPhones which remain available in the App Store. He maintained his rank in the top 2% of his class while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and successful bone marrow transplant donated by his sister. Nick's journey was followed by thousands on social media #teamwalkerpete. His battles inspired many and pulled a community together as they celebrated his sense of humor, moved by his strong faith and positive, fun-loving attitude. See Nick Peter's tribute here.

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