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Even as the leaves turn colors, Gray printing remains green
Even as the leaves turn colors, Gray printing remains green

At Gray, we are active participants in the green movement. We strive to sustain our natural resources, limit our carbon footprint and help our clients to do the same. To that end, we offer a host of options and policies to help you green your business and projects.

Our industry has become a large consumer of cellulose fiber, natural and synthetic pigments and dyes, chemical solvents, electrical energy, natural gas, petroleum and various metals. Utilizing these resources responsibly and sensibly is a priority to Gray Graphics.

Gray Graphics is a leader in providing environmentally responsible printing services. Read more to discover five ways Gray is a leader in providing environmentally responsible printing services.


5 habits that will help spark the best ideas you've ever had
Fast Company
What if whenever someone asked you a question, you had tons of innovative ideas waiting in response? You would be a hot commodity; who doesn't want an ideas machine? Unfortunately for those who want this power, the science behind the eureka moment is tricky.


MPSPs believe managed print services market holds promise
Despite the shrinking number of printer shipments worldwide, a CompTIA study published in July shows that almost everyone still needs to print. If printing continues to play a role in customer business operations, then the vast installed base of printing devices will be in need of ongoing service and supplies, according to CompTIA. Many companies, particularly print-intensive ones, have found value in outsourcing their print functions.

How digital printers can help companies keep up with food trends
Nutritional Outlook
Food and beverage manufacturers have plenty of reasons to be optimistic about future sales as the millennial generation begins to wield more buying power. Generation Y — those born between 1980 and 2000 — may be the most food trends–focused group ever, which provides food and beverage brands with unprecedented opportunities.
23 things people do in the fall according to stock photography
Stock photography is inherently outrageous. At it's core, it's designed to provide a pop of visual imagery to online content to give the reader a sense of context and place they'd otherwise have trouble doing with their own imagination.

That's why a simple search through autumn-themed stock photos turned up some pretty pictures without any sense of actual relevance in the real world. From hanging out in wheelbarrows to frolicking in the leaves, there's no way people actually do these things, right?

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25 top YouTube channels for small business owners and entrepreneurs
Small Business Trends
YouTube is becoming an important place for brands to connect with customers, but it can also be an important place for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn more about building and running their companies correctly. Here are 25 YouTube channels for small business owners and entrepreneurs you may want to check out regularly.

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