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KEIM mineral paints — a Bavarian invention by the scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim — are liquid silicate paints that becomes a part of the surface to which it is applied and binds the color pigment into it as well.

KEIM became the leading manufacturer of mineral paints providing only the highest quality, research-based paints with application characteristics prized by painters, and long lasting durability demanded by owners.
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California Memorial Stadium University of California at Berkeley
On the National Register of Historic Places, the 2010-2012 California Memorial Stadium renovation included staining the historic concrete façade so the finish would retain the board-formed textures without loss of the historic repairs. Cracks developed in the façade from movement stress (the stadium is located over the Hayward Fault) were left as part of the historic fabric.

Retain textural quality and natural concrete appearance of the historic fabric. Blend renovation concrete repairs into the historic fabric. Provide a long-lasting stain that will not fade, peel, or have a sheen.

Concretal Lasur sol silicate stain/glaze diluted with Concretal Dilution.

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Corbin Building
The building is composed of brownstone, terra cotta glazed brick and terra cotta features in intricate detail. The interior and the exterior is in process of rehabilitation and will be incorporated into the MTA Fulton Center project. The original color of the terra cotta was matched with Restauro Lasur and applied to the decorative terra cotta facades. Due to the significant erosion of the terra cotta features, there was some replacement of the terra cotta.

The terra cotta was cleaned chemically – but still showed salts residues. The KEIM program included the requirement of salts remediation. Matching original color of terra-cotta was very important for the historic restoration.

Salts remediation requirement. Calibrating the color and the appearance of the terra-cotta to meet historic appearance. Multiple color samples were required prior to approval.

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KEIM Magnifies the Overall Look of Noguchi Placescape at Piedmont Park in Superbowl City

We are VERY excited that a Keim paint project is listed by ArchDaily as an architectural gem in Atlanta, the Noguchi Playscape at Piedmont Park by Isamu Noguchi is finished with playful Keim mineral colors! Check it out! READ MORE


  Santiago Calatrava's Design for Chicago's O'Hare Airport Bridges the Past and Future
Architectural Digest
AD spoke with the starchitect on his vision for America’s third-most-trafficked airport, and how his plan to reimagine the space will become a blueprint for airports in the 21st century.READ MORE

  Trilux Headquarter / Graft Architects
Arch Daily
The theme of the plaza continues in the building’s interior. The spacious, two-story foyer and reception area extends the public areas into the building and, together with the gallery on the first floor, provides generous space for exhibitions or communal activities. The sculptural luminaire folds out of the ceiling, curving gently over the space of the auditorium.READ MORE

  Prefab Logic's $102M automated factory to produce 1,600 modular units a year
Construction Dive
Modular company Prefab Logic and other investors have announced they are building a $102.5 million automated volumetric modular construction factory — Autovol — in Nampa, Idaho. he factory will produce at a minimum 80% capacity, which translates to at least 1,600 modules per year and will target the expensive West Coast U.S. housing market.READ MORE

  Freddy Mamani's New Andean Architecture adds colour to Bolivian city
Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani is aiming to imbue culture, colour and personality into the "monochrome" city of El Alto, through buildings based on ancient local architecture and craft. The architect has strived to slowly transform El Alto with his colourful architecture, as seen in these photographs – currently on display at Fondation Cartier in Paris.

  Burj Jumeira supertall skyscraper will rise from fingerprint of Dubai's ruler
Visuals have been released of Burj Jumeira, a 550-metre-tall split-volume skyscraper in Dubai that will rise from a lake shaped like the fingerprint of the emirate's ruler. Unveiled by state-owned Dubai Holding, the supertall skyscraper has been dubbed as the "new icon in Dubai's skyline", however its architect has not been disclosed.READ MORE

What makes KEIM's mineral finishes so unique?
Check out our video of Keim’s history →

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