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KEIM mineral paints — a Bavarian invention by the scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim — are liquid silicate paints that becomes a part of the surface to which it is applied and binds the color pigment into it as well.

KEIM became the leading manufacturer of mineral paints providing only the highest quality, research-based paints with application characteristics prized by painters, and long lasting durability demanded by owners.
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Battery Parking Garage
Battery Parking Garage, was the first garage built by a public agency and finished in 1950. Located at the southern tip of Manhattan, the facade is subjected to severe weather and deterioration from salts and pollution.

Aged concrete was seriously degraded and required extensive restoration. Intensive water penetration and spalling conditions had caused steel structural rebar to corrode and become exposed to the elements.

A mineral finish was chosen, and applied in combination with a silane water repellent to provide the concrete structure with long-term protection from water penetration and weathering.

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The Archbishop's House
The Archbishop's House is one of seven magnificent structures located around the Queen's Park Savannah. Built in 1903-1904, it was the palatial residence for Patrick Vincent Flood, the fifth Archbishop of Port of Spain.

The restoration included stone repairs, historic stucco repair and replacement, paint stripping, and repainting with a highly vapor permeable sol-silicate mineral coating system.
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KEIM's Mineral Coating Used On Beautiful Lutheran Church of the Ascension
The Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Atlanta is going through both interior and exterior renovations. KEIM is proud to supply the beautiful (and extremely durable) mineral paint finish for the exterior repaint. We agree that it looks stunning! Thanks to Hansen Architects for their continuing support!


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  Confident consumers to increase spending on remodeling projects
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Growing confidence in the strength of the U.S. economy and personal financial situations has consumers spending more. One of the areas where they are putting their money is into their homes. Whether for projects big or small, homeowners say they plan to spend more this year on repairs and improvements.

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As the technologies we build with become increasingly sophisticated, it can be easy to forget the very fundamentals that make good buildings great. In their new book Architecture Inside-Out: Understanding How Buildings Work, architectural historian John Zukowsky and illustrator Robbie Polley team up to attack this conundrum head on, offering a tour de force response to the question "How were the world’s most important buildings made?"

  Embracing artificial intelligence in architecture
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As competition from shared accommodations and niche offerings increase, large hotel chains and even some boutique hotels are seeking new ways to attract guests to their properties.


What makes KEIM's mineral finishes so unique?
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