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KEIM mineral paints — a Bavarian invention by the scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim — are liquid silicate paints that becomes a part of the surface to which it is applied and binds the color pigment into it as well.

KEIM became the leading manufacturer of mineral paints providing only the highest quality, research-based paints with application characteristics prized by painters, and long lasting durability demanded by owners.
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Battery Parking Garage
Battery Parking Garage, was the first garage built by a public agency and finished in 1950. Located at the southern tip of Manhattan, the facade is subjected to severe weather and deterioration from salts and pollution.

Aged concrete was seriously degraded and required extensive restoration. Intensive water penetration and spalling conditions had caused steel structural rebar to corrode and become exposed to the elements.

A mineral finish was chosen, and applied in combination with a silane water repellent to provide the concrete structure with long-term protection from water penetration and weathering.

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Saint Matthews German Evangelical Lutheran Church
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Challenges: Years of severe moisture intrusion and damage left the interior plaster surface badly damaged and the exterior masonry in very poor condition.
Solutions: After significant testing, a recommendation was made to remove loose stucco and repair the surface with Universalputz Standard Render.

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Glenn Memorial Church Building Envelope Rehabilitation
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church was built in 1931 to serve as a sanctuary for the church as well as an auditorium for Emory University. In its restoration project, KEIM's Soldalit Grob Texture Base and Soldalit All — Surface Sol — Silicate Finish was used to restore the steeple and columns. It provides decades-long protection and a stunning mineral matte appearance. It's just gorgeous!


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As anyone who has faced the task of selecting a home paint color knows, it's a daunting job. With a seemingly endless choice pool, there's always the distinct possibility that you'll somehow choose the wrong shade; one that ruins the entire atmosphere of the house.

  Housing squeeze keeps remodelers busy
By Michael J. Berens
As home values increase, current homeowners are choosing to redecorate and renovate rather than buy up to a newer home. With a shortage of desirable, affordable homes on the market, first-time buyers are opting to purchase a less expensive home and remodel when the home they prefer is not available.

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Beyond performance metrics, there are real people using your buildings — and real advantages to getting these spaces right. "Something like 80 percent of the reasons people are healthy or unhealthy are not the direct result of medical care. They are the results of the lives we live and the communities in which we live," said Victor Rubin, vice president for research at PolicyLink.

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Building Design + Construction
What impact does sustainable design have on owners with a finite construction budget or developers who won't own the building after construction?

  Algorithim-based interior design not far off
Builder Magazine
Would you want your model homes to be outfitted via a computer? It may be the future of interior design. Engineers at software company Autodesk recently created a piece of furniture via artificial intelligence using sophisticated algorithims and CAD-based engineering software.

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