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Keim Mineral Art™ paints infuse new work of artist Josef Kristofoletti with non-fading brilliance. 

Abstract artist Josef Kristofoletti has recently completed a stunning mural at 201 Ellicott in Buffalo, NY.  The mural is titled “Golden Hour” and is meant to invoke the colors at daybreak and sunset, especially as the sun sets across Lake Erie in Buffalo.  This special time of day lends to dreaming and marveling at Nature’s wonders. 

The mural graces the façade of another new construction project in a resurgent Buffalo.  The mixed use “mobility hub” will be anchored by Braymiller Fresh Food Market.  Paul Ciminelli, President and CEO of Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation commented, “We couldn’t be more excited about delivering another unique canvas for public art in the City of Buffalo. This mural adds a special vibrancy to a highly anticipated project at 201 Ellicott. Public art projects bring excitement and energy to the street level and strengthen the fabric we are all working so hard to build upon.”

The mural is thanks to the Albright-Knox’s Public Art Initiative that has seen numerous other public works take hold throughout the city and region. “The Public Art Initiative is delighted to be working with Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation on yet another bright and exciting mural for Western New Yorkers,” said Aaron Ott, Curator of Public Art at the Albright- Knox. “Each year brings with it a full slate of new projects, and this year is no different. We are thrilled to be working with an artist of Josef’s caliber.”

Josef used Keim’s Soldalit Sol Silicate Paints in white, and various monochrome colors to create the unique “hombre” effect applying thousands of thin horizontal stripes of varying shades to create the subtle color transition of sunrise and sunset.  Keim’s mineral paints are guaranteed not to fade for 20 years and ensure decades of colorful enjoyment.  To learn more about Keim Mineral Art™ paints and glazes visit us at:

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Developed by Madison Equities and Property Markets Group, 10 Sullivan is a contemporary addendum to SOHO's rich architectural legacy.


Raw concrete surfaces were aesthetically unacceptable due to form marks, holes, pits and voids. After remedial action was taken to minimize poor appearance, the concrete was still unacceptable. The architect decided a concrete filler and and subsequent finish was required to deliver an acceptable final concrete appearance.


After all form marks were abraded, KEIM Concrete Cleaner and KEIM Concretal Fine Filler was used to fill-in blow holes, pits and voids to deliver a smoother concrete surface. Then two coats of Concretal W Protective Mineral Silicate Finish for Concrete was applied to smooth out and deliver a concrete finish that was aesthetically acceptable.

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