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KEIM mineral paints — a Bavarian invention by the scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim — are liquid silicate paints that becomes a part of the surface to which it is applied and binds the color pigment into it as well.

KEIM became the leading manufacturer of mineral paints providing only the highest quality, research-based paints with application characteristics prized by painters, and long lasting durability demanded by owners.
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55 Third Avenue, New York, NY
A mixed use, 4000 square foot new construction addition to the rear and side of an existing high-rise in Manhattan required deft use of exterior materials to interpret the architect's modern design. Materials were chosen to harmonize with the exterior facade of the original structure, but also adding a new aesthetic that would fit the building's new luxury renovation.

Architect's bold, modern design called for extensive areas of the facade to have smooth, uninterrupted surfaces across multiple stores and as much as width's of 80'.

Universalputz Historic Mix Stucco has physical properties that allow for new construction over frame construction without use of extensive control/expansion joints.

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Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon
Location:Chicago, Illinois
About: The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon, also known as the Custom House, and The Exchange, is an historic building at East Bay and Broad Streets in Charleston, SC. Built in 1767-71, it has served a variety of civic institutional functions, including notably as a prisoner of war facility operated by British forces during the American Revolutionary War.

Challenges: Previously lime washed lime plaster had degraded severely and there was significant un-bound pigment on the surface.

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The Beauty of Concrete
Have you seen our latest Concretal brochure? It incorporates our mineral silicate stains and concrete finishes along with a complete line of concrete repair and preparation products. It also provides visual insight and information about the various KEIM treatments for concrete. And, since our products are made from many of the same raw materials as concrete, these finishes have a unique affinity for concrete, stains and paints that will never peel and always leave concrete looking natural with colors that won't fade.


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What makes KEIM's mineral finishes so unique?
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