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KEIM mineral paints — a Bavarian invention by the scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim — are liquid silicate paints that becomes a part of the surface to which it is applied and binds the color pigment into it as well.

KEIM became the leading manufacturer of mineral paints providing only the highest quality, research-based paints with application characteristics prized by painters, and long lasting durability demanded by owners.
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Battery Parking Garage
Battery Parking Garage, was the first garage built by a public agency and finished in 1950. It was subsequently expanded in 1968 to it's current capacity. Located at the southern tip of Manhattan, the facade is subjected to severe weather and deterioration from salts and pollution. The aged concrete surface was seriously degraded with extensive corrosion of exposed steel structural rebar. The MTA needed a cost-effective and long-term solution that would provide a weather and water repellent finish, while helping to mask the unsightly cracking and help minimize the appearance of extensive patching and beautify the exterior facade.

Aged concrete was seriously degraded and required extensive restoration. Intensive water penetration and spalling conditions had caused steel structural rebar to corrode and become exposed to the elements. The entire concrete surface had extensive hairline cracking which was further allowing water to penetrate adding to the accelerated corrosion of steel structure and the concrete itself.

A mineral finish was chosen, and applied in combination with a silane water repellent to provide the concrete structure with long-term protection from water penetration and weathering. Further, various grades of mineral textures were used to fill-in cracks further helping weatherproof the aged concrete.

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Edith Wharton Mansion & Stables
Stucco facade on the 1902 built wood framed structure with years of neglect and peeling paint allowing moisture into the wall envelope, renovations required almost complete removal of old stucco. 2 layers of KEIM Universalputz stucco applied and 2 coats of KEIM Granital paint to complete the new facade.

Cool damp weather, delicate weather damaged building components, structure open to public during renovations

Extra care taken requiring time process to re-create exacting detail

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KEIM BLACKout: Is Black Really the New Black in Architecture?

21st-century design trends are changing how we think about the use of black in architecture. A black exterior is a striking choice for most any architectural style. Black is often seen as authoritative and bold, chic and even a bit haunting. Black never fails to make a bold statement. It can amplify modern architecture, sharpening lines and angles and breaking up large expanses. READ MORE


  Lorient Multimodal Hub / AREP
Arch Daily
The central part of the building is braced by a concrete core and the hall and canopy by concrete portal frames located in the area intended for operational purposes. The roof extends towards the coach station by means of a canopy, which is supported by a cantilevered beam running along its south edge and arching down to the ground. READ MORE

  Foster + Partners designs golden stadium for Qatar World Cup final
The stadium is one of 10 being built for the Qatar World Cup. Others include the Al Thumama Stadium, which is being designed to look like a knitted white cap traditionally worn by Arab men, and the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, which will be made from shipping containers.READ MORE

  801 Barton Springs / Runa Workshop
Arch Daily
The property, which once hosted a restaurant and later a surface parking lot, remained undeveloped for many years due to its location within the 100-year floodplain. The narrow proportions of the site, limited public access, zero lot line on two sides, three restrictive covenants and a complex Planned Unit Development (PUD) added to the project’s challenges.READ MORE

  Arching Rooftop Walkway and Garden Tops West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong
The curtain walls in the building are formed from 4,000 glass panels. Bending white columns support the arching roof. The large amounts of glazing were designed to allow natural light to penetrate to the below ground levels and provide views that ground the station in its location.READ MORE

  The Frames / Squire & Partners
Arch Daily
The five-story building creates 80,000 sq. ft. of flexible workspace for London’s new and growing companies, providing office and studio units to suit a variety of users, along with shared meeting rooms, break-out areas, tea points, cycle storage, shower facilities, and a café.READ MORE

What makes KEIM's mineral finishes so unique?
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