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Q&A With North Mill Account Managers

As 2019 winds down, we thought it would be a nice treat for our broker partners to get a chance to "meet" the folks with whom they interact on a regular basis - the professionals who comprise the North Mill Account Management team.

While some of our brokers have indeed met their assigned representative in-person at a conference or on the road, the vast majority have only a voice to identify who helps them close deals. So, take a glance at the center photo in this month's issue of The Compass and locate your representative!

We asked each Account Manager to reflect on a transaction in 2019 that stands out and why.

Q. What broker deal(s) in 2019 stands out for you and why?
  • Luz: The deal that stands out to me the most this year was for a 2018 Clifford Welding Machine for $248,000 because the asset was somewhat unusual, and my broker was so pleased with how quickly we turned the deal. Clifford is known in the welding, grating and wire working industries for innovation and engineering excellence. This particular machine is being built in West Africa and the personal guarantor plans to use it to manufacture ladder wires. The customer was exceptionally pleased because he got a very competitive rate on the deal.

  • Catherine: The deal that pops to mind in 2019 is one that North Mill financed for a farming operation that grows organic microgreens in a greenhouse year-round using LED lighting. We financed a washing and sanitizing machine for the customer. Plus, the customer secured a grant for 75% reimbursement from the state's agricultural department which was then used to purchase a seeder and watering machine. I've been with North Mill now for a long time and I've never seen assets like this!

  • Ashley C.: 2019 has been a year that has marked a lot of change at North Mill. I can't say there's been one deal in particular that stands out. Instead, I'm amazed at how many different industries we now finance. I've worked everything from Subway deals to Little Caesar deals to hair salons! It runs the gamut at North Mill. We even financed a cryotherapy machine this year. It's used to relieve muscle pains, sprains, and swelling, which is of interest to me as I regularly work out at a gym.

  • Ashley P.: One deal that jumps out at me this year is a deal I did with a new North Mill broker. We were able to fund his first deal quickly and smoothly and he was extremely pleased with our service, the structure of the deal, and his customer's positive response to the whole process. The broker was so happy he started to send us many, many deals. In fact, at one point, we received ten deals in one day!

  • Carla: A deal that stands out to me in 2019? The one we did for a home health service company that needed financing for a set of power wheelchairs. My broker was extremely happy with how the deal was worked from start to finish. Plus, the customer was able to get the financing necessary to help folks who are disabled, and it felt great that we participated in making that happen. When I first joined North Mill, most of the deals I worked on were in the transportation sector. While we still do quite a few deals in that space, we're working on so much more.

  • Joey: The deal I remember most in 2019 is one where the customer leveraged North Mill's Refinance/Cash Out program. The product allows customers to pull equity from an unencumbered asset. In this case the money was used to procure two new pickup trucks. It was my broker's first deal with North Mill (he was on boarded the day prior). We got documents signed via DocuSign the day of approval and funded the deal within 3 days of submittal. Communication was integral in getting the job done quickly and the whole team at North Mill rose to the occasion!

  • Sue: I had a deal this year that was submitted for a 2013 Rolls Royce Ghost luxury car. The cost for the vehicle was more than $100,000. It stands out to me because a Rolls is not a common asset, yet another example of how we've widened our footprint at the company. When I saw pictures of the unit I was really impressed. A Rolls Royce Ghost oozes luxury, from its sweeping lines to its sumptuous leather interior to its sophisticated technology. What a deal!

  • Krista: The deal that stood out for me in 2019 is one I worked on for a digital printing press for approximately $27,000. The customer was very happy with our service and so was the broker. This happened to be the broker's first transaction with North Mill and his customer was under an extremely tight deadline -- he needed the financing quickly. The best part was we were able to close the transaction in record time and both the broker and customer were ecstatic. This broker regularly submits transactions now.

North Mill's account management team wishes you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

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