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Webinar: How to Close More Deals with North Mill

Last summer, North Mill unveiled its Referral Agent Webcast Series. The program has been a big success as referral agents from all over the nation have enrolled in online courses offered by the company.

The educational opportunity continues as North Mill announces a webinar designed specifically for referral agents who already have established ties with the company. A 45-minute, live presentation called, "A Look Under the Hood," the webcast will cover important information that brokers need to know in order to close more transactions with the company. To meet people's busy schedules, the webinar will be offered on two different dates: Friday, April 3, 2020 at 2:00 pm EDT and Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 2:00 pm EDT.

"We continually solicit feedback from our referral agents as confirmation that we're meeting market demands," said Don Cosenza, North Mill's CMO. "A common theme from brokers, particularly those in growth mode, is a desire to know as much as possible on how to improve their funding rate."

Given the needs expressed by the referral agents with whom North Mill partners, and given the company's pledge to be candid and transparent, "A Look Under the Hood" will dive into specific details on topics ranging from preferred assets, asset guidelines, financing options, credit considerations, and most importantly, a review of actual deals that funded. Deals reviewed will cover a range; deals written for customers with excellent credit histories as well as those with a more challenged background will be examined.

Other topics include:
  1. Common Market Misconceptions About North Mill
  2. How the Company Decisions Deals
  3. Common Credit Considerations
  4. Credit Reports the Company Reviews
  5. List of Acceptable Assets (the List is Long)
  6. Average Deal Specifications
  7. How to Prepare an Optimal Submission Package
  8. Explanation of the Company's Rate Cards and Tiers
  9. Explanation of the Company's Commission Schedule
  10. Deal Review - Approvals and Declines
Moreover, immediately following the webinar, guests will receive a link to schedule a "one-on-one" session with a North Mill senior representative who will provide additional insight on the company. All questions will be answered during that meeting.

To register for the webinar, "A Look Under the Hood," click on one of the dates above or return to the home page and click a date inside the orange-colored box.

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