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Issue 3 2020
North Mill Implements Procedural Enhancements in 2020
North Mill
Many businesses are facing monumental challenges as the global COVID-19 pandemic ensues. As we plow our way through the storm, it is more important than ever to highlight positive things underway.

Despite the hurdles, North Mill recently implemented a series of modifications to our business processes that you and your customers will find beneficial. Here's a recap of what's been introduced in just the last few weeks.

24 Marketing Experts Reveal How Businesses Can Survive & Thrive During (or After) the COVID-19 Crisis
Business 2 Community

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's not business as usual. The pandemic has negatively affected everyone at a personal and professional level. Economists agree that the COVID-19 economic impact is unprecedented. Faced with the ugly marauding virus, you have two choices. Read More >>

The Best Business Quarantine Checklist
Business 2 Community

The coronavirus has certainly changed the nature of work and also made businesses consider their online presence. While things slow down on the business front, now is the perfect time to optimize your online presence and get ahead of your competition. Here is a quarantine checklist of all the aspects you can be optimizing while business is still slower than usual. Read More >>

Key Takeaways from ELFA/ELFF Webinar: Coronavirus & the U.S. Economy
Monitor Daily

What is the state of the U.S. economy and the equipment finance industry in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic? That was the focus of the webinar "Coronavirus and the U.S. Economy: Implications for the Equipment Finance Industry" hosted by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation and the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association on April 15. Read More >>

Coronavirus Has Hit the Trucking Industry 'Like a Brick Wall'
Yahoo Finance

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting transportation and logistic systems across the U.S as companies scramble to keep supply chains moving. Roadmaster Group CEO John Wilbur told Yahoo Finance the outbreak hit the $800 billion trucking industry "like a brick wall" and a shift in consumer behavior is "accelerating industry changes." Read More >>

COVID-19 and Business: Think, Plan, Act!
Business 2 Community

COVID-19 and business are intertwined. The virus has targeted not only individuals, but also the business infrastructure, trade, supply chains and consumer behavior. We are in the midst of ongoing change and disruption, trying to establish some normalcy while dealing with the unexpected. It’s time to think, plan, and act. Read More >>

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