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Issue 4 2019
The Benefits of LinkedIn for Your Business
We can all agree that having a social media presence in today's market can be an effective marketing tool for any business, from the independent contractor to a Fortune 500. But for B2B marketing there's one channel that stands above the rest - LinkedIn. Of all the social networks, LinkedIn clearly targets and engages the business set. Read More >>

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Power Up Your Prospecting: Part III
North Mill

A few years ago, we ran a series of articles in The Compass covering key guidelines for equipment finance brokers to adhere to when prospecting for dealers and/or customers. All in, there were ten recommendations to follow. We updated the series with some new information, new techniques, and new ideas. The final of three installments is presented in this issue of our newsletter. Read More >>

Construction Ponders The Equipment Rent-Versus-Buy Dilemma

Confidence in the equipment finance industry has dropped in recent weeks, new data from the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation revealed. While equipment finance may seem like a niche market, it can reflect an array of ongoing and upcoming trends in the current economy, from inflation and interest rates to future expectations for business growth. Stronger economies will yield more organizations accessing finance to procure high-value pieces of machinery and equipment, but when optimism is low, fewer firms will seek out that financing. Read More >>

Heavy Construction Equipment Market: The Biggest Trends in the Construction Industry

The heavy construction equipment market is expected to grow due to increasing demand for leased and rented construction equipment by low-and mid-sized construction companies. The development of new earth moving equipment offering reduced operating costs, connect technology, and safety features are expected to have substantial impact on market growth. European decision makers have invested in the building and construction industries to facilitate gradual improvement in this sector and boost the market for new constructions; thereby fueling the growth of the heavy construction equipment market. Read More >>

7 Sales Prospecting Tips and Tricks to Share with Your Team
Business 2 Community

We all know that the rise of the internet has changed the way people do business in about a million different ways. It has changed the way that buyers buy, and therefore, the way salespeople sell. A salesperson's Rolodex used to be their most important asset. Although relationships are still a key ingredient of sales, they are no longer the only ingredient. Technology has become entrenched in the sales process, changing sales from just an art to both an art and a science. Read More >>

Greasing the Wheel: The Late Majority: How Social Media Can Help the Equipment Finance Industry
Monitor Daily

Equipment financing is more likely to bring to mind construction equipment and tractors than Instagram. But MMedia's Yoshi Mua points out that equipment financers and lessors are missing out when they don't take advantage of the relationships they can build with their customers on social media. Read More >>

ELFA Members to Meet with Congressional Leaders at Capital Connections
Monitor Daily

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association will have more than 120 members from around the country participate in their annual Capitol Connections event in Washington, D.C. on May 15. Read More >>
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