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Issue 6 2019
At Least 2,500 Truck Drivers Have Lost Their Jobs in 2019 as the Transportation 'Bloodbath' Unfolds - Here's the Full List of Bankrupt Trucking Companies
Business Insider
Truck drivers are suffering in 2019 - especially those who own or work at small businesses. Rates in the spot market, in which retailers and manufacturers buy trucking capacity as they need it rather than through a contract, sank by about 18% year-over-year in June. That has caused truckers like Demetrius Wilburn, a Georgia-based driver, to find themselves unemployed. Read More >>

North Mill Finances 60 Deals with Truckmaster Warranty
North Mill

North Mill Equipment Finance LLC ("North Mill"), a leading independent commercial equipment lessor located in South Norwalk, Connecticut, announced today that it has financed year-to-date 60 Class 8 vehicles with an exclusive Truckmaster warranty included in the transactions. Read More >>

Trailer orders plunge to 10-year low in June

Preliminary orders for new trailers fell to the lowest level in nearly a decade in June as fleets try to figure out their real needs after placing record orders in 2018. Net orders of 6,200 trailers were about half the total reported by ACT Research because cancellations swelled. Adjusting for seasonal factors brought volume to just over 7,000, said Frank Maly, ACT director of Commercial Vehicle Transportation Analysis and Research. Read More >>

Reinventing New Sales Opportunities by Integrating Email Marketing with CRM
Business 2 Community

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is at the heart of every marketing strategy. It helps you keep track of customer information, sales history, and product information, as well as organize customer reminders and callbacks, schedule staff hours, initiate coupon mailers, and generate reports about sales volumes, goals, and performance. Read More >>

Brokers Bridging the Gap: A Broker's Perspective on Best Practices
Monitor Daily

Being a broker is a lot like being a juggler in a circus, but instead of juggling rings, we juggle relationships. As brokers, we are the point of contact for everyone involved in the transaction, including the funder, the customer, the bank representative, the insurance agent and the vendor. Not only do we have to keep everyone happy, but we have to keep all of the components of the deal moving along. Read More >>

Electric Heavy-duty Equipment Creating a New Experience on the Jobsite
For Construction Pros

Electric-powered systems in heavy-duty equipment have been on the radar for many years. Recently, this trend has accelerated, thanks to driving factors such as a desire for greener energy sources, advancing technology in battery capacity and data to back up projected cost savings. This steady path toward reliable electric off-road equipment gives operators, contractors and OEMs alike a glimpse into a future in which electric equipment works alongside diesel-powered machines. Read More >>

Equipment Finance Industry Confidence Increased in July
The Monthly Confidence Index for the equipment finance market is 57.9 in July, an increase from the June index of 52.8. Designed to collect leadership data, the index reports a qualitative assessment of both the prevailing business conditions and expectations for the future as reported by key executives from the $1 trillion equipment finance sector.


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