Navigating Supply Chains with AI and Data Analytics

Navigating Supply Chains with AI and Data Analytics

In an era calling for latency-sensitive applications, where the emergence of edge computing, 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) powered analytics are ushering in the possibility of real-time solutions, companies, now more than ever, are looking for the most efficient ways to make use of their data. The sheer volumes of information that can be gathered...


Warehouse Hiring Data Shows How Supply Chains Flexed Up for Peak
Supply Chain Dive

In the run-up to peak season, multiple logistics companies announced plans to bring on thousands - or tens of thousands - of additional employees to help handle the additional volume flowing through their network.

Report Shines Light on Need for Better Yard Management Systems
DC Velocity

More than half of supply chain pros cite manual processes as their biggest challenge when it comes to both yard and appointment management, data show.

Seven Strategies for Creating Business Resilience
Industry Week

In order to survive in an unpredictable supply chain environment, businesses need to be incredibly resilient. While it is impossible to predict the future, there are many steps that businesses can take to prepare for it.


Micro-Fulfillment: Where it Works for Supply Chains - and Where it Doesn't
Supply Chain Dive

As e-commerce demand hits all-time highs, retailers are scrambling to find ways to get items to customers as quickly and cheaply as possible. One potential solution is micro-fulfillment, which is "a hybrid model that's using smaller facilities that are much closer to consumers," said Nathan Schmies, vice president of supply chain operations at Hub Group.

Six Signs of the Warehouse E-volution
DC Velocity

The e-commerce boom has had a profound effect on warehousing and distribution operations—even those outside the retail sector, according to the second installment of the multiyear "Logistics 2030" study. Here are just six of the ways the e-comm revolution is transforming DC operations.

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