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Voice-Directed Picking Made Easy
DC Velocity
Third-party logistics service provider (3PL) United Facilities is seeing improvements in both the speed and accuracy of its picking process thanks to what company leaders call a simple, flexible voice-automated solution from AccuSpeechMobile, an Irvine, California-based company that offers a device-based voice solution for supply chain operations. The project has yielded big savings in a short time and is paving the way for even greater productivity enhancement across United Facilities' operations.



How Automation is Shaping the Manufacturing Industry
Global Trade
Without a doubt, technology has been instrumental in revolutionizing most, if not all, industries around the world. However, even in the face of this undeniable truth, some businesses remain hesitant about integrating certain innovations, such as automation, into their operations.

New FDA Blueprint Lays Out Plan to Leverage Technology for Food Safety
Food Industry Executive
The FDA's recently released New Era of Smarter Food Safety blueprint presents a new approach to food safety that builds on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The blueprint outlines a plan to use technology and other tools to create a safer and more digital, traceable food system. The goal is to use technology to build and implement more effective approaches and processes that ensure safe food.

The Strategy Behind Turning Department Stores into Warehouses
Supply Chain Dive
Fulfillment for e-commerce requires three times the warehousing space of traditional brick-and-mortar store inventory, given the greater variety of SKUs and space-intensive shipping and parcel operations. With e-commerce growing in the pandemic, supply chain players are scooping up space where they can find it, especially if it's close to areas with high population density.

New Manufacturing Priorities: Increasing Agility and Understanding Systemic Risk
Global Trade Mag
COVID-19 dealt an unprecedented blow to the global supply chain. Almost overnight, demand skyrocketed in some sectors and plummeted in others, forcing manufacturers and their suppliers to adapt on the fly.



Our utilization of LEAN production is customized to the needs of the customer. Whether we work in your locations or ours, co-locating your packaging or assembly needs with your storage saves money and time by eliminating a step in the supply chain. As a nationally recognized contract logistics company, we have a proven record of adding value to our customers and a reputation based on our ability to save them time and money.



United Facilities is a proud member of the following associations:
WERC  AWI  CSCMP   Food Shippers of America  AWC 
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United Facilities have certified Six Sigma Green Belts and Change Management Professionals (CCMP) on staff.

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