CEMA Files Complaint with Attorney General

With the precipitous drop in home heating oil prices, claims by the natural gas utilities as shown in this picture of a billboard along I91 in Orange are misleading the public about the cost of conversion and portraying false promises of savings. CEMA has contacted the Office of the Attorney General (AG) asking them to compel Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG) and Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG) to take the billboard down and issue a communication to the public retracting the false information. CEMA will work with the AG to address this and other misleading information that the utilities are using to scam consumers into believing that converting for oil or propane to gas in a wise investment. To help dealers tell the other side of the energy story, the American Energy Coalition (AEC) has new materials that can be used to communicate with customers the truth about conversion and the benefits of oilheat. The view these materials go here.