June 2016 natural gas prices

The gas utility tariffs for June 2016 are in and we compare them to average retail heating oil prices. The rates below are expressed in heating oil gallon equivalents, and so present gas rates on a British thermal unit (Btu) to Btu equivalent basis with heating oil. These are the system expansion tariffs, which apply to all conversions from heating oil to utility gas. The lower number applies if the home is within 150 feet of the gas main ("on main"), and the higher number applies if the home is more than 100 feet from the gas main ("off main").

Eversource (Yankee Gas):
On Main: $2.04/gall.
Off Main: $2.28/gall.

CT Natural Gas:
On Main: $1.78/gall.
Off Main: $1.96/gall.

Southern CT Gas:
On Main: $1.86/gall.
Off Main: $2.04/gall.

The June rates for CNG and SCG are 5-8% higher from the previous month. Both CNG and SCG belong to the same parent company, Spanish-owned Iberdrola, though they file for rates separately with the state. Rates for Eversource are about 3 percent lower than last month. Regarding heating oil rates, the most recent figures as of this writing, from June, show a statewide average of $2.21 for heating oil (click here for most recent oil prices). There is wide variation from county to county for heating oil prices. For example, the county average for Fairfield was $2.46/gall. while the county average for New London was $2.09/gall.