DON'T read this if you like natural gas

About six weeks ago, we asked you to share a petition opposing natural gas expansion in Connecticut. To date we only have 522 signatures, compared to the over 10,000 signatures that were submitted to Gov. Andrew Cuomo asking him to allow natural gas expansion pipeline permitting to go forward in New York. We have 600 heating oil retailers in our state so the math is simple — if every owner signs our petition we have 600 signatures, their spouses sign we have 1,200, plus their employees, friends, family and we have a serious number that we can share with policy makers that would make a real impression about this seriously flawed policy. Although Cuomo has held his ground in opposition to pipeline expansion, these type of campaigns have the potential to shift policy. Connecticut is currently in the process of revising the energy plan that supports the expansion of natural gas pipelines by 900 miles with the goal of converting 300,000 homes and businesses to gas. We need your help in Connecticut to get signatures opposing efforts in the new state energy plan to double down on natural gas, before the utilities beat us to it! Please urge your employees, family members, friends and customers to sign our petition to oppose any efforts on the part of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) through the comprehensive energy strategy to increase the use of natural gas in our state on the backs of ratepayers by CLICKING HERE. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter and your company website.