New natural gas plan on the way — time to fight back

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has started to revise the states' Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES), and it looks as though natural gas expansion will continue to be a big part of the plan. At a recent scoping meeting hosted by DEEP, it was explicitly stated that natural gas conversion would be included in the revised CES. The original version of the CES called for 900 miles of new gas lines and the conversion of 270,000 homes and businesses. Since the inception of the plan three years ago, approximately 38,000 conversions have occurred. The revised CES is scheduled to be completed in early 2017 and will go through a public hearing process once the details of the plan are released in the early Fall. CEMA is calling on all members to get involved in the process beginning with volunteering to meet with your local legislators over the summer. It is an election year, and we need to leverage that to our advantage by influencing legislators to oppose any further government bias toward natural gas. We started this in February when we met with 100 policy makers on our March on Hartford and now we need to continue it before a new conversion plan is published. The first CES was based on the belief that natural gas was "cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable" than heating oil. The world has changed a lot over the last three years, and now we are selling the CLEANEST, CHEAPEST, MOST RELIABLE, and SAFEST fuel – Bioheat®. With an 87% reduction in sulfur content, the continued growth of biodiesel blends, and prices half as much as they were in 2013 we have a positive story that will serve as our strongest weapon in this fight. Volunteer today to help CEMA win this battle by contacting Nickey at 860-613-2041 or We will be walking members through our strategy at our regional chapter meetings later this month (see the article titled CEMA Chapter Meetings June 20 – 23, 6pm – 8:30pm in this newsletter on how to register). The see DEEP's scoping meeting presentation click here.