CEMA's NORA ads on TV

Starting this month and running throughout the spring, you, your employees and your customers will begin to see television advertisements promoting our industry. These ads will run on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and Channel 12 during the local morning news broadcast. To see the ad go here and click on DID YOU SEE IT. This campaign is based on the research that was performed last year, when the largest consumer attitude study ever conducted in Connecticut gave us clear and unbiased data on what our strengths and weaknesses are. This study allows us to leverage the messages that we know resonates the most with our customers. Our study empirically demonstrates that Bioheat is the most compelling reason that consumers have to not convert to another fuel. The problem is that eight out of 10 of them do not know what it is! This campaign leverages those two very important facts to help promote our industry. This campaign is an example of your NORA dollars hard at work. In addition to the television campaign, we will be running ads on Pandora (the No. 1 most listened to radio station in CT) and a website promoting efficiency and the benefits of our fuel. Bioheatnow.com talks about the exciting developments in our industry when it comes to cleanliness and efficiency and taps in to key messages that we know your customers are looking for.