Planning Your Summer Vacation? CEMA Has Just the Thing for You — A New Endorsement of Trip Planet

CEMA earlier this year endorsed Trip Planet, a travel sites that acts like many trip booking sites, such as Orbitz and Expedia, only it's designed for businesses and their employees. Started by the international travel technology and booking company Mondee, anyone can use this booking service. Trip Planet has 500+ airline partners, 900,000+ hotels, 35 car rental companies, 1 million vacation rentals, and 5 million attraction sites in its booking system, worldwide. As mentioned, anyone in your company can use it at no cost, including your employees. And once you're registered, you're by no means committed to use them. Compare prices with other booking sites to see what's the best deal.

We compared pricing with a couple of vacation hotel sites just as a test. For example, for one night in Newport, Rhode Island on June 20 (coincidentally when we’re holding the Southern New England Energy Conference), at the Newport Marriott, Trip Planet's price was $378 compared to Orbitz at $449. If you’re staying at the swanky Four Seasons at the Surf Club in Miami, Florida also on June 20, Trip Planet's room price is $880, while Orbitz comes in at $1,063. Or at the low end, a CEMA employee stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn in Albany, New York for $80 using Trip Planet. Orbitz was priced at $103. Many attendees at the recent Newport conference already used this site to save money on hotel rooms.

To sign up an account at no cost or obligation, just go here to this special CEMA portal and start saving money.